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Sunday, 22 May 2011

May 21st

Ok so today the 21st of my was suppose to be the end of the world according to Harold Camping.
A preacher who has told all his followers to prepare for Judgment day on the 21st of may 2011 at 6pm. he also said that he was going to sit at home and watch CNN to see the end of the world unfold, some how this would happen at six pm in each time zone. There would be a massive earthquake that would instantly kill 200 million people who would be saved by Jesus and the rest of us would stay until some time in October when the world would finally meet its bitter end and whom ever was left would burn in hell.

Guess what Mr Harold Camping...Your wrong.

I don't understand why people say the world is going to end.
The truth is that no one truly knows the exact time and date the world will end.
While I am sure that the world wont last forever I am sure that no one can say times and dates.

I do think that it is very irresponsible of some one who has such influence on so many to make them believe without knowing them selves that such a event will happen.