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Saturday, 31 December 2011

A happy new year to all.

Another year has gone and the beginning of a new one is here. I am always amazed at just how fast a year goes by. when I was young time never seemed to go so fast but I guess that time never seemed to matter as much then as now.

I have a few new years resolutions for the year to come and I will try my best to stick to them.
I have so much to look forward to this year, I will be going to see my Jenn in march and hopefully a lot more over the year and I will write about it for anybody who reads my posts so you can keep up with whats happening for us.

but who ever you are and if you are reading this I wish you the very best new year possible and hope that all your wishes and dreams come true in 2012.

Happy new Year

Monday, 19 December 2011

My trip to See my Jenn.

I got back about a week ago from seeing my beautiful Jenn, I would usually write about what we do day by day but this time I thought I would write about what happened when I got back to England. It has taken me a few days to recover from Jet lag but I am all good now, I can never figure out though why the jet lag is always worse heading back to England than going to see my Jenn.

I have taken lots of pictures, for any body who reads to see.

Me ans Jenn had lots of fun on this trip but we only had a week so we had to pack it with as much fun as possible

My journey to the states went well, I always go with Delta, I have been with them for most of my Journeys and they have never given me any problems yet, plus I have quite a lot of sky miles built up now so I may be in for a free flight soon.

I landed in America and My Jenn was waiting there for me, but I had to get through the airport first and here is a tip for anybody that is planing to travel soon.

1 don't get shoes that are complicated to fasten, in other words get some slip on shoes or Velcro fastening shoes because you will have to take your shoes off several times for security .

So anyway back to the story, I got through the airport and Jenn was waiting for me on the top level of the car park, I couldn't wait to get to her, and when I did I gave her the biggest hug and a kiss, I was so happy to be with her again.

We were so happy to be back together again , we drove through Atlanta and would you believe it I hadn't been in America for two hours and what do I see?
A truck with England written in big letters on a truck.

one thing that is way bigger in America than in England is the Christmas lights and me and Jenn had long waited to see the lights in Dahlonega together. I had seen only pictures before but to see then with Jenn was magical.

Here is a picture of me and Jenn in Santa causes sleigh, I hope he didn't mind us borrowing it for a moment and thanks to the lady who was kind enough to take the picture.

we walked around the square in Dahlonega and looked at the lights.
We also visited a few restaurants while we was there.

We visited Shenanigan's a Irish restaurant and I must say they cook some of the best fish I have ever tasted.

I love the fish there and if ever your in Dahlonega, you gotta go and try it.

Me and Jenn had such fun and with me not been there for Christmas we bought each other our Christmas gifts early.

Jenn bought me a Awesome watch , I love technical things and so I think that Jenn picked me the perfect one, I had a watch that broke so it was the ideal gift.

it tells the time, just like a watch does but it has two different time zones, so I got England and Atlanta time zones on it so I know what time it is in both places. I am still figuring it out but I love my Watch. Thank you my beautiful Jenn, I love it and I love you.

I wanted to get Jenn a gift for Christmas too, She said she wanted something to remind her of our time in Dahlonega in the winter so I got her a diamond snowflake.

I put it on for her and she loves it.

We also spent time looking at some rings, but that is a story for a blog some time in the near future :)

One thing me and Jenn love to do is to go to a glass blowing store in Dahlonega, there are all kinds of glass objects in the store and they have a lucky dip basket there filled with small bags. we always go and get one each .

and we got the same thing.

I am so very grateful for every second I get to spend with My beautiful Jenn.

I love you my beautiful Jenn

Me and Jenn had such a wonderful time together in December. I could only stay for a week due to work but we are already planning for another trip in late February, I'm sorry it took so long to write this post and thank you so much for reading and for following Mine and Jenn's time together.

Thank you for reading

Sunday, 4 December 2011

My Journey starts today

Today is the Day that I go to be with my Beautiful Jenn, My last day at work was yesterday. It's strange how that last day at work before a holiday always seems to be the longest, the seconds seem to last for hours. I kept my self busy though and when 1opm came I was all done.

I did my usual jog back to the house and when I reached the top of the hill I thought to my self Yay I reached the top and I don't have to run now for a while, I do enjoy running very much but I was glad for the last day of physical stuff to be done. I was now able to relax and begin to get ready to pack for the trip.

I didn't start packing until about 1am, but I watched the movie Iron man while I was packing, so it did slow me down a little, because it's such a great movie, I finally finished packing at about 320 am but I had put a second movie on, Full metal Jacket and that kept me up until around 440 am.

but with me traveling the night before my flight because the first early train gets to the airport to late for my plane it will help me to stay awake. Ill be staying at the airport terminal for around 8 hours (over night). I will try and sleep on the plane but no matter how hard I try I can't seem to drift off, Well I have in the past but only for a few minutes.

So in just 2 hours from now I will be getting in my taxi and begin the trip to see my Beautiful Jenn and as always for anyone who follows our story there will be lots of pictures and I will tell the stories of our adventures.

Thank you for reading .