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Wednesday, 13 January 2016

A dear friend lost

Today we lost Sugar 
She was such a good cat and she loved her food.. she was one of the larger than life charciters that I had ever known. every morning she would wake up the entire house by meowing as loud as she could until some one fed her.. this would start as early as 8 am some mornings and she was deffinatly the boss of the other cats in the house, she would keep them in line by giving them a cheeky tap with her poor should they get to close to her food or do anything she didn't like
we had her for 13 going on 14 years

just recently she began to loose weight
and became very weak
she left us today at 415pm 
and will be missed forever

2003 - 2016

Saturday, 9 January 2016

A early christmas for me and my Jenn

With Me working in retail in England,  one time I can not get off from work is the Christmas period.

From mid November to early January I must be available to work as this is the busiest time and with having two jobs it's crazy busy....But me and my beautiful Jenn have found a way around it

I always try to be there for Jennifer's birthday on the first of November and I was able to be there for her birthday this year. I was there to see my Beautiful Jenn from the 25th of October to the 9th Of November

Time with my Jenn is always so precious and I don't take a second of it for granted
I suppose it does cross my mind that I wont be with her for the actual Christmas.

We often go to Stone Mountain in Georgia .. in fact we have annual passes for the park and come the 7th of November it turns in to Snow Mountain.. and all the Christmas fun begins.
The Small village area at the bottom of the mountain becomes a city of lights of every color,  there are Christmas themed events ranging from singing and live performance shows to 4D movies and even a train that circles the mountain and stops half way round for a festive show.

and the night all ends with a snow angel that flies high above the crowd and makes it snow.
she waves her wand and says a small poem and then she flies off.
Now I don't care that I am 36 years old.. I do strongly believe in the magic of Christmas, I believe that it brings hope and joy to not just my self but to anybody that chooses to believe in it. 
I also take time to think of other people who are like me and Jennifer.. who can't be together on Christmas day,..maybe because of work... or because they are in another county or maybe they are ill...what ever their circumstances I Feel that I understand how it must feel for them because I know it feels terrible to be so far away from the ones they love on December 25th.

I  have a small Christmas tree in my room that has a small switch on the bottom and when pressed... the tree glows green I light it every Christmas for me and my beautiful Jenn. I know that one day soon Me and Jenn shall spend our very first true December 25th Christmas together
 and when we do we shall put so many pictures on here for you all to see.

Thank you for reading our story