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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

My time With Jenn March/April 2016

Me and my beautiful Jenn have been spending time together in March and April, and we have even been expanding our field of travel to another state , North Carolina a city called Asheville.

Neither of us had ever been there before and it was a very interesting and beautiful place, but before all that we did our usual tour  of our favorite places.

I think that now it has become tradition that we visit some of the places because they are so special to us and our growing together, all the places we go to have been key in our coming together over the years and so we visit them for that reason...and of course because we love the places and are very happy there.

I set off to be with my beautiful Jenn on the 26th of March...the day before my actual flight, and I will spend the night in the airport I don't sleep though , I spend the night sat watching movies or walking around the terminals. the reason that i don't sleep at the airport is because I have this idea that if I did i would wake up the next day at 1pm and have missed my flight and I know I would be devastated so I don't take the chance. I actually have a reoccurring dream usually a couple of weeks before I am due to set off, in the dream I am at the airport and i relies that I have forgotten something so I rush back too the house but when I get there it is to late for me to make it back to the airport.

I boarded the flight to Atlanta at 11 and took the 9 hour flight across the Atlantic ocean, now usually I can't even sleep on the plane.. due to excitement and not the comfiest seats in the world, but this time i think i did snooze for a while. I remember putting a film on and beginning to watch it . I suddenly open my eyes and the end credits are listing. so ever it was a very short movie or I slept for around 2 hours, then I did it again. I looked out of the window and we were over land.

The plane was soon on the ground and as soon as I got through security I walked as fast as i could with my bags to get to Jenn who was waiting for me, she always gives me butterflies every time I see her. we hugged and kissed and were  on our way to Suwanee, the journey there is not to long and we were booked in to the hotel and off out for food. for the first couple of days Jenn had to work so I would go see a movie and have some food until she finished. When Jenn got back we would go and drive around to different places in Suwanee and do some shopping or eat or see a movie. 

On Thursday we traveled to Dahlonega, this was the very first place that we spent time together and it hasn't really changed over the years which I am happy about, even though I don't live there it has so many memories now for both of us and it really feels like i am home when I am there with Jennifer

dahlonega is such a beautiful place and it has managed to keep most of its original buildings and it is very proud of its history as it is the location of one of the biggest gold rushes in the united states. there is so much to do there and we are never bored.

After Dahlonega we set off for Asheville. it was around a 3 hour journey and for the first time ever me and Jennifer crossed a state line from Georgia to North Carolina the only time i had crossed a state line before was in the air so I don't think that really counts. 
the scenery on the way was beautiful there was lots of mountains and forestry and nature of all kinds.

 we were soon at the hotel in Asheville we had a great view of the mountains from our window, but we didn't really spend much time at the hotel we were out most of the time exploring

Asheville has a lot of very old buildings ..

 the reason for this is something to do with a lot of the money was from people who lived in New York and when the big wall street crash happend  Many of the major cities wrote off their debts.. but Asheville didn't.. they paid back every penny.. it took the city till 1976. In that time the city had no money so they couldn't knock down any buildings or build new ones. so the city stands now with little change from hen it was originally built.. and each building has history there and we loved it.. we did so much. We went on a ghost walk ,, a trolly tour and explored the city as best we could.

We also Went to the Biltmoore estate in North Carolina,

 this place was HUGE!!! the land was around 8000 acres and the house its self was  three times the size of the white house and was picturesque from any angle.

 Me and Jenn walked through the house and it must have taken us close to a hour and a half to just walk through the open parts, certain areas of the house were closed to the public.

 in each room were small descriptions and pictures that gave information about the area and what would happen there. There were small leaflets or even voice recordings that explained about the rooms.

the place even had its own gym, a bowling ally and a swimming pool , you could live in this place for a year and still discover new rooms I bet.

Once we were out of the house we took a drive to a restaurant within the grounds and once we had finished there we walked around a farm . There was also some of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen,

it really felt like a day was not enough to see everything in the Biltmoor estate but we made the most of the time we had there.

there was one strange thing about Asheville when the sun went down the town seemed to go very quiet, me and Jenn went to a Walmart at about 9pm.. and it was a standard size walmart so quite big.. and I kid you not when I tell you all that me and Jenn and just two other people apart from the staff.. I have never seen a walmart so quiet in all my walmart visits, but in the day time you couldn't look in any direction without seeing people.

Our next Stop was stone mountain.

This is a place that me and my Beautiful Jenn visit as often as possible..

 it really is a special place for us. we love to take in all the scenery and there is so much for us to do there .. we never get bored ..

We go on the train around the mountain , we play mini golf, 4d movies, laser shows.. we really try to fit it all in.

So after all that fun it was time for me to have to go back to England for a while.. this is the one part of it that I always hate.. to have to be away from my Beautiful Jenn is the hardest thing I ever have to do. I always wish I had just that one more day... Just that few more minutes.. that few more seconds.

We drove to the airport and we hugged and kissed and Said we would be back together very soon (18th of July) which is already booked.

This is not the end of the story for this journey....Jenn had headed back home and I was going through security.. now my flight was due to depart at 7:10pm ..I got to the security line at about 6:25.. so I had plenty of time, the line seemed to be moving quite smoothly. Just before I got to the line for the body scanner the line just stopped moving, i looked at my watch and it was now 6:40 pm. I had 30 minutes yet till the flight departed so I wasn't so worried . The line began to move again, I eventually got through, I looked at my watch.. it was now 6:55pm.. i ran to the terminal.. and I could see my gate...the very last one at the end I could see the man at the desk , i got to the desk and he said to me " Mr Webster?"  I said " yes" ....he said " your to late.. the flight is going.
I looked and I could see the plane at the gate, I looked at my watch it was 6:58pm

I said " but the flight doesn't leave till 7:10pm.. he then told me that the door for the flight closes 20 minutes before departure, I asked him if there was any way I could get on the flight he said no the flight was closed.. he said that they had called my name three times and asked where I had been, I told him that the security line took longer than I expected, he told me I needed to go to the Delta help desk at the other end of the terminal.

I got to the help desk and they pointed me to a phone that would put me through to a delta agent.
A lady dealt with me..she was very nice.. I explained my situation and she placed me on hold.. after a few minutes.. she came back on the phone and she told me that she had managed to get me on to a flight the next day and and that they had agreed to waiver my fees too.. she had worked at Atlanta and she said she knew that sometimes the security there can move slowly. I couldn't thank her enough.

I called Jenn to tell her, and when I told Jenn what had happened she came back and picked me up we were blessed with a extra day together. my bags were automatically placed on the flight the next day, Jennifer bought me a new toothbrush some clothing and we had a pizza. I was so happy to have that one extra day with my Beautiful Jenn.

I set off for England the next day and made sure I was at the gate a good while before the flight,
I hate been away from my Beautiful Jenn, but i am happy that our next time and adventure together is already booked and getting closer every day.

And we are now both looking in to getting me to be over there with her on a permanent basis.

Thank you for reading Mine and my Beautiful Jenns time together.

I love you forever my Beautiful Jennifer