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Thursday, 31 July 2014

Me and my Beautiful Jenn, July 2014

This is only the second time that I have been with my beautiful Jenn in July.

With me been English we are used to summers but not quite as warm as in America , the second I got off the plane I felt the heat, Jenn was waiting for me and by the time I got from the terminal to the car I could already feel my skin burning.

I was so happy to see my Beautiful Jenn to me she is amazing.

me and Jenn started off with breakfast in Dahlonega, at a small cafe called Picnic Cafe.
Its only a small place but it does the best bacon cheese and egg biscuit Ever.

After breakfast we went to a small town not to far from Dahlonega Called Helen, its based on and built like a old German town, the buildings are all very beautiful and the food is great too.
The main reason we went to Helen is for the tubing on the river, it has a tube ride that has two options , the short one or the longer one, me and Jenn went for the long tube ride which is two  hours long, the shorter ride is just a hour.

I put on my red sandals and about ten minutes in to the ride, I lost one of them which lucky for me some one further down the river managed to pick up and waited for me to hand it back.

I thought i had lost my trust sandal for all time.

Me and Jennifer had tied our two tubes together and had even worked out a system for turning left and right. other people had sticks and some were paddling it was fun.  after two hours of going down stream in our inflated tubes we came to the exit , we got dried off and went to explore the small town of Helen.

after we had finished there we went back to dahlonega and we decided we would go for a swim in a near by pool, it was a warm day and we thought it would cool us off, so I take my jeans off and I look at my legs, they are no longer pale but are now red .
I had caught the sun and its like one of those bruises that don't hurt till you look at them, my legs felt like they were on fire.  so we got in the pool and took a swim which seemed to cool me off, Jenn was laughing at my sun burnt legs because both of the legs were red up to the knee then pale white.

We got changed and got ready and picked up our tubes, I had shorts on and with me been English we don't see a incredible amount of sun so my legs were quite pale, it made Jenn laugh to see me in shorts. We got on to the river and sat in our tubes

for about two hours we were in the river and it was so much fun, some parts were very gentle and slow, while others where quite rapid and then there were parts where it was very shallow water and we would get stuck and I would have to stand up and drag us along to deeper water, and at one point my flip flop came off and floated off down stream, lucky for me another person got it for me.
 We eventually came to the exit and dried off and walked around the small town of Helen.

Later that night, We went for a swim in a near by pool, I take off my trousers and my legs up to the  knee are no longer white but red, it seems I had caught the sun.


thought it would be nice to visit the petting zoo near Dahlonega, We got there early and bought a ticket and a big bucket of feed for the animals,  we fed all the animals in the petting zoo, its amazing that even though the animals are very well looked after and fed, they will almost walk over each other to get to the food that the visitors bring.

We saw Camels and pony's, Zebra, parrots, monkeys and even hens and chickens and baby pigs.
they animals were all so very cute,.

We then went to a Chinese restaurant and ended up eating so much we both felt ready to explode.

Later that night we went to the Holly theatre in Dahlonega and watched the stage musical of the Monty python spamalot. it was based around the Monty python and the holy grail movie I love the Monty Python movies...and I must be honest I was in doubt as to weather or not the American cast could pull off the English accent, but hats off to them they did very well and the show made me laugh and I believe that even john clease would have given his approval on it. I really enjoyed it and would watch it again.

we spent a couple of days at Stone mountain park in Georgia
 this is one of our favourite places

, it has so much to do and even though Jenn beat me at mini golf it is one of my favourite activities at stone mountain and the train that rides around the mountain is a good relaxing thing to do,

 We bought a year pass and its great value for money we have only been three times this year and have already saved money by doing the year pass, we watched the laser show that is done on the side of the mountain.

Suwanee is a beautiful small town near lawrenceville and I know this area well, I have done so much jogging around here that i know almost all the places to go, the first night we decided we would go to the Movie tavern We saw Tammy a comedy movie and it was a good funny movie to watch.

The next night  we went to the Medieval times

, we have been here three times and each time our knight has won the tournament and the food is very good, and a great night out for the family,

 after each event, the winning knight gets a flower which he then throws in to the crowds and he threw one straight at me and Jenn, I caught it and passed it to jenn and then he went on to win the games.

 We decided that for breakfast we would go to Granny's new york pizza in suwanne, this place does some of the best pizza I have tasted so far in my life, and the staff are very friendly, now for me to say this about pizza is not to be taken lightly, I have visited many pizza places and this one ranks amongst the very best, if your ever in suwannie Georgia , you should definitely check it out

we visited a Hindu temple ,

 it was one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen

we also had a tour where we learnt a lot about the building and the culture and even though I was not allowed to take pictures of the inside, the outside was just as beautiful.

After we had been to the temple we went to a railway museum ,

 I never knew there was so much history in the rail ways and trains.
 it was very interesting and was also a great interactive fun time.
 We were allowed to board the trains and the engines and one of them was the carriage that president Harding travelled in

later that night we went back to the movie tavern and watched sex tape a comedy

on Friday we went to visit Clair, Jennifer's friend,

 Claire is also a close friend of mine and we have known her since jenn was at collage. we always go to visit Claire and she is kind enough to let us stay for a few days , so we stayed Friday and Saturday, and we watched movies with her and played board games.

she took us to a church and we even went to a play ground and on the swings.

Thank you Claire

for the first time me and Jennifer visited the beach together in Savannah, it was the first time in 17 years  I had been to the beach and i loved it

, we swam in the ocean together and walked on the beach a little, it was perfect  the weather was very very hot at one point it was 98f. but the water kept us cool and again I got sunburn on my legs and face.

we also visited the historic part of Savannah,

 every building had its own story to tell , it was very beautiful and old, and there were lots of different kinds of tours, me and Jenn decided to go on a ghost tour ,
 which took us around the old cemetery
 and also in to a old bar and through the back streets of Savannah.
 we took pictures and had fun, it rained the entire tour but we didn't let that stop u us from having fun. we spent two days in Savannah , and I took pictures and I think I even got a ghost on one of them,

I'm a very open minded person when it comes to ghosts and aliens and so on, so Savannah was very interesting for me

we ate fish in a restaurant near the river



and explored the river front, and saw a statue called the waiving lady,


 a story of a lady who would wave to ships as they came to dock at the river.

we headed back and for a few days stopped in Suwanee , we always go to our favourite places in Suwanee and we love Asian fusion its a small Chinese restaurant just near to where we stay and it does the best chicken ever !!!

we went to the movie tavern and to the AMC, and sat in reclining seats it was so good

on the last weekend we decided we would go back to dahlonega, and go tubing there,  we had been tubing here before its not as big as Helen but its just as nice. and later that night we went to the movies again and watched America, a documentary about the history of the USA.

 on Sunday the 27th I had to go back to England in the evening, so we made the best of every minute , we had lots of fun but it I had to go to the airport its always the part I hate, I hate that I have to be away from my beautiful Jenn, I miss her so very much we got to the airport and we had a hug and a kiss, and a drink in the airport, I walked Jennifer back to her car and waved to her as she left, and the second she was from sight I went in to the airport and got on the plane.

I cant wait till I can be back with my beautiful Jenn again very soon she really is perfect to me and I love her more than anything.

Thank you for reading our story