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Saturday, 31 December 2011

A happy new year to all.

Another year has gone and the beginning of a new one is here. I am always amazed at just how fast a year goes by. when I was young time never seemed to go so fast but I guess that time never seemed to matter as much then as now.

I have a few new years resolutions for the year to come and I will try my best to stick to them.
I have so much to look forward to this year, I will be going to see my Jenn in march and hopefully a lot more over the year and I will write about it for anybody who reads my posts so you can keep up with whats happening for us.

but who ever you are and if you are reading this I wish you the very best new year possible and hope that all your wishes and dreams come true in 2012.

Happy new Year

Monday, 19 December 2011

My trip to See my Jenn.

I got back about a week ago from seeing my beautiful Jenn, I would usually write about what we do day by day but this time I thought I would write about what happened when I got back to England. It has taken me a few days to recover from Jet lag but I am all good now, I can never figure out though why the jet lag is always worse heading back to England than going to see my Jenn.

I have taken lots of pictures, for any body who reads to see.

Me ans Jenn had lots of fun on this trip but we only had a week so we had to pack it with as much fun as possible

My journey to the states went well, I always go with Delta, I have been with them for most of my Journeys and they have never given me any problems yet, plus I have quite a lot of sky miles built up now so I may be in for a free flight soon.

I landed in America and My Jenn was waiting there for me, but I had to get through the airport first and here is a tip for anybody that is planing to travel soon.

1 don't get shoes that are complicated to fasten, in other words get some slip on shoes or Velcro fastening shoes because you will have to take your shoes off several times for security .

So anyway back to the story, I got through the airport and Jenn was waiting for me on the top level of the car park, I couldn't wait to get to her, and when I did I gave her the biggest hug and a kiss, I was so happy to be with her again.

We were so happy to be back together again , we drove through Atlanta and would you believe it I hadn't been in America for two hours and what do I see?
A truck with England written in big letters on a truck.

one thing that is way bigger in America than in England is the Christmas lights and me and Jenn had long waited to see the lights in Dahlonega together. I had seen only pictures before but to see then with Jenn was magical.

Here is a picture of me and Jenn in Santa causes sleigh, I hope he didn't mind us borrowing it for a moment and thanks to the lady who was kind enough to take the picture.

we walked around the square in Dahlonega and looked at the lights.
We also visited a few restaurants while we was there.

We visited Shenanigan's a Irish restaurant and I must say they cook some of the best fish I have ever tasted.

I love the fish there and if ever your in Dahlonega, you gotta go and try it.

Me and Jenn had such fun and with me not been there for Christmas we bought each other our Christmas gifts early.

Jenn bought me a Awesome watch , I love technical things and so I think that Jenn picked me the perfect one, I had a watch that broke so it was the ideal gift.

it tells the time, just like a watch does but it has two different time zones, so I got England and Atlanta time zones on it so I know what time it is in both places. I am still figuring it out but I love my Watch. Thank you my beautiful Jenn, I love it and I love you.

I wanted to get Jenn a gift for Christmas too, She said she wanted something to remind her of our time in Dahlonega in the winter so I got her a diamond snowflake.

I put it on for her and she loves it.

We also spent time looking at some rings, but that is a story for a blog some time in the near future :)

One thing me and Jenn love to do is to go to a glass blowing store in Dahlonega, there are all kinds of glass objects in the store and they have a lucky dip basket there filled with small bags. we always go and get one each .

and we got the same thing.

I am so very grateful for every second I get to spend with My beautiful Jenn.

I love you my beautiful Jenn

Me and Jenn had such a wonderful time together in December. I could only stay for a week due to work but we are already planning for another trip in late February, I'm sorry it took so long to write this post and thank you so much for reading and for following Mine and Jenn's time together.

Thank you for reading

Sunday, 4 December 2011

My Journey starts today

Today is the Day that I go to be with my Beautiful Jenn, My last day at work was yesterday. It's strange how that last day at work before a holiday always seems to be the longest, the seconds seem to last for hours. I kept my self busy though and when 1opm came I was all done.

I did my usual jog back to the house and when I reached the top of the hill I thought to my self Yay I reached the top and I don't have to run now for a while, I do enjoy running very much but I was glad for the last day of physical stuff to be done. I was now able to relax and begin to get ready to pack for the trip.

I didn't start packing until about 1am, but I watched the movie Iron man while I was packing, so it did slow me down a little, because it's such a great movie, I finally finished packing at about 320 am but I had put a second movie on, Full metal Jacket and that kept me up until around 440 am.

but with me traveling the night before my flight because the first early train gets to the airport to late for my plane it will help me to stay awake. Ill be staying at the airport terminal for around 8 hours (over night). I will try and sleep on the plane but no matter how hard I try I can't seem to drift off, Well I have in the past but only for a few minutes.

So in just 2 hours from now I will be getting in my taxi and begin the trip to see my Beautiful Jenn and as always for anyone who follows our story there will be lots of pictures and I will tell the stories of our adventures.

Thank you for reading .

Thursday, 24 November 2011

I am thankful

Today is Thanks giving in America, a day when people are able to give thanks for what they have and they have turkey and celebrate the day with their family.

I also celebrate this day in my own way and I am thankful for so many things every day.
As any one who reads my posts will be aware I am so very thankful for my Jenn, I love her more now than ever before and in just ten days from now I will be setting off to see her. I am also thankful for my family and friends. I am thankful for my life and for all the things that I have , I am thankful for my Job, I know that the world is in a sticky position at the moment and there are lots and lots of people without work, and I truly hope that they will find work soon. and I am thankful for the freedom I enjoy every day and I am thankful to those who fight to make sure that not just I but every one has the same freedoms.

I was watching a show on TV with my mother today about the second world war and a group of P.O.W's that were forced to march up to 1000 miles across Germany while at gun point. some of the survivors were speaking on the TV about what they had suffered and sacrificed. They are all old men now but you can see that the memories of what they had suffered were still clear as day in their minds. One man talked about how cold it was he said " I made the mistake of taking my boots of at night and when I came to put them on in the morning they had frozen, I was made to march in them and it was agony". another man said about how they were infested with fleas and lice and that it was hard not to constantly be itching and sleep was difficult because the insects would start biting and moving around and finding warm places on them, as the march went on and the soldiers got exhausted they would try to help each other, but illness took a lot of them and one soldier said that hunger was a constant issue and some of them would eat insects, some times at night it got so cold that they would lose feeling in their hands, arms and legs, and on some mornings not all of them would get up, some had died in their sleep through freezing to death for starvation and illness. eventually they stopped in a field and fell asleep and when they woke the soldiers who had been forcing them to march had gone. the men started to wonder around and they heard tanks approaching, they thought it was the soldiers come back to finish them off, but it was the allies, the men who had marched nearly 1000 miles were saved. they were sent back to their base. at the end of the show one of the men who had been forced to march laid flowers on a plaque dedicated to the men of the Long march. One of the old men said that he had never married, because of the nightmares he has of what happened.

it was watching the show and seeing the courage of the men who suffered the Long march that made me right this post and realize just how thankful I am for everything I have every day.

Thank you for reading this

Thursday, 10 November 2011


On the 11th minute of the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th year we remember them.

I think it is so important to remember the soldiers who gave their lives and the soldiers who are out there fighting for our freedom as I write this.

War is never Ever a good thing and will only ever result in loss of life.
all the many thousands of people who have lost their lives or lost loved ones as a result of conflicts of war is alarming, even a single life is so very important and we must always try to preserve life and the freedom to choose how to live it.

and it's thanks to the soldiers who have fought and are defending our countries from the evils of the world that we have to thank for such freedoms that we enjoy and often take for granted every day.

you gave your today so that we could have a tomorrow
Thank you so much for all you have done and do for us.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween and horror movies

So yet another Halloween is here and at the moment I am sat watching some thing on TV about horror movies, and it was this that made me see just how much movies have really changed over the years and not always for the better.

When I was young...well younger , it seemed that movies were truly horrifying. the kind of terror that even hours after I had seen them I would lay in my bed and still have the images play in my mind and would give me the chills.

back in the 80's horror movies were soooo good, well most of them and they were made to scare both visually and mentally and some of the actors were and still are some of the very best in the world. and so were the movies, if I had to name a top five horror movies I think they would be

5 pet cemetery
4 Poltergeist
3 exorcist
2 night of the living dead
1 Salem's lot

Nothing scares me like the original Salems lot , I always remember a scene with a vampire scraping its long nails at a window trying to get in to a house to bite the neck of the victim, the vampire had glowing eyes and long nails and pale skin and no soul. truly terrifying. they could not go out is sunlight as they would burn to a cinder.

Now if you look at vampires they are stylish and sleek and they all look like super models and when they go in to sunlight instead of instantly burning to a crisp they glisten and sparkle. not scary at all ( Twilight ) they have become fashion icons, I am sorry to say but in my opinion vampires have taken a turn for the worst .

'but in general it seems that horror movies just don't really scare anymore , maybe the odd one will give a bit of a scare but nothing like the good old ones, if you can I would suggest that if you read this you make a attempt to watch my top 5 movies. I bet they will scare you.

I hope you all have a scary Halloween but a safe one.

thanks for reading

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Great news!!!

This month has been a very good month for me, and here are the reasons why.

Firstly and most important I will be going to see my Jenn again in December, We are both very excited to be together again, the last time we was together was in June so we have a lot to catch up on and I cant wait to be with her, I miss her so very much every day . I have booked the ticket and even got my travel insurance already sorted out, all I need to do now is get my train ticket sorted and I'm all set. I will let you all know our adventures as we have them.

the second news is that I have been nominated as the king of customer care for my city by customers. which I am very happy about and is a great thing, I love my job and to be nominated for a award for doing something I love is Awesome. so thank you customers who nominated me.
this is the third time I have been nominated for this award so I must be doing something right. When it comes to my job though I always try to make it as fun and pleasant of a experience as possible not only for me but for the people who I serve.

thanks for reading

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Tough target

I have been aiming to loose a little weight over the last couple of months , when I started this project I weighed in at 14 stone/ 196 pounds. my target was 13 stone/184 pounds.

Thursday of this week I hit my target and I am now just giving it another week to make sure I stay at the weight, I don't want to find tomorrow that I wake up and have put a pound on and have to restart the process again.

I have had to change a few things while I have been on my diet mainly what I eat and how I eat it and also I love a bottle of coca cola but I had to give that up for a while and I found that more than anything it was the coke that was the main problem, I would drink 6 bottles a day, only the smaller ones but they had such a affect on my weight loss once I stopped drinking them.

I run almost every day about 2.5 miles and I only eat a cheese salad sandwich before work and then nothing till after, roughly about 9 hours , but I was drinking coca cola, I got down to the last two pounds of my weight that I needed to loose but I just could not move it, for about three weeks I couldn't move the last two pounds and I knew I needed to stop drinking the coca cola , I needed to get drastic , so I stopped the coca cola and changed to bottled water. I now drank 4 of the bottles of water a day. and within a week I was down to my last pound to loose, and on Thursday I weighed my self and I had hit 13 stone dead on. on crazy thing I noticed though is that for about three days before It said in the morning that I was 13 but at night I was 13 and 1. so I weighed more at night that in the morning. but now it is 13 all the time.

I will not stop just yet though, i will just keep it up for another week and then I will change my diet to maintain my weight and I think that it will be just as tough to keep it as it was to loose the weight or should I say to stay at my desired weight.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Mom's gonna kill me for this one.

A few days ago, maybe a week mom bought some Philadelphia cream cheese. Now I love cheese of all kinds and Philadelphia cheese is right up there. I could eat it all day I really do love cheese so you can imagine when I saw the Philly just how excited I got.

My mothers words were "Do not Eat any of the cheese, it's for your sandwiches for work", And I know she was serious because she was pointing her finger at me when she was saying it.
So she went off to bed and I played on my games for a while, a few hours passed and I was feeling a little peckish. I looked in biscuit box and got a marsbar. I also looked in the fridge and there it was, the Philadelphia cheese. but I remembered my mothers words/warning and I managed to pull my self away.

the next night after mom had gone to bed I got hungry again so I looked in the fridge , and there it was and this time it was open, I couldn't help it I just dipped my finger in there and got a scoop of the cream cheese. it was sooooo good and yummi. but now there is a huge finger shape scoop in the cheese, so I take another scoop, just to try and hide the first one ha ha.

So I go to bed and have sweet dreams and the next night same thing happened I get more cheese and now there is none left and all that remains is the empty carton in the fridge and I know that when my mother finds out she is gonna go crazy. but I just can't help my self when it comes to the philly cheese.

Monday, 5 September 2011

The ones left behind.

The anniversary of the 9/11 was on the TV the other day, I can't believe that ten years has now passed since that dreadful day, and I remember it like it was just last week.

When it came on the news and I saw the first tower with smoke billowing from the mid section. The news reporters saying they thought it was a accident, then the second plane hit and the world new in a instant that it was no accident. I was so upset by what I saw , it was a act of pure evil.

so many people were lost, people who never suspected that that day would be their last, people who were going to go home and eat with their family and loved ones, people who on the whole were good people and were just doing their every day normal things. Those people are forever gone but not forgotten.

when I think of 9/11 I don't just think of the people who's lives were lost, I also think of the people who lost the loved ones. I imagine them seeing on the news the horror and then coming to know that their loved ones wont be coming home again.

I imagine them at first thinking that maybe their loved ones got away ok and that they will be home soon, they wait till their normal time of arriving looking out of the window to see the one they love coming up the drive in the car, but their is just a empty space where they should be, the night goes on and it's at this time when they realise that their loved ones are gone. I can never imagine the sadness and loss felt by those people, to lose the ones they love and never have them to hold again or to see their smiling faces and to hear their voices. I feel the deepest of sorrow for these people and I wish there was something I could do to help them all with their loss. it is these people who I think of the most when I think of 9/11

the ones who were left behind.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Can't beat the classics

I'm sat at the house and I am watching the original Police Academy movie on TV.
I love some of the older movies, the are classics in every way , but some times they try to remake some of them and no matter how good the special effects are and no matter how much money is spent on the remake it will just never beat the original.

a prime example of this is the carry on movies. not every body will know these movies but they are one of the jewels in the crown of comedy movies, they were made in the late sixties and through to the mid eighties. and the line up of stars in the movie was a A list of actresses and actors including , Sid James, Hattie Jacques , Kenneth Williams, and Barbra Windsor. They are all long gone now, but when these people got together in the carry on movies they could make any audience laugh out loud and me and my mother spend many a happy hour watching these movies and I would very highly recommend them to anybody who loves a good comedy.

in the nineties long after the original crew of the carry one movies were dead and gone, they tried to do a remake of one of the movies, Carry on Columbus, it flopped completely I watched it my self and I gave maybe the odd smirk or smile but that was it. and the simple fact of the matter is that the magic that was there when the original crew was alive had gone when they did and just cant be re created.

Some times Classics are better left alone.

Friday, 19 August 2011


I had a strange dream last night. and seen as I said I would write a post a week I figured I would write about this strange dream.

In my dream I was stood at the edge of a road leading on to a very large suspension bridge I was surrounded by tall buildings, maybe a city and the bridge went over a gap i couldn't see if the gap was the ocean or a canyon, but I think it was the ocean or maybe a lake.

there was lots of cars and traffic on the bridge but it wasn't really moving and I noticed more than anything a bus at the front of the on the bridge but I didn't take notice of the numbers but, the bus was grey and was a single deck bus.

I was looking toward the bridge and I noticed that the suspension cables were giving way and the bridge began to collapse. all the people on the bridge and all the cars and trucks and bikes dropped with the bridge in to the gap the the bridge was going across. I could hear the suspension cables snapping and stretching under the strain and the last thing to drop was the grey bus. a great plume of smoke came from out of the gap that the bridge had crossed. people were screaming in horror apart from one old lady. she was looking and she was laughing.

I woke up at this point.

Strange stuff

Monday, 15 August 2011

Catch up

It's been a while since I have wrote on here, it's not that I have forgotten but I have just been busy working a lot and I haven't really had to much to write about. but I figured I had better write something before I get a writers block and then I will be stuck .

I guess that things seem to have gone crazy in England at the moment with all the riots and stuff. Every body seems to be blaming every body for that, the government is blaming the youth and the youth is blaming the government. but no one is ready to say ok this is wrong so how do we tackle it and resolve the situation in the best interests for every body and as long as the blame is been passed from pillar to post it will continue to be this way. but rioting is a strong sign that things are very wrong somewhere.

Apart from all that, I have been doing my jogging most days and I am almost at my target weight of 13 stone, but one thing I have noticed about loosing weight, those last few pounds are the hardest to get rid of. but I keep my Jogging going and I know those last 3 pounds will soon shed off, but I also think that the next difficult point will be keeping that weight. so many people have said that it is just as hard as the diet it's self.

Work is going very well at the moment and I am saving so I can go and be with my Beautiful Jenn again soon, we both miss each other very much and we get to talk every day which I am very great full. I miss her so much every day and I love her more than any words I can say or type.

Well I needed to start typing on here and I feel slightly better for doing so. when I write at first what starts as a trickle of letters soon become words and the sentences follow. and before I know it I have written a full page of things.

Thanks for reading and from now on I will attempt to write one blog a week at least.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Ryan Dunn

I was shocked to hear that one of the stars of Jackass Ryan Dunn died a few weeks ago. I was in the states at the time when he died and was not aware until a few days after the tragic accident.

Apparently his porch some how went off the road and took a dive in to a ditch at the side of the road. he died almost instantly. For many years he made me laugh with his foolish stunts and tricks on the TV show Jackass.

I guess it hit all his fans the same way, but what really got me annoyed about the whole thing was that apparently for a few days after the accident people where going to the site and trying to scavenge parts of the car or belongings that had fallen out of the car so that they could sell them on Ebay. I just want to say to all you people who are doing that. You are vultures and grave robbers and you should be ashamed of your selves. you have no respect and what you are doing is so very wrong and you have no morals.

Sorry for the rant but I just can't believe we live in a world where people would go so low as to profit from a fellow human beings death like that.

I know I didn't know Ryan Dunn personally but I feel like I did in a way because I watched all the Jackass shows and he was one of my favorites.

Thanks for all the times you made me laugh Ryan Dunn

Monday, 27 June 2011

Our last few days

I am now back in England, I have been here for 11 hours and I have only just finished putting everything away, but I have been missing my Jenn since the second I last saw her.
The two weeks we spent together were amazing and every day was wonderful.

So what did we get up to over the last few days??
Well I will tell you.

We had to go to our favorite restaurant in the world the Kani house, I have never tasted egg fried rice so good in my life and they serve portions that are guaranteed to make you full.

We also went back to the gold mining place and gave the panning another go. while we was there we was also looking for something to buy, and we found it. a necklace for Jennifer, and it was her birth stone and mine combined in one amethyst and citrine. we both felt like fate led us to find it and it will be a reminder of the time in June that we spent in Dahlonega
We also tired a restaurant near Dahlonega and I had a cheese Philly steak sandwich and it was really good.

another first for me was having boiled peanuts. along a road just outside of Daholnega there is a old man who sells them, he is a sweet old man and for just 4 dollars you will get a bag full of hot boiled peanuts and they are really good. if ever you are around Dahlonega seek him out and try his boiled peanuts.

on Sunday I had to go back to England but we had a few hours before I had to be at the airport so we made the most of every minute. we visited the square and ate at the piazza, I had spaghetti and Jenn had pizza .

Eventually we had to go to the airport and I had to leave for England. I really hate having to be away from my Jenn but I know we will be back together soon.

We also saw a few movies while we was there, on Saturday we mainly walked around the square in Dahlonega

Friday, 24 June 2011

Things we have done.

Me and Jenn have had a busy few days having fun. We went to a place called Lake Lanier some where in Buford. Now they said that there could have been storms on the way but me and Jenn risked it anyways. We got there and it was all nice and sunny , we managed to get on two water shoots on a double inflatable dingy thing.

We got to walk along the beach together, it was the first time my feet hand stepped on to a beach in nearly 16 years. To step on to a beach with Jenn made it perfect. we went through a fun house together and around every corner in the fun house we got soaked with water.
We got to the top and there was a water shoot heading to a spiral shoot at the bottom, I wanted to give it a try. Jenn waited for me and I got right to the front of the line and the lady said that she had to close the ride due to the weather.

By this time a storm had developed behind us and there was thunder and lightning, so lightning plus water add people don't equal anything good. Me and Jenn headed for the entrance , along the way we heard that they were going to close the park. We had only been there for twenty minutes and had paid nearly thirty dollars each to get in. They told us that they were going to give refunds to people who had day passes.

We go to the entrance and wait, apparently they had to wait a while to see if the storm passed but I didn't think they would keep us waiting a hour and a half in the thunder storm. people were starting to get annoyed and when they asked all they were getting told is that they were gonna do another weather check soon. so after a long wait a lady came round and handed out a free one day admission for all the people who had a day pass.

I can't say I was overly happy about it because I would have preferred my money back, but they said that they don't give refunds.
Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures there because its all water slides and shoots and my camera doesn't like water.

I have also been helping Jenn move out of her college apartment. She graduated in so she doesn't go to collage anymore but they give people extra time to move there stuff out.

Thanks for reading

Monday, 20 June 2011

Painting, Petting and Guys and Dolls

Over the last two days me and Jennifer have been having lots of fun. We started on Friday by going to the petting zoo in Dahlonega and feeding all the animals there we both love animals very much.

After the petting zoo me and Jenn decided it was time to show our artistic side and do some painting. I painted a Dinosaur and Jenn painted a vase.

After the painting we went to see Guys and Dolls, a musical at the holly theater in Dahlonega.

we have had a busy few days and now I am ready for my bed but thank you for reading our post

Thursday, 16 June 2011

We went goldmining

Today me and Jenn decided we would try our hand at gold mining, Well not in the literal sense if the word, but we took a tour of one of the gold mines in Dahlonega, this one was the biggest mine of it's time east of the Mississippi river and there was still gold in there to be found. but we couldn't just go digging in the mines, apparently you needed special permission to be able to do that.

To start the day off me and Jenn went to a restaurant and had a wonderful meal, I had a steak sandwich, usually I'm not one for steak but this was really nice. Jenn had Chicken pot pie and I had to have a taste of that too, just to see how it tasted and that was nice too.
Now at some point in a meal there comes a time when you miss your mouth and a small portion of the food misses and lands on your top, I don't care who you are I bet it has happened to you too. some of the sauce from the sandwich had leaked out the other end and had dripped on to my top, and it was only a small drop no bigger than the size of a pin head, Jenn sees this and gets a napkin dips it in the water and begins to rub the napkin on my top to remove the stain.

I look down expecting to see the small stain gone and it was, but now in it's place was a huge damp spot on my top and Jenn is giggling at me. it looks like I dribbled the entire sandwich down my top.

we got to the gold mine and we purchased a spot on the orange tour group and we were given two silver coins one for me and one for Jenn. The coins would be used later to pay for the gold plates.

We went on the tour guided by a man who told us all the details about how the mines were made and how the gold was found, I was looking around for gold that may have been left behind , but there was none apart from the super small grain of flower size pieces that were stuck in the mountain walls.

The cave system went down to 200 feet at some points , the tour guide turned of the lights to show us how dark it would have been and I couldn't see my own hand in front of my face, he told about how when they would set of dynamite it would some times knock out the lights down there and so some times for hours the miners would have to sit in the darkness.

We got out of the mines and as we got closer to the surface we could feel the heat of the outside hit us. Deep down in the caves it was cool and actually quite nice. but we couldn't stay down there all day.

We got back to the surface and we handed over our silver coins and they gave us a plate each full of sand and mud, we had to use water to wash away the sand and mud to find any gold. after nearly 20 minutes , we both found gold but not even a ounce, in fact not even a quarter of a ounce, so it makes you appreciate just how long you would have to be at it to find and amount of gold that would be worth any real money.

We both had a lot of fun and learned something new at the same time

What me and Jenn did today.

First let me apologies but I didn't manage to get any pictures today, because most of the day was spent in water and I don't have a water proof camera.

Today Me and Jenn went Tubing on the river together in Dahlonega, With the weather been so hot it seemed like the perfect thing to do and this time I managed to keep my head above water, the stream was nice and slow and the only danger involved was getting dive bombed by a dragon fly that was circling us.

After going round the stream twice we decided we would go to a pool just a little further up the road and take a swim, we swam for about twenty minutes and even had a race across the pool, I only just won Jenn, she can swim fast but I don't think either one of us will be appearing in the Olympics any time soon.

later on we went to the movies and watched Judy Moody, it was a cool movie and we had fun watching it and I Absolutely love the Icy's that they have there especially the cherry flavor one yummy.

Tomorrow we plan to go a new restaurant , also we are gonna go gold mining in Dahlonega, I have never tried that before but it sounds very interesting, I hope they let you keep the gold you find, I could be rich by this time tomorrow.

I promise there will be lots of pictures for you to see, thank you for all of you who follow mine and Jenn's story. I was just thinking today that it has been four years since me and Jenn first started going out and I have loved every second and it will get better and better, so keep reading.

Thank you for reading our story

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A wonderful time with Jenn.

Today Me and my Jenn had a great day, We went to the Baby land hospital for cabbage patch kids in Cleveland Georgia, I once heard of the cabbage patch dolls years ago in England but this place was a mansion completely dedicated to them.

Right from the firs type to present day dolls and they even had a new born area where these things came out of cabbages in the ground.

I know it sounds strange and you have to see it to believe it. even the people who work there are dressed as doctors and nurses.
if your ever in Cleveland Georgia you gotta go check it out.

Next stop was a place called Tommy boy's. it was a burger bar and it was very yummi, I am slightly picky about my burgers but this place was really good, but while I was there I tried to go to the rest room but the door was locked and the lights were out in there, so I go ask the waitress for a key. She walks up to the door and tries it but it's still locked, she knocks on the door and then we here a voice coming from the other side, who ever the guy was he sounded angry so I went back to mine and Jenn's table and had my burger.

Along the way back We saw the sign for a zoo, and so we decided we would turn around and go back to the zoo, as we pulled in to a drive we saw a sign saying Baptist ancient cemetery, I couldn't resist I had to go take a look. We drove along a small rubble road that was surrounded buy bushes and trees, and we came through to a really old graveyard on a hill.
Some of the graves were so old that the names had worn off and some had been built by loose bricks, it was very spooky indeed.

After the grave yard we went to the zoo and saw all the animals , they had birds and chickens and cockerels and even a crocodile

and lions.

We even saw a zedonk a cross between a donkey and a zebra.

Later on tonight we are going to see a movie at the theater and I'm sure we will have fun.

Thanks for reading.