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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

My trip to see my beautiful Jenn august/september 2013

I have been to see my beautiful Jenn again, I got here on august 25, and every day has been so perfect. We have loved seeing each other again and been with each other, and are already talking about my next visit which we are hoping for in November December time.

So what did we get up to this time, Well we have been to see some movies together, and ate popcorn and had icy drinks. and also I managed to spill the popcorn right at the front of the que to get some more butter for the popcorn.
We also went to a house full of cats, I have never seen so many cats in once place at the same time, and they all got along with each other, I have three cats and they don't get along all the time.
We held them and cuddled them, they were all so cute.

we also bought some new shoes , but I haven't put them on yet, I am gonna retire my old pair right before I leave for England.  and the new pair shall see me through till I get back to be with my Jenn again in November, I am very sentimental and I just see it as good luck, kind of like they will keep me safe and comfy while I am away from my Jenn.

We for the first weekend went to the Dillard house, a place surrounded by mountains in Georgia, and very traditional to the southern ways of life.  it was a place where time had stood still, or should I say it had been un interrupted by time, or at least that's what it felt like to me and it was perfect for that reason. My greatest joy there was sitting on the porch in a rocking chair looking at green fields and mountains with my Beautiful Jenn. I could have quite easily stayed in that moment forever, it was perfect. Their food was also traditional, and I tried every item on the table, from grits to cheese bread and even watermelon, it was soo good and if anybody who reads this gets the chance to go there....Take it, you wont be disappointed. I can say I have experienced the true southern hospitality.

 we also went to two of the zoo's in that weekend, me and Jenn love animals, and we got to feed them and hold some of them and even hold snakes . 
We also visited a place on the highway, and what made it unique is there were goats on the roof, just walking around and sitting down. it was very...odd but good.

while I have been here, I have also been keeping up with my running, Jenn bought me a fitbit flex, its a wrist band that tracks my movements such as , steps taken miles walked or run, it even tracks my sleep, and it has lights on it and for every achievement I hit, a light comes on,,, it even has a silent alarm, I love it and thank you Jenn for getting it for me.

Me and my Jenn decided we would go to a place called medieval times.
It was the first time we had ever been to a place like it. as the name says, everything was set in the medieval times. soon as we went past the gate, people were dressed as maids or as squires and knights in armour.

we waited in the lobby for a while before been allowed in to the main hall, where it was a arena surrounded by different colour tables  and the colour table you sat at was the same colour as the knight that was from your kingdom and the one that you would support. there were six knights, all in competion against each other in different medieval events. ours was the green knight. and he won the tournament.

each one of the foods served were given a different name..
 Chicken was Baby Dragon, scallops were Dragon scales and soup was Dragon blood.
it was a great night and me and Jenn had so much fun, I would definitely recommend it to anybody.

for the last weekend of this visit, we decided to go to Stone mountain park, a favourite place for me and my Jenn. and we got a annual pass that allows us to get on most of the rides for free for the year. and with me going back to be with my Jenn in November it will come in useful.

At Stone mountain we went on a duck ride that took us across the lakes of Stone mountain and saw some amazing sites, we also took a ride on the train that goes around the mountain and took a ride on the sky lift to the top of stone mountain. from the top of the mountain , you can see for miles , I could see the city of Atlanta. soon night time came and we went to see the laser show at stone mountain which was lots of fun.

on my last day of the visit , me and my Jenn packed as much fun as possible in to the last few hours as possible.  We played mini golf, saw a 4D movie and went on the Train again , We also visited a plantation , that had once belonged to a family who lived near stone mountain . We really had so much fun.

I can't wait until I go back to be with my Beautiful Jenn in November, it is only 65 days away.
but I will miss my Jenn every second until then..I love you my beautiful Jenn.

Thank you for reading .