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Monday, 31 December 2012

A happy New year

To think that a whole 365 days have gone already, where as all that time gone?

It always gets me just how fast time can fly. every thing has gone so fast this year, and even Christmas day was over before I knew it. Time just keeps on going, but I have had so many fun times this year.

There have also been a few down hill moments. but I think every year has those. 
but it is the ups and downs of a year that makes us who we are. I always hope that at the end of a year I will have made a positive impact, not just on my own life but on the lives of the people who are important to me. 

I always make the  new years resolution to be a better man than I was the year before.  to try harder than I did the year before, and to have a better year than I did the year before. 

I also wish that every body I know will have a better year than the previous year. and that they will be safe and well. 

I also hope for the people who are not as fortunate as me , that they will be safe and have a better year than last year

and to any body who may read this, I hope you have a great new year .

Thank you for reading and have a great 2013. 


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas a visit with Jenn

Wow has it really been so long since I last put something on here??. Well I had better write something and I cant think of anything better to write about than the adventure me and Jenn have had in November.

I really wanted to go see Jenn before Christmas and my Job dictates that I can not have the time of in December so I decided to head and see her for the last week in November.

I usually write about me getting ready to go see Jenn , but with it been so soon after the last time I had gone to see her I didn't really have to much time to do much of anything. I had last been in September.

While I was a rush and last minute kind of thing everything went well. I usually have at least 4 months to plan and save and get ready for such a journey so to do it in little over a month  was quite a accomplishment .

I could only manage to get 8 days of time so I had to make each day count. 
But every day , in fact every day second is so very precious. and I hat the fact of how no matter what , time slips by without stopping .

So I got to America  and Jenn came picked me up. we were so very happy to see each other. 
the first place we went to visit was Dahlonega to see the lights. I love to see the lights there and I have never seen a place to match when it comes to Christmas lights .

I do actually think that Dahlonega is one of my favorite places on this Earth , I feel calm there and without a problem in the world. 

We also tried many new places , one called Genghis , after Genghis Khan. it was pretty much a Chinese restaurant, but with one difference, in any other restaurant I have been to , they pass you a menu and you pick what you want . in this place, they gave us a bowl and we went and picked the food that we wanted while it was still uncooked and we passed it to the chief and they cooked it then brought it to the table.

we also visited a popcorn store, I never knew there could be so many different flavors of popcorn. I think it was 150 choices. 

with it been so close to Christmas , me and Jenn decorated a Christmas tree 


the major trip of this visit was to Stone mountain. 
 Me and Jenn had been before on one of my previous visits. 
but never in November, it was all set up for Christmas . there were lights every where and all kinds of festivities there, I experienced my first 4d movie.  saw a parade with father Christmas and even went on a train that took us around the mountain . we took a ride on the sky lift that took us to the top of the mountain. From the top I could see the city of Atlanta, it looked very beautiful under the sunset.

we had green tickets which meant we could go on any ride


we walked back down to the bottom of Stone mountain. and had some food.
 the next day it was the day I had to come back to England. but before I left me and Jenn did some last minute shopping for Christmas. but as always is the problem time soon ran out. and I had to go to the airport. I always hate that part of the trip to see My beautiful Jenn. 

Jenn drove me back to the Airport. I watched her  drive away.
I miss her so very much every day and love her so very much.

I do have a interesting story to finish of this post.

So I get in to the airport , I get my ticket for gate E36. 
so I get through security and I check my ticket to find that my flight starts boarding at 620pm and leaves and 715pm. 
I am in a rush because by the time I get to the E gates its 625, I see the Delta plane and it seems that it hasn't even started loading the passengers yet, so I decide to make a quick call to Jenn to let her know my flight is delayed . I sit and wait , I look at the time and it is now 730pm. I look at my ticket, and it says leaves at 715pm, I look at the gate on the ticket it says gate E36. I look where I am....I am at the wrong gate, I am at gate E32. I run as fast as I can to gate E36. there is no one there and even worse there is no plane at the gate. 

I walk back to the gate I was at, I look at the board, maybe what I should have done in the first place. it said Manchester England.

What I think had happened is that my original flight had pulled up to gate E36, however it had broken down and they had replaced the flight but had parked it at Gate E36. Talk about been in the wrong place at the right time ha ha . guess luck was on my side.

Well than you for reading my post , and me and Jennifer wish you all a very happy Christmas and the very best for the coming year.

Thanks for reading