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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Raw emotion

Well where do I start,
I guess Saying that I am now back in England and missing my Jenn like crazy would be a good place. When I was there every thing went so very perfect, been with Jenn is the closest thing to heaven I have ever experienced. I always tell every body that she is perfect to me and that's because she is, when I am with her she even makes the world seem perfect. I feel so safe and warm and I feel so very proud to hold her, I feel like the man I want to be.

But I had to come back to England today and it felt like I was only there with her for such a short while. I really do feel sad when I come back. But the way I think about it is, I go to England to work, my home is with Jenn.

At the moment I do feel down, but I have already Saved nearly enough for the next ticket to get the next ticket to go see my Jennifer. I'm not going to surprise her this time.

But now I am going to work as hard as I can to get back to my Jenn as soon as I can, I will also keep you all updated on how I progress every once in a while.

thanks for reading this

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The plan carried out.

So here is how operation valentines day plan carried out.

The beginning was very simple, just like I said before it was a Saturday and Jenn was at home and so I had plenty of time to get to the air port. As far as Jenn knew I was busy at work.

I got on the train and headed to the airport, once I got there I soon settled down and I would send Jenn a message every so often telling her I was busy at work and That I love her. I even sent a message at 10pm telling her had just finished work and was jogging back to the house.

By 2 am I was starting to feel a little tired and I still had 5 and a half hours to wait. All I had to do was wait and just make Jenn think every thing was normal. It got to about 4 pm and Jenn called I to find some place quiet and fast. I answered the phone in a quiet and tired sounding voice. I told Jenn I was in bed. She fell for it and all was going well until a couple of workers came round the corner laughing and joking.

Jenn asked what the noise was. I had to think fast I told her that I was watching a dvd on my laptop I thought to my self that she had got me figured. Then she asked me why I was watching a dvd in bed, I told her that it relaxed me. She had again fallen for my excuse. Jenn soon fell asleep and I managed to keep the sounds of the busy airport and the announcements over the speakers.

I hung up the phone when she fell asleep and I sent her a message saying I had just got to work .

I boarded the plane and began my flight across the Atlantic .

8 hours later I was in Atlanta and on my way through the airport. I turned on my phone and I was arranging with Morgan how I was going to get to Jennifer.

Morgan’s dad was on a flight that was bringing him to the same airport.

So the plan now was that Mr. Blake was going to get off his flight find me and we would drive to the park where I would meet Jenn together.

Jennifer sent me a message saying that she was going to get the pictures done early, this was not good. I couldn’t tell her not to because she would know something was going on. I sent her a message saying ok, I also sent a message to Morgan telling her to try and stall Jennifer for as long as she could.

Mr Blake soon found me and we rushed to his car, we only had a hour before Jennifer wanted to go get her picture took. We got in the car and headed to the park. First we had to pick up some flowers from a store, we stopped and got the flowers – red roses- Mr. Blake got some for his wife to- Valentines day.

The final part of the plan was about to unfold. I would meet up with Courtney Morgan’s sister and she would lead me to the tree where I would be waiting for Jennifer.

Morgan would be taking Jennifer along a different path to the same tree.

I met up with Courtney who had been brought to the park by Mrs. Blake . Me and Courtney began to walk along the path towards the tree. We knew that Jennifer and Morgan had already set off to the park and wouldn’t be far away so we had to move fast across the open car park where we could have easily been spotted by Jennifer.

Courtney sent a message to her sister Morgan asking where her and Jennifer was. And soon got a message back saying “RUN” me and Courtney ran along the path not knowing exactly where Jenn and Morgan was.

We ran around a bend in the path and there Jennifer and Morgan was walking away from us and only about 20 yards in front of us. Me and Courtney froze and slowly backed off around the bend and out of sight, if Jennifer had turned around the game would have been over right there

Courtney sent Jennifer a message telling her to make sure Jennifer did not look back. Morgan sent a message back saying she would take Jennifer the wrong way to give me and Courtney some time to get to the tree. Me and Courtney had to go off road or should I say off path, we ran through the trees and along a track that led to a bridge and back on to the path at the opposite side of the tree that Morgan and Jennifer was at.

We eventually came in to view of the tree. There was some one sat underneath the tree and I was too far away to see who it was. Could it be Jennifer I asked Courtney. She sent a message to Morgan but there was no response. We couldn’t just wait there we had to get to the tree , I stood up from the crouch I was in and walked towards the tree . as I got closer I could see it wasn’t Jennifer but a young couple that was enjoying the nice weather under the shade of the tree.

I asked if they would mind sharing the tree so I could surprise Jennifer, He said it was fine .

The trap was set. I waited with Courtney behind the tree so I could see the path, it was only a few minutes until Jennifer and Morgan came in to view. I hid behind the tree. I could only hear Jenn and Morgan talking, the tree was on the top of a hill that was quite steep, Jennifer had began to climb the hill. I decided to count to three and I would jump out on three.

I counted one two and just on the two I heard Jennifer giggling out loud I counted three and jumped from behind the tree to find Jennifer on her hands and knees trying not to slide back down the hill and giggling. I walked up to her and I grabbed her in my arms and said “Happy valentines day baby” I gave her the flowers and told her I love her. She was so happy. We walked to her car and went to the bakes house where we had a wonderful meal . and sat side by side and very happy to be together again.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Operation Valentine's Day

This is my story about how I surprised Jennifer on valentines day. This was one of the most difficult challenges I have ever faced in my life. I had to save and plan without Jennifer catching on to my secret mission. I could not have done it alone, though, and I had Morgan to help me.

So it all started just after I got back from seeing Jennifer in November. I had just got paid and I had enough money to get my next plane ticket. I was talking to Morgan about going too see Jenn and I remember saying that I dare not even say it too loud in case I couldn’t afford to get there for when I had planned which was on my birthday, the 15th of February.

I had never tried to get there in such a short time between visits-- it was only three months. I spent the night weighing the odds. And the next day I came to the decision that I would try to make it happen. I l looked at so many different flights and prices. I didn’t only have to consider the flight and date , I also had to try and figure out the best time for Jenn but without her knowing. I talked to Morgan about this and we finally came up with a date. I booked the ticket for the 14th of February. I would surprise her on Valentine's Day. I knew it would take a lot of hard work but I had such a strong feeling that I could do it.

I began saving every week and I was working all the hours that I could. I still had a lot to plan. Usually Jenn would come and pick me up from the airport, I had never even imagined trying to get to her myself. There was also the major problem that I talk to Jenn every day and night. I would have to find some way to not only fool Jenn into not thinking anything was out of the ordinary but I would also have to come up with a way to not speak to her for nearly a full 30 hours and not have her panic or think something was wrong.

As time went by a plan began to form. Jenn would keep asking me when I was coming over next, but all I said was "I can’t tell you." I would talk to Jenn every day and night and every time it was on the tip of my tongue to tell her but I never said a word. As time drew near the plan was forming.

So for t the first time I will write the plan that me and morgan had made.

On the 13th of February, I would set off to the airport. Jenn usual didn’t call me until late on a Saturday, so I had that to my advantage, but I would say that a storm was messing up the internet and I couldn’t really hear her if she did call and to sell the idea even more I would hang up every couple of minutes , plus with the loud announcements at the airport I could just hang up every time they announced something so Jenn wouldn’t hear it .

I told Jennifer that on the Sunday 14th a big boss was visiting the store and I wouldn’t be able to answer my phone or send her many messages . On the day I would get to the airport Morgan’s dad would pick me up. I asked Jennifer to do something special for me on Valentine's day. We have a tree that we had our picture taken under by Morgan. Now here is the clever part of the plan. My plane landed at 3:15 pm and I had to get to Jenn. So I said to her that there was no way I could get there on Valentine's Day so would she have her picture taken for me under our tree at sunset and I knew that she would ask Morgan to take the pictures . Sunset was at around 5:30 pm. That would give me just over two hours to get to her and surprise her, and I thought that it would be great to have her go to the tree and I would be there waiting for her with a dozen roses.

So that was the plan, to fly 6000 miles and get to the tree before jenn and do all this and make her think it was a normal day and I was working.

To find out how it went, come back and read my blog when I ill post how it all turned out...

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Was I stupid or smart?

Today I was at work and it was a normal kind of day. but I was quite tied.
The day went buy slow but it soon came to the end of the shift and it was time to go home. I locked up the store with my work mate and we both said goodnight.

It's just as I started to get ready to jog when I noticed that there was a lady stood in the middle of the road crying. I stopped and called to her and asked what was wrong.
She just shook her head and carried on crying. I said to her "Come on you have to get out of the road".

She said "No I am going to kill my self,"
I said "please come off the road" and she just shook her head.

I had to act quick and I wasn't sure what to do, I couldn't leave her there and she wasn't going to come off the road so I did the only thing I could think of. I said to the lady " Fine if you won't come off the road then I'm gonna come and stand there with you ".

I walked out in to the middle of the street and stood there with her, there were cars going past and I felt very nervous but I stood my ground . I said to her " I'm not moving unless you come off the road with me". it was just as I said this that I noticed the road and area around me and the lady light up. there was a car behind me coming straight for me. I turned and looked

It was a police car that had stopped behind me. the police man got out of the car and asked what was going on. I moved to the side of the road and the lady moved with me. I stood a little away for a few minutes just to make sure everything was OK. I hope the lady is OK.

I don't know if It was a smart or stupid thing to do but I'm happy she isn't dead

Thursday, 4 February 2010

a poem for Jenn

only the most beautiful sight my eyes have ever seen is the time i look at you . you dazzle me with your beauty and with your eyes so blue. a ocean will not keep me from you and a sky can not stop my love . just know that i am forever yours my beautiful angel from above

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Me and the boys

I have taken the rare opportunity to have a picture taken with my great nephews. I love them both very much and it's amazing just how fast they grow. now please forgive the way I look I haven't had a haircut or a shave so I look fairly rough.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I was a super hero

When I was younger I was Super man or at least that's what I thought. I believed that I could even fly I would stand on my bed and jump as high as I could. I also could run at super speed and had strength that was unmatched .

As I grew up I started to see flaws in my logic, I seemed to have trouble flying, something to do with every time I jumped up I came back down again. My ex ray vision that had never worked before still didn't work and I couldn't lift cars and throw them.

I grew up and stopped believing in these things. I threw away my imaginary cape and got on with the every day things in life school and when I left school I started work.

Life hit home and I never really thought about super hero's again.

until I saw a video of a soldier that had come home for Christmas to see his daughter, she was 8 years old and her wish was to see her dad for Christmas, she saw him and she loved him and told him about how much she had missed him and that she loved him. it suddenly became all so clear.

to that little girl her dad was a super hero he was her super hero.

So perhaps when me and Jenn have kids then I can be a super hero again. I will do everything I can to be their super hero. I may not wear the cape but I would love for them to see me as their super hero.