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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My time With Jenn

So I have been back in England about a week now and I feel I still have a little Jet lag.
I have decided to write about our time together now, while it is still fresh in my mind.
So I got to the airport in Atlanta at about 2:30 pm in the afternoon.
The flight was pretty smooth, I have learn't over my many times of flying to America though that turbulence is a sure thing on a flight that last that long.

When I got to Atlanta, I landed for the first time in the new international terminal, from the inside it looks exactly the same as the good old Atlanta north south terminals. 
I really thought I was in those and that I would walk outside and Jenn would be there waiting, but when I got outside I saw that this was not where I would normally land.

I had to catch a shuttle bus that took me to the main part of the airport. 
I think it was about 2 miles before we pulled up at the main building.

I got out of the airport and up to the top level of the car park where Jenn was waiting for me.
 We got in the car and went through the check point and got to Suwanee about a hour and a half later.

one of the first things that always hits me when I get to America is the heat, well compared to England it is really warm. and when I am coming from England where it is colder I dress for the English weather but when I get to America its so much warmer.

So any way , one of the first things me and Jenn did was go to the fair.
it was my first American fair that I had been to and I have to say it was a lot of fun.
when we got to the fair we decided that it would be best to have some food before going near any of the rides. so we had something, I cant remember the name but it was some kind of pastry.
It had icing on it and it looked like a very long worm all wrapped around its self, it looked really good but I just don't know how els to describe it .

So after that and a soda , we took a walk around. we went on the big wheel, well the smaller of the two big wheels , and just for good measure we went on the bigger one too. now at this point I felt fine. but then we went on a spinning ride that went round backwards first and then went the right way round , and its then when I started to feel a little sick. So I just tried to shake it off. then we went on another spinning ride and it got worse. I just managed to hold it down. 

We also saw some of the exhibitions they had on show.
The first one we saw was a lady who was just 29 inches tall. I walked in with Jennifer expecting to see some kind of gimic , but she was real, she was sat on a sofa and she was so small, and so what did I , a great mind  say to her?? I said   " your small" . and she just looked at me and said, " Yep"
we leave that one and Jennifer is laughing at what I said. it made me laugh too.
I also had a argument with a lady who had a snakes body. and we saw a real live mermaid made out of real plastic WOW. We really had fun at the fair.

later in the week me and my Jenn went to a apple farm, another first for me. apparently its a really big thing and I never knew that there was so many things could be done with apples. 
There was apple pie's apple puddings , apple cakes. dried apples, apple juice , apple sponge, and apples. lots of apples of every kind you could think of, at that was just at one of the many places we went to that day.

more than anything I think it's amazing just how much time can really fly when your having fun.  
but I always in a way see time as the enemy when I see Jenn. simply because its always slipping away

 we  visited a place that grew  punkins, every size and every kind.
and they even had wheelbarrows to shop around with.

Now Jenn isn't the biggest person 5ft tall. but these punkins were huge. I don't know how heavy they were but I think I might have had to put some effort in to lift one
 these were the smallest punkins, I had no Idea that they could be so small
I guess that punkin shopping was just to much for some people.

Me and my Jenn also went and visited a old cemetery in Suwanee. the graves there were from the American civil war. it was very interesting to  and we even found a grave from the   American Revolutionary War. I hope he didn't mind me been there. 

 there were quite a few graves there. and after we went and for a pizza and a walk round the historical city center. we saw the court house and apparently, they would have hanged people from the trees that surrounded the court house.

Jenn took me to a restaurant  that did the best biscuits I think I may have ever had while in the USA
 The biscuit  was a lot bigger that the ones you get from MacDonalds or Chick-fil-A
I had bacon and egg and it was so tasty . Thank you my Jenn for taking me there.

 When I was in the USA, I would run every day, to try and keep the pounds off. I tried to run a little more every day, until I went for the big challenge, I ended up running 7 miles in one run, I was really tired but I made it, I had never run the route I ran before , but I had been given directions so I had a rough idea where I was going. I always try to keep my self motivated when I run, but some times the motivation comes from things that are around us.

near the end of our time we decided to go to a ranch with lots of animals that we cold feed and pet.
first thing I noticed was the squirrels, I love squirrels but they were not part of the ranch they were just running around.

 there were lots of animals , Chickens and roosters that never shut up, but were still cute and fun to watch
Fluffy bunny rabbits. they were very cute but seemed to be sleepy when we saw them.
now these were very greedy and were jumping over each other to get to the food and I bet they would have eaten every piece of food we had if we would have let them.
 There were quite a few deer, they were very shy and took some tempting to come to the fence to eat the food.
the Donkeys were a lot of fun and I think Jenn liked them the best. 
 there was one  enclosure that we was allowed to go in that has some baby bunny rabbits in there. when we went in  we had to wait around for a while till the rabbits ventured near us . it was worth it, they were very small and funny at the same time.

I think my favorite was the bears. this one in the picture was so funny, he was sat at the other end of the enclosure, I threw a peanut for him, he got up and  munched it right up, I managed to throw them so they would trail right up to our end of the fence. when he got to the last one he was right next to us. we was looking down at him from a stand. He sat down and looked at us as if to say "So you gonna feed me or what ?". I threw a peanut and rather than him let it land on the ground he just caught it in his mouth. so it was a game of throw and catch, but with peanuts, and a bear.

 So on our last day,  it was quite sad, I always hate having to leave Jenn.

Morgan our dear friend took some pictures of us

Thank you so much Morgan for taking the pictures of us, you really take the best pictures.

 We got to the Airport and I checked in for the flight back to England, we gave each other a big hug and a kiss. and I waved Jenn off in her car.

When Jenn has gone I always take a few minutes to take a walk around outside the airport, it some how just makes me feel close to her for those few last minutes

Now my plane was due to board at 620 pm, it was now 5:50. I took a deep breath swallowed my sadness and stepped in to the airport. I had to run to get to the security gate. and then through security.  I got to the gate at about 29 minutes past, but the passengers were only just lining up to get on the plane. I took the few minutes I had to find a phone and call Jenn. the last thing I do before I board the outgoing flight is to call her, its tradition.

So after the call to Jenn , I board the flight and we pull away from the gate.
we are rolling towards the runway, and the safety video is playing.
Suddenly very thing goes black, the plane completely shuts down, even the emergency exit lights are not on and the plane slows to a stop.

the stewardesses look around and I can see a few passengers looking a little worried. I must admit I was a little unnerved by it. about 5 minutes later the lights start to come back on, and the engines roar back in to life. and the captain announces on the speakers that one of the generators had failed, but  they had done their check and everything was "A okay" . we rolled up to the runway and up and away we went .

while I was in the sky I always look down over America, who knows maybe some where I would be able to see Jenn's car driving back home. I managed to get some amazing in flight pictures and some great sunset ones so here they are

I hope you have enjoyed mine and Jenn's adventures this time round.
I would like to thank the Blakes for been so kind to me, they are a true example of how good and kind and loving people can be and I love them all, and I hope to see them again soon.

and a big thank you form me and Jenn to any body who reads our adventures. and we hope to bring you more of our adventures soon.

I love you and miss you lots my Jennifer.