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Friday, 30 July 2010

I booked my next flight

I have booked my flight for November to go and be with my Beautiful Jenn, even though I still feel down because I miss her a lot, getting the ticket makes me feel that bit closer.

So now I am just 84 days away from being back with My Jenn, I have to save the money but with the currency rate climbing like it is, it will be a great help.
I planned to be there for her birthday and now it's time to put the plan in to action, When I asked Jenn what she would like for her birthday she said all she wanted was me, I will make her birthday wish come true.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

sunset above the clouds

Well I am now back in England and I am quite tierd from all the traveling but mt will power is as strong as ever to start back at work and get back to my Jenn for October 31st, Jenn's birthday is on November 1st.

So any way, mine and Jenn's last few hours together were great but we were both sad because I had to leave, we got to the Airport and said our love yous and see you soons and then I Jenn had to go and I went to Check in, I still had a while to wait so I went back out side and took some deep breaths of air before heading in.
and with one last deep breath I walk in and go through security and to the gate where my plane waits, and I always take a look at the plane that I will be flying in.

I love to take pictures of the sun set from the air craft, I think that it's one of the best views of a sunset that you can get.

This was just as the sun was beginning to set.

there was a bit of turbulence here.

One of the best shows on earth and it's free. even though it is a perfect seat to watch the sunset, I just wish like crazy that Jenn could have seen it with me, I miss her so bad already.

I love you Jenn forever and ever.

Thank you for reading my post

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

When time runs out.

This was the last full day that me and my beautiful Jenn spent together until I come back in november (booking ticket on friday).

I always try and put to the back of my mind that time is running out until I have to go back to England. Every time I even let my self think about it I feel sad. We had so many great times while I was here this time and we are already planning what we will do in november. but I want more to write about the time we spend together now.

We love every miniute of the time we have together, I also forgot to mention that me and my Jenn went to see Hello Dolly the stage musical at the Holly thearter. I'm not really one for musicals but I loved this, it was really fun.

Tomorrow I won't have time to write a post but however I will write one when I get back to
England. I mostly want to write that I loved every second of my being with my Jenn and I can't wait till november, just 85 days and counting.

I love you my beautiful Jenn.

thank you for reading my post

Monday, 26 July 2010

Grown up's

Today me and my Jennifer moved some of her stuff out of her dorm room. Her dad came along to help and it was great to see him. after we had done moving some stuff around we decided we would go see a movie. The original choice was Dinner for shmucks but that doesn't show until the 30th of this month. so we made the choice to go see Grown ups, the show was starting in half a hour so we raced to the movies and got our drinks and watched the movie.

Now I must confess that I am a Sanfransisco 49ers fan through and through, and my Jenn went and got me a 49ers hat, anything with the 49ers on it I love.

I haven't laughed at a movie so much in a long time and Jennifer loved it too, I think that it has to go in my top ten movies of 2010 so far. apart from that we went to the waffle house earlier in the day and we had lunch at the Piazza a very nice Italian restaurant.

So while not to much happened it was yet another great day.

But I still have more pictures to show you all.

Here is me.

Here is my Jenn.

here is the hat that my Jenn got for me.

here is the spaghetti from the piazza.

Thank you for reading my post.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

The day of discovery

Today was a great day, and probably the best day of my life so far. I experienced two things for the first time.

The first was Tubing. I had never done it before and Jenn suggested it and so we gave it a go.
We got our tubes and were driven maybe a mile or two up stream and then left to tube back down. we strapped our tubes together and me and Jenn floated down stream. it was so good and I relaxing, apart from the three times I went completely in the river, I'm talking completely submerged. The water wasn't so cold so I didn't mind so much, I even got of my tube and had a swim in the river. I had so much fun I did manage to stab my foot with a stone from the bottom of the river that I had to pull out of my foot and I got a blister on my over foot. but I loved it and we even walked back up stream and went again. I didn't get to take to many pictures of this because I don't think that my camera would survive but here is the one picture I did take.

Shortly after the tubing me and Jenn decided to go for a swim in a swiming pool, we were wet any way so why not.

The second new experience for me was going to a place called Stone mountain. I had only heard of this place before and Jenn always told me how it was here favorite place so I just had to go with Jenn and watch a laser show there. Again I loved it, and we took our great friend Morgan who had been before and they both talked to each other about their camera while the show was getting ready to start. As soon as it was dark enough the show began. I also bought me Jenn and Morgan some flashing wires that you could wear, we had a lot of fun with those.

I took some pictures and here they are.

This is the face of stone mountain where the laser show takes place.

Here is me and my beautiful Jenn, Morgan took this picture, Thank you Morgan.

There are the flashing wires I bought.

when it went dark the laser show started.

And they ended the show with fireworks.

Like I said this was the best day of my life so far, I loved every second of it.

Thank you for reading my post

Saturday, 24 July 2010

I'm getting the hang of this sunset thing

Ok so I made a second attempt at the sunset pictures and after a few minor adjustments to my camera and a little patients I think I am getting better at it, last time there just wasn't enough colour in my pictures but now there is far more colour.

This was just as the sun was beginning to set.

Just caught the sun peeking over the horizon.

and 5 minutes later the sun was gone.

think you for reading my post

Friday, 23 July 2010

sunset picures

Me and Jenn have been taking pictures of the sunset, I have had my camera for nearly 6 moths now, Jenn has had hers for about 15 days and she can work hers better than I can mine.

I can never really seem to capture all the colours of a sunset but Jenn seems to have mastered the art of it. so here are my attempts at sunset pictures.

This one I do like but the sky looked more red than this.

I love the colour in this one.

And this one is actually at night, I took this picture just as lightning struck and that's why the glow is there. I always wanted to catch lightning and this is the closest I have ever got. so well done me.

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Cooking and baking

Today was a great day for me and Jenn, Today we cooked and baked.
I cooked Bangers and mash and Jennifer backed chocolate chip cookies.

As always I took lots of pictures for you all to see.

first I cooked Bangers and mash for Jennifer, I know that a lot of people are wondering just what I am talking about when I say bangers and mash, it's just sausage and mash potatoes. but this was a very special meal for a very good reason. it was my very first attempt at mash potatoes.

First I cut the potatoes and boil them till they are nice and soft.

around the same time as I put the potatoes to boil I start on the sausage.

Next I mash the potatoes with some milk and some butter.

put the potatoes on a plat and put the sausage in the potato

Add some gravy and hey presto.... you have Bangers and Mash.

Next Jennifer made her chocolate chip cookies, Don't ask me how she did them, I don't have a clue but they are sooooooooooo good.

I know that she used eggs.

And added them to this mix.

When the mix was ready we put scoop size mixes on a baking tray.

They already look good enough to eat, I did maybe have just a little of the mix, I just couldn't help it.

and here is the finish result.

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Kind of creepy.

Me and Jenn decided that we were feeling in a spooky mood and so we looked around the area and we came across a cemetery, We had a walk through and took some pictures, and even though we didn't catch any ghosts we did get some pretty cool pictures.

I really like the poem

So no ghost sightings but never mind, perhaps you have to go at night.

Monday, 19 July 2010

I made it all the way.

The title refers to my Jogging , as you may have or may not have seen in one of my previous posts, I wrote about how I had attempted to jog here in Georgia, The temperature was my main struggle, I had no cool spots to run in and the shade was hotter than in England on a hot day, and I only made half of my jog.

Well today I attempted again with great success, I think it was about two mile or just a little under, the heat was making it a bit more of a struggle but this time I wasn't giving up. I made it all the way from start to finish even over lapping a little just to be sure. I know that most people here probably don't see it as to bigger thing but to come from a country that is very cold compared to the USA I think I did very well, I will now try again when Jenn has her class tomorrow, now that I know I can do it that means there is no reason that I can't go the same distance tomorrow or maybe that little bit further.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

What me and my Jenn did today.

Me and Jenn never really plan a day, we just go wit the flow. I think it's nice that the day just happens rather than been scheduled, so here is what me and my Jenn did today.

We decided that we would have a late lunch at the Kani house,
Me and my Jenn love this place and the food is soooo good.
They even have the chef cook the food right in front of you .

They start you off with a soup and salad while you wait for the chef.

The salad is fresh and tastes great.

The Kani Rangoon, is awesome and it looks so cool, I almost didn't want to spoil the pattern by eating it but hey... I was hungry

These are the two dips they give you for the main course, I like the dip to the left best, meat tastes great when you dip it in either of these.

The chef comes around to the table and stands at the hot plate and does some amazing stuff with the spatula and knife. it's almost like been at the circus.

I never drop eggs but I wouldn't try that.

He also makes a real big flame that you can feel the heat from.


Here is my plate, I have eaten quite a bit her but it is so yummi I can't help but eat it.

After the Kani house me and Jenn went and saw my first 3d experience at the movie theater, I have seen 3d before but never at the movies, we saw toy story 3 and it was really cool. I highly recommend it for anyone.

Thanks for reading.