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Saturday, 31 January 2009

I think it should be the law

Now as the entire world probably knows by now I work at Blockbuster video.
I have worked there for ten years and There is one thing that has always made me wonder.

Now this is a bit complicated to explain so I'll do my best to make it as understandable as possible.

Now one off the contributors to the way some kids behave today I think is that they see all these things in the movies or on games. For example men fighting and heads getting chopped of in a movie all about drugs and cars.

Or a game where the objective is to steal a car, run over ten cops kill a sheep and be home in time for cornflakes.

Now in the store that I work a lot of the parent's rent these games and movies for there kids I have seen it so many times the kid is about 8 and the game is rated 16. At 8 years old children are so influenced by what they see and usually are still unsure about what is right and wrong.

Now if a man or woman was to walk in to a store and buy a can of beer for a 8 year old that would be pretty bad and that's why there was laws passed to stop that from happening Because it is harmful to the child.

I think that games and movies can be just as harmful but in a influential way and over a longer course of time but there is no law to say that I can stop the parent or adult from renting the game. even though I know that 8 year old child is going to be playing a 18 year old's game.

So my point is I think there should be a law that says that if we believe that the person is renting a movie or game for someone who is younger than that age then we should reserve the right to refuse them.

In my eyes it's still giving the child a harmful thing.

Friday, 30 January 2009

Blog Awards


Kimber at Kimber's space Gave me this award so thank you Kimber!!

Here are the rules for these awards:

1). List 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!

2). Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

So here are ten honest things about me

1) When I was young I would place every one of my toy's in front of the TV so they could watch the movie with me and I would always know if any had been moved.

2) I once stood out side a store asking passers by they would give me the money for the bus ride home. after they had given me the money I would go straight in to the store buy a box of matches and light a fire that I had pre built in the woods

3) I once broke my mothers favorite ornament playing indoor golf . I told her that I had tripped and fallen on it.

4) I once bought my stepfather a card that said = God loves you but everybody else thinks your a wanker. Please forgive the bad word.

5) I was really ill as a child I had asthma and eczema and was rushed to the hospital on several occasions with white foam coming out of my mouth eeewww.

6) I once got a piano foot stuck down my ear and had to go to hospital to have it taken out.

7) as a baby I swallowed the ink ribbon from a type writer . My mom took me to hospital and they took a picture of me with the retrieved ink ribbon tied around me with a pretty little bow.

8) I once met Darth Vader at a video store he was promoting the star wars movies. while all the other kids were meeting and greeting him I was screaming crying and running for my life. Mom had told me that he was going to take me away on his space ship if I was bad. and to top it off he saw me crying and picked me up to comfort me. I nearly screamed the place down.

9) I went to boarding school.

10) I have three nieces and I am about to be a great uncle twice.

The 7 people I pass this award on too are

1 = My beautiful Jenn

2 = Morgan Blake

3 = Stephanie

4 = Andrew Pope

5 = Lane

6 = Robin

7 = Tricia

Thursday, 29 January 2009

Flashback Friday

Welcome to flashback Friday a idea that I got from My great friend Morgan.
My beautiful Jenn also has done a few and it captured my interest so
I figured I would give it a go.

So here it is my very first Flashback Friday.

Believe it or not this is little me I think I was about 9 years old in this picture. It was taken by my father. I always dreamed I would be a pilot. This is about the closest I ever got but never mind.

This is My First school photo I think I was around 8 years old in this picture.
Back in the day when I could have been anything with only the limits of my imagination to stop me.

And Finally This one is from my horse riding days long long ago...well about 18 years ago.
The horse was called Whistler and I would go every Wednesday and ride Whistler as part of My school lessons. I really did enjoy my horse riding.

Well that is my first ever Flashback Friday I hope you all enjoyed and thank you for reading.

Why are certain things never affected by a recession?

I was sat at home today after a hard days work and I was watching the news. It was mainly all about the recession that England is in. The next subject was the sports, and it's that what got me thinking why are the sports never affected by the recession . The players still get there
1,000,000's each season and There are billions spent on the sports each year.

The other day I was on my way to work and I was walking through the park. there was a group of kids playing football and playing it very well. they were all having fun and I must admit they were playing better than the players who get a huge paycheck every month.

So With that in mind I thought to my self if I was prime minister one thing I would do To save my country from falling in to a pit of debt would be to maybe take a look at just how much money is spent on these sports and its players. In my opinion a hard working man deserves to keep his job to feed his family. now don't get me wrong sports are important for entertainment, but shouldn't the working man take priority over entertainment?.

Isn't it the working man that who deserves to get the high pay, not so much going to a man who kicks a football around on a field for 90 minutes. Kids can do that just as well if not better and they do it for free.

Maybe this blog won't make much sense or maybe I am just going on needlessly but it's just the way I feel about the

Why are the hard workers the one's who's jobs are at risk?

Monday, 26 January 2009


Welcome to TRIBUTE TUESDAY a chance to let that someone who has made a difference in your life feel special by paying them tribute.

This week tribute goes to my sister Jane.

My sister is older than I am and has been some one I have always looked up to.
When we was young we would fight like cat and dog over anything and everything you can think of.

I don't have a picture of my sister for you all to see
sorry about that

As we grew up my father left us and so it was just me my sister and my mom.
and we eventually threw down the swords and instead of fighting all the time about who had the most Easter eggs or who was taller and general brother sister things we started to get along.

A few years ago I started to have really bad panic attacks I thought I was going to die.
My sister had had them and she helped me to get over mine she really was a guiding light for me in some of my darkest hours.

My sister is truly one of the greatest people anyone could ever wish to meet.
She now lives with her husband and her three children just a few minutes away from my house
and even though we don't see each other to much now because we are both busy working and we both have our own lives my sister is one of my greatest friends and always will be.

This tribute is for you my sister Jane.

I love you

A poem about the cramps

My Jenn has asked me to write her a poem to make her feel better.
At the moment she is suffering with the cramps,
so My beautiful Jenn this one is for you to make you laugh I love you.

Cramps and women, women and cramps

What is this thing that sends women in to a trance.

You dare not say anything that may be out of place

and you can tell there really angry from the look on there face.

usually so sweet and do anything you ask.

when women have the cramps you become a pain in there ass.

They will tear you to shreds if you make one wrong move

so just don't say anything till their mood has improved.

Here's another life saving tip for all the guys to know

When a woman has cramps don't dare interupt there tv show.

I hope the poem cheered you up and made you laugh baby mwah.

Not me! Monday

THis blog carnival was created by Mckmama
You can head over to her blog an find out what she and everybody els has not been doing this week.
Not me Monday was introduced to me by my beautiful Jenn who does some of the greatest blogs around.

Well what a week it has been another busy week in my life and yet again I have been on my best behavior.

Now lets get a few things straight here, there are some things I would just never do cough cough.

I would never ever eat the ice cream that a mormon had left in my freezer not knowing if he had left it for me or had put it there for next time he came round that would be so wrong.

And I did not have to hide all my underwear just so Melissa wouldn't come troting down stairs with them again.

when a customer came in to the store and asked if we was closed I did not say yes we are and wait till they had left the store to run out after them to tell them we were still open for another three hours. that would just be silly of me.

And when a customer asked if I could tell them where the movie deja vu was I did not ask them if they had asked me that before.

and I did not just sneeze and all the snot fly on to my laptop screen. that would just be eeeeeeewwww

and there is no way I would teel a customer jokingly that he had a 75 pound charge on his acount and watch his jaw hit the floor befor telling him I was joking. I mean they would start thinking I have a sense of humour at work. I'm way to serious for that.

and I did not feed melissa a cornflake or two with my mom yelling at me to stop because it would give her the poop's.

and I didn't have a argument with a 7 year old about who is the best between spiderman and superman. I am way to mature for that kinda stuff P.S Superman rules I mean seriously spiderman can't even fly.

well thats my not me monday for this week I hope you all enjoy.

I also invite every one to take part in Tribute tuesday
A chance to make a loved one feel special for a day

Silly video sunday

I saw this video and I had to share it with all my readers it is so funny.
I hope you all enjoy.

This video is suitible for all ages

Friday, 23 January 2009

Think about it friday

This is a idea I had while I was at work.
I thought it would be fun to challenge my readers or anybody to figure out my puzzle.
Some weeks it may bee a riddle, over weeks it may be more visual.
There is no prize its just for fun and I think that I have a really good one for my first week so here goes.

A man is pushing a car

He stops

Pays some money

waits a while

and after he has waited

he starts pushing his car again

What is he doing?

Good luck

Thursday, 22 January 2009

A poem for My Beautiful Jenn

Every time I see your face I know I am in love

And that someone as beautiful as you could have only been sent from above.

Holding you in my arms is like a dream come true

and no one else I will ever hold, no one apart from you.

As I sit here writing this poem with my mind firmly fixed on you

I know that the love I feel for you is a love that is so true.

This may not be the best poem in the world and maybe not all the words rhyme

but it sends out the message that I want all the world to know

and the message is that you are mine.

I love you more than anything and I would give my life for you

and let this poem be testament that all my love is yours forever and is so true.

My beautiful Jenn I'm so happy that you are mine

and I promise you I am all yours forever and I will love you till the end of time.

I love you Jennifer mwah

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I'll burn in hell for this one.

I had to write this blog because it's such a funny story, well at least now it is.

It all started yesterday afternoon when the Mormons came to visit my mom and me. Elder Barfuss had brought a cake and some ice cream to celebrate his birthday with us.
We all sat and had a piece of the cake and ice cream and myself and Elder Barfuss washed the dishes after.

After finishing the washing up Elder Barfuss asked me if he could put the rest of the ice cream in the freezer and I said sure. About half an hour later, the Mormons left the house and I wished them both goodnight.

It gets to about 1:30 am and I am hungry so I go look in the cupboards and there's nothing I fancy to eat. Next thing I look in is the fridge there's some cheese and sandwich spreads but nothing that really grabs my attention. I look in the freezer and there it is-- the ice cream in all its glory looking so tempting. I can hear it singing Wayne come and eat me ooohhhhh Wayne come and eat meeeeee.

I can't resist I run to the kitchen and grab a spoon and am at the freezer taking a huge scoop of the ice cream before I even know whats going on. I put the ice cream in my mouth and it tastes so so so gooooooood. I sit on my sofa licking the spoon and thinking just how nice it was and how nice it was of Elder barfuss.... wait a minute... Oh no! I think to myself.

I just took a scoop of ice cream that wasn't even mine and to make it worse it was a man of God that I had taken it from. Suddenly I see Satan and his little imps dancing around me laughing. I feel terrible I tell my Jenn what has happend and tell her about how bad I feel, she says "And so you should feel bad".

At this point I'm convinced there is a place reserved in Hell for me.
Now I can just imagine Satan sitting on the sofa next to me looking at me and winking.

This morning I woke up and the first thing on my mind is how guilty I feel. All day long I'm thinking about this scoop of ice cream I had stolen from the Mormons.
I get to work and the guilt overtakes me I pick up the phone and call Elder Barfuss.

He answers the phone and I tell him about my terrible sin. He goes quiet, suddenly I hear laughing. I ask what's so funny. He says "Wayne I left the ice cream there for you and your mother to eat". the sense of relief fills my mind and we both have a good chuckle at what had happend.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Ask my 8ball

Please leave a comment on your question and answer if you wish


Welcome to TRIBUTE TUESDAY a chance to let that someone who has made a difference in your life feel special by paying them tribute.

This week my tribute is to Dianne Jackson A.K.A my mom.

My mom was born in 1943 and by her 16th year was working as a nurse
she was then married and gave birth to guess who?,, Me

here is a picture of my mom and the cats
who are also her children, as she calls them.

My mother is one of my personal heroes in so many ways.

When ever I was ill she would nurse me back to health
She would and does still always make sure I have clean clothes to wear.
and if I'm not dressed to her standard she will say "you look like a bag of s**t tied in the middle."

She has worked all her life from the age of 16 right to just 5 months ago when osteoarthritis prevented her from doing the job she loves which is nursing and looking after people.

now at the age of 66 she spend most of her time watching the history channel and complaining about the cats pinning her down on the chair and either cleaning her or biting her.

she still ventures out every day too the store and always complains about the prices and how when she was young how much cheaper it all was.

and she will attack me with her walking stick every opportunity she get In a joking way, well most of the time

My Mom is a caring woman who over the years has done so much for so many people and helped to save the lives of countless more.

I am proud to call her my mother

I know that every one says it at some point and I will now My mom really is a amazing woman in so many ways.

this Tribute is for you mom

I love you.

Sunday, 18 January 2009

Not me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Not Me! Monday was first introduced to me by my beautiful Jenn

Every week after I have written Not Me Mondays and had so many comments.

So I carried it on.

So Here I go with my Not Me Monday.

This week has been one of those weeks where I have being so busy with work. and with been so busy you would think that I surely would have forgotten something or done something stupid right?

Well let me enlighten you all.

There is no way that in a mad rush to get ready for work, I decided to have a shave while in a red hot shower Then after getting dressed run out into freezing cold weather and as a result my face felt like it was gonna burn off and is now flaking away. !Those razor burns are killers!

I did not have a pizza at work only to get home to find that my mom had ordered me a pizza.

I did not, and I stress this one I DID NOT! take my phone to the bathroom at work to text my beautiful Jenn. Then when I was finished on the toilet wonder where my phone was and as I walked to open the bathroom door feel something strange pressing against my butt. No I did not pull up my trousers and forget I had rested the phone on them while. I was doing what you do in a bathroom.

I did not jog home from work and hurt my knee and spend almost the entire week hobbling along everywhere.

And I did not manage to set off every fire alarm in the house when I was cooking my cheese burgers. I'm a better cook than Gordon Ramsey From Hell's kitchen. lol

I did not sit laughing at mom because she had Sugar, one of the five cats I live with on her knee and every time mom tried to move Sugar would try to bite her. That would be so cruel of me. and mom did try and hit me with her walking stick after.

Well that's My Not Me Monday for this week I hope you all enjoyed.

please be sure to check out my new post called Tribute Tuesday. where you pay tribute to a loved one and make them feel special. And just like Not me Monday you leave your link on my page so every blogger can see the Tribute to the person That you want to make feel special.

Silly video sunday

Every sunday I post a funny video
So here is this weeks and I decided that it would be a cat theme.
So all you cat fans enjoy.

This video is suitible for all ages.

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Why do they?

Some times there are certain questions that arise in my mind.
Questions that seem impossible to answer.
Things that just don't make sense to me.
Here are a few of them.

1. Why does the toilet water go clockwise in the northern hemisphere
and anti clockwise in the southern?

2. Why does music never sound as good when the volume is low?

3. If people really think they can fly then why don't they fly from the path to the rooftop of a building?

4. Who decides how much money is worth?

5. has anybody ever seen a baby pigeon?

6. If the world is warming up then why will it end in a ice age?

7. Why in movies when the bad guy get shot they die straight away but the good guys take hours?
and why are the good guys always better aims?

8. If Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone, then who did he call?

9. Here is a trick one, A cowboy rides in to town on Friday, he stays at the saloon hotel for two days, he rides out again on Friday. How did he do that?

10. Why do ghosts never appear in the day?

Any answers then please leave a comment

Friday, 16 January 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today Is thankful Thursday.
the idea was thought up by Beautiful Jenn.
So here is my list of thankful for this week.

I am thankful That I have my beautiful Jennifer who loves me so much.

I am thankful for my good friend Morgan who helped me create the logo for tribute Tuesday.

I am thankful that I can now put some more money away and save for the trip to see my Jenn.

I am grateful that I am healthy and am physically able bodied.

I am grateful for my family .

I am grateful for the technology that makes me able to see and speak with my Jenn and write this blog.

Thank you for all the things I enjoy on a daily basis

Thursday, 15 January 2009

A few Winter pictures

Here are a few winter pictures I took on the way to work.
I hope you all enjoy the pictures.

Wayne's weird Wednesday pictures

sliding moving arrows


I hope you all enjoyed the pictures
please leave a comment.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


is a chance to let someone who you care about
know just how special they are to you.
It's a chance to point out all there qualities and let them know that they have a special place in your heart.

My tribute is to the most beautiful woman in the world. The woman I love more than anything in the world.
My Beautiful

Jennifer I love you so much, You make my life so perfect and you make me so happy every day.
You have such a wonderful personality, you care for others, you pick me up when I feel down.
You support me in everything I do and you believe I can do it, you believe in me.
You are the most beautiful woman in the word to me, I am truly blessed to have you.

I am the luckiest man in the world because you belong to me. My heart is yours and I belong to you .
You brought the light in to my life , you pulled me out of the darkness.
I know that my life every day is so perfect because you love me.
and I will make your life perfect because I love you.

My Beautiful Jennifer this is my tribute to you.

I love you .

I encourage any body who reads this to write a tribute Tuesday for that someone special in there lives.
PLEASE! save the TRIBUTE TUESDAY picture and add it to your tribute Tuesday.

Please leave a comment

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Not me! Monday

Hi Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls. Welcome to my not me! monday. My beautiful Jenn introduced me to this idea and I have been doing the not me Monday ever since. I have managed to convince mine and Jenn's good friend Morgan to join in the fun as well. so here it is my not me! Monday.

well last week was one of those weird week and so many things seemed to go wrong. But me being me I kept things in order and didn't do anything to make it worse.

I mean when the delivery man brought the new Virgin cable box to the house, I didn't laugh out loud with the delivery man when my mom shouted "is that my new virgin at the door"?

And I didn't tell the delivery driver that my mom was a mental patient that they had let out for the day while they changed the beds. That would just be sooooo wrong of me.

I did not spend nearly twenty five minutes looking through the living room for the tv remote only to find out that it had slipped down the side of the sofa I had been sat on most of the night. I hate it when that happens.

I didn't yet again see Melissa, my cat run across the room with my underwear in her mouth for the 4th time this week.

I didn't cut my finger open on a peice of cardboard at work and nearly yell out a swear word at the top of my voice then suck on my finger like it was a pacifier till it stopped bleeding. I'm 29 not 2.

Well thats my Not Me! Monday for this week I hope you all enjoyed it.

Its starting to get embarrassing

Let me start this blog by introducing all of you to Melissa. She is the cat to the left in this picture and is one of five cats I live with.

Every animal has their own little personality and Melissa has such a loving personality she always cleans her sister and 0ften sits beside me as I type a blog or watch tv.

Now the reason I am writing this blog is the habit or should I say duty Melissa has taken upon her self over the last few months.

It all started about three months ago, I had just gotent in from work and I had taken off my wooly hat and placed it on the hanger along with my coat. About ten minutes later I was sat in the room with my mother and we both heard a howling sound. We looked at eachother as the howling got closer, suddenly my mother bursts out in laughter I say "Whats so funny". In comes Melissa with my hat firmly grasped in her mouth and howling like a wolf. She jumps up on the sofa and places the hat on the sofa and lays on it and falls asleep.

Now that was so innocent and I had to laugh she looked so cute.
But all the innocent kitten stuff has taken .. well shall we say a embarrassing turn for the worst.
Last month That same howling sound that me and my mother had heard started again. I fully expected that Melissa would come trotting in the room with my hat again.
This time in she comes with a t-shirt in her mouth and draging behind her. Up on the sofa she jumps and falls asleep with it still in her mouth.

Two weeks ago, same howling sound and this time it's a pair of my best socks. Up on the sofa she jumps again on the sofa and asleep she falls.

Just last week I'm on the sofa and all of a sudden I hear the dreaded MMEOOOOOOOOWWWWAAAWWWWAAWWWWOOOOWW!!!!!.
In the room trots guess who? Melissa, I expect her to come in with another sock or maybe my hat again. From behind the door walks Mellisa and to my horror she has a pair of my underwear in her mouth I nearly died of embarassment.

Over the last few days I'm finding socks and underwear all over the house I guess that I will have to take a laundary bin in to my room and lock the door while I'm out of the house from now on.

I hope that she gets out of this habit soon.

Friday, 9 January 2009

What a blogging week.

Well this week has been one of those weeks where not much has gone right.

It all started on tuesday morning, Mom woke me up complaining that the channels on the tv were acting strange. I head downstairs and I see that all the usual channels are saying , sorry you are not subscribed to this channel please call Sky.

I switch off the sky box and turn it back on again, that seems to fix the problem and I head to work. about a hour in to my shift I get a call from mom and she says that they are goingf to cut us off because of a unpaid bill from last month.

Then comes the bad news they are going to cut off my internet at some point. I ask my mother when and she dosn't know so I think it won't be till atleast the end of the week and I just signed up for talk talk wich was going active on the ninth so it wouldn't be so bad. I would only have to go a day at tops.

I jogg home after work and and do my usual get in the shower and go down stairs. I turn my laptop on but there's no internet I look at the modem and there is a red light on there. I phone sky and they say that the internet has had a block put on it. I try to talk them round but they just wouldn't bend to my will.

So I would have to go a whole three days without my internet and without been able to see my Beautiful Jenn. I know it's only three days but that is a life time when you can't do somthing you really enjoy and not been able to see my Jenn was the worst part.

Apart from that I had to go to a funeral so lots of fun there. Well the good thing is that I have the internet back and the tv and I am so happy to be writing my blogs again so all you people who read it can... well erm read my blog lol

Monday, 5 January 2009

Not me! Monday

Hello all my blog readers I can't believe that it's Monday already. So that in turn means it's time for my Not me! Monday. But first I would just like to say how happy I was when I saw that little Stellan was finally allowed home and is now doing well I wish him and all the family every happines. Without further a do here is my not me! Monday.

With the new year well underway I have been trying really hard to be good and not do something silly, like drink all the milk again it's a new year I gotta make a good start.

Again trying to get off to a good start to the year I wouldn't even dream of telling mom that we got overtaken by a snail when we were at the store because she was taking so long.

It was not me that just hours before writing this blog got all my words mixed up when I said to my Jenn. " Are you gonna write a mot ne Nonday"

I would never tell my mother that my room is not mess when I know full well it is.

I would never answer the internal phone at work saying "Mikes mortuary, you kill 'em we grill 'em." that would be so un professional especialy when it's the district manager who is calling. ha ha, erm whoops.

I would never rent the wrong dvd to a customer by mistake. They wanted Big Mama's House and I rented them Bachelor Party I don't make mistakes. cough cough!

I will not have just one more handfull of those wonderful tasty scrumptious delicous yummi honey nut loops, I refuse no no no! I will not.

Well thats my not me! Monday for this week I hope you all enjoy

Sunday, 4 January 2009

I'm confused

Ok like the title says I'm confused, and maybe this blog is a bit pointless but I'm gonna write it anyway.

I was quite amazed over the past few weeks over the looming recession and how it seems to be affecting everything or at least that's what the papers and news say. Woolworths and M.F.I two retail giants have both had to close due to the so called credit crunch thousands of people have lost their jobs.

Now I guess what really gets me is the fact that England is struglling just like all the other countries. Small businesses are closing because there just isn't enough money to keep the small businesses that are struggling open.

Now I'm not sure if anyone knows or cares about the machine that they finished building last year that aparently will determine where and how the universe all began. It cost the country 14 billion to make. Now I think that with all the facts and figures they get that the even at that point when they were building the machine they could see there was going to be a recession. But they still spent all that money on a machine to findout somthing that happend gasillion years ago.

Just last month the machine broke "AGAIN" and cost so many millions to fix it. Where has this money suddenly come from? Nevermind that but why aren't they spending it on something more important like getting us out of this recession.

No one really cares about what happend years ago when the earth was made or at least they don't at the moment, what they do care about is having a job to go to tomorrow.

So there it is my grumble for this week lol