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Thursday, 27 May 2010

One to think about

My mother told me this story just the other day and I really liked it, I won't tell you what I said when she asked me what I thought it meant but I will just let you decide for your self,

So here is the story.

A man who was a multi million air decided he would go fishing.
He goes out and buys all the latest and most expensive fishing equipment, he finds a pond near his multi million dollar mansion and he begins to fish.

He notices a young boy fishing just nearby with just a small stick from a tree with a wire attached to the end.

The man goes to the boy and asks " Why aren't you at school?"
The young boy replies " Why should I go to school?"
man replies " so you can get a really good job and get lots of money when you grow up"
The Boy then asks " Well why would I need lots of money?"
the man then looks at him and says " so you can buy really nice things and so you can go fishing"
The boy looks at the man and says " But I am fishing".

and that is the story, I'm not really sure why she told it to me but it made perfect sense, and gave me a good perspective on things.
I hope you like that little story.

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

A poem for my beautiul Jenn

If i saw God looking at me from the sky so blue, I would ask him how he made a Angel as beautiful as you, I would ask him if he made your face from the most beautiful flowers, and I would ask him if he gave you any powers, because the power of love that you have on me makes me the happiest man that I could ever be. God made such a beautiful angel full of grace when he made you with your beautiful face. I love you mwah

in general

I just thought I would write about how things are going in general today, I am work so I figured why not write about how things are going.

As always I have been working hard to save and get to my beautiful Jenn, there is only 45 days to go now and I am so very excited, I have almost saved to the target amount I have aimed for money wise and I still have to get my insurance and my train ticket but apart from that all is going well on that front, the only concern I have is that stupid volcano in Iceland, I have been keeping a close eye on the situation and I am sure that everything will go fine.

I usually go with KLM to see Jenn but this time I am going with Delta, I get frequent flyer miles and every time I go with them I get flyer miles and I hope that I get enough over the course of time to maybe get a free flight, that will be cool.

I miss my Jenn so much, I was at work the other day and I was working with Tony and he had Mamm'a mia on and the song called slipping through my fingers came on and I told Tony about how me and Jenn listened to that song and it is how I feel on those last few days with my Jenn.
I really feel like time is just slipping through my fingers. tony looked at me and I'll never forget what he said next, he said " It's amazing how the last fifteen minutes at work can seem to drag and last forever but when you are with Jenn the days seem to fly by". His words made so much sense to me. when I am with my Jenn I always pray that time will slow down and even stop. I just don't want time to fly while I am with her, every second is so very precious to me and I want to hold on to it all and never let go its my time with my Jenn and I want it to last forever.

on to the next subject which is my new diet, I have done well even though I am only on day two, I did my run for 2 mile and my walk for two mile, I drank two pints of water and I had two packets of cheese and onion crisp and two egg sandwiches and a mars bar. I didn't do my press ups or sit ups ,

There has been a heat wave in England over the past week , I love the hot days I really do, but I don't like the hot nights so much, I just cant sleep if it is too hot and over the last four days I have had about 15 hours of sleep which is not a lot, but last night was a lot cooler and they say its gonna stay cool now for the rest of this week, so I will no doubt catch up on my sleep over the week.

Well that's all for now, thank you for reading

Saturday, 22 May 2010

I need to lose a little weight

I got my self weighed today for the first time , I was not surprised at the weight it said I was but I can't say that I was really happy with it.

I have the receipt from the machine
it says that my actual weight is 13st and 12 pounds
my body mass index is 27
and my height is 5 10

it also says that my ideal weight is 10 - 12 stone
my ideal body mass index is 26 .

So I have decided to go on a diet I plan to lose about 2 stone, that is around 28 pounds so I will be 12 stone. I am confident that I can do this and I even got my self some scales so I can keep track of my weight every week, . I haven't really set a time limit on this but I am kinda hoping that I can achieve my goal by December, that means that I have to lose a pound in weight every week starting from Monday.

in February my weight was 202 pounds so I have lost 8 pounds in three months, so i think that I can do it but I am not going to pressure my self to much, I jog almost every day so I think that has been a big help.

here is my basic plan of action
Jog at least 4 times a week for 2 miles each time.
walk at least 10 miles a week
cut down on any snacks and just stick to main meals 3 meals a day
drink at least 2 pints of water a day, I'm not sure if that helps.
30 pres sups a day and 40 sit ups a day.

I hope that with those in place I will lose my desired amount of weight.
I will keep you all posted on my progress.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What faith is to me

A member of the church came round to the house today and he was asked to give a speech at church about what faith meant to him and how it gives him strength.

We talked for about a hour on the subject. It really got me thinking about faith, and strength through faith . I have never doubted my belief in god and my church and surly that alone is a act of faith.

Faith is so many things all rolled in to one, faith is knowing what you are capable of and what your limits are , faith is knowing that God and Jesus do exist and are there even though I might never see them in my life here on earth. Faith is knowing that I can do my job well, Faith is knowing that I will be with my beautiful Jenn very soon. Faith is knowing that I have the strength to help not just the people I love but a stranger who I don't know.

Faith is love and love is faith and faith is strength, faith can move the biggest mountain , faith can keep a man firm where he stands so that nothing can move him. faith is believing in others and having them believe in you.

Faith is when I close my eyes at night knowing that they will open again in the morning. Faith is power and faith is knowing that you will never be alone, Faith is courage in the face of danger.
Faith is what we have in each other.Faith is a prayer and a answer to the prayer.

So that and many other things is what faith is to me.
I hope it makes sense to all who read this.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

How do I stop this?

I have this problem that seems to be getting worse, Well not so much me but Melissa. It seems there is a little rivalry between her and Daisy.

Every time Daisy See's Melissa she attacks Melissa...Well not every single time but most times, and I'm not so sure on how to stop her from doing this. All five cats were rescued when they were very young.

Daisy was found in a bush with enough fleas to Start their own little invasion force. Me and my mom spent about 4 hours and countless baby wipes and a nit come getting rid of the fleas, and still today we are trying to get her confidence up.

Melissa is one of two sisters that we rescued, she is very vocal and likes her own way but soon gets scared. out of the two Melissa has had the easy life.

I know that cats play fight all the time and that I don't really mind so much, but these attacks by Daisy are getting worse. Melissa is starting to become more timid and she often has new scratches or clumps of fur missing.

I am afraid that Daisy's attacks will turn Melissa in to a nervous wreck, So how do I stop it from happening? or more so what could be causing Daisy to act like this towards Melissa?

Any suggestions?

Saturday, 8 May 2010


I have done my self a bit of a injury, seems I have pulled my back.
I was doing my daily workout when I felt a small but sharp pain in the upper section of my back, I finished my workout without any further pain, I went to bed and all was ok.

The next day I woke up and it felt like I had broken something, my left upper back and chest was hurting so bad, I could barley move it seemed to take forever to get out of bed I eventually pulled my self out of bed and in to the shower. After the shower it did feel somewhat better but the pain was still there.

So I went about my day to day activities, The pain was still there but I just kept thinking it would go away in a little while, but it was there all day. I went to bed thinking it would be gone in the morning but noooo, it was still there. I eventually got help from good old mom.

She was a nurse from the age of 16 and she is now 65 so she knows her stuff, she gave me something to rub in to my back and it worked wonders. I had a good nights rest and woke up feeling great, but here is the part where I was stupid, I decided that because my back was all better I would jog back from work. What a bad idea, my back now hurts again and I am having to rest with my feet up on the sofa.

I'm sure that I will be back to 100% in a few days. but at the moment I am at about 65%.
I guess it will teach me to give my self a bit more time to recover.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Sprng in England

As you all know I love to take pictures, and I have been taking a lot of pictures of things to do with spring, so here are some forgive the rhyming...Spring things.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Who would I vote for

It is just now a few hours until the Elections here in England, and apparently it sits on a knifes edge as to who will win.

The runners are Labour, Conservative and some one els I can't even remember.
All these party's are now begging for peoples votes, they want to have their ideals put to practice in the country and who knows what will happen after they, all promise a better future to make Briton prosper and each one is saying what a bad idea it would be to choose the other.

What gets me about these parties is the false front they put up right when its time to choose,
One of them went to a school and played with the kids, another from a different party went to see the homeless, which all seems good. they seem like really nice people who want to do whats right, but I ask you now why don't they do this when it's not election time, why do they never take time out to go see sick children in hospital and can any one honestly name one party or leader in history who has kept every one of their promises that they make and say they will put in to force if they get picked.

What really amazes me is how all of them seem to say exactly what people want to hear. when the Iraq war was on what was they promising " We will bring our troops home!". and I ask them why are our troops still their if you promised they wouldn't be.
Another promise they all make is " We will lower taxes" and I would ask them why are taxes higher now that ever?

I honestly think that they are all looking to line their own pockets first.

So they wanted my vote I would have a few ultimatums of my own,
That they do all that they promise
that they do what's best for the people of the country
I mean after all what do they do apart from spend our money for us on deciding what they think would be best for us. if they just listen to the people and do whats best then they would have my vote, I know that my ideals are not the same as every one Else's but I think that they should just listen rather than dictate

I got so close

Ok I must now admit that I have a obsession with squirrels, I just think are so cool,
So when I see them I take pictures, I just can't help it.
I was on my way to work and there are a couple of squirrels I see almost every time, and today I saw them again, and I think they remember me and every time I see them I crouch down and see how close they get. well today one of them got so close and I have pictures.

Here in this first picture is when I first saw them, I think they must have been looking for food.

In this second picture, I think that I had been spotted by them one of them started to head in my direction.

Ok in this third picture I have definitely been spotted and am now been approached by the squirrel, I was actually laughing at this point.

Ok now this little fellow is getting rather brave and is getting very close, he seems to be just as curious about me as I am about him.

In this last picture , he is right in front of me, he is looking straight at me and I could have put my hand out and stroked him but I didn't, there was a trust between us I didn't want to break.

a few seconds after the last picture he ran back to his friend and they disappeared up a tree.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Just two months to go!

It only seems like five minutes ago since I set off to be with my beautiful Jenn on valentines day of this year, I remember every detail and it was perfect.

and now there is just two months to go until I am back there with her again and I can't wait, Even though the total time that I have been in England will be five months, it really has flown by.
I have been lucky in the way of hours at work and I am so thank full to my boss for getting me those hours he really is a great guy.

and so with my ticket booked I have been waiting and in the grand scheme of things the wait is almost over, Just 65 days are all that are left and I am counting the hours which at this moment stands at 1560. I am just so exited to be back with my Jenn again, she really is my life and I hate been away from her. I love my Jenn more than anything.

It is amazing just how much time does fly. When I first got back to England, Jenn seemed so far away, I think that those first few days are the hardest, at the time when all I have is the train ticket back to the city that I I live in and the memories of the happiest time of my life, I often just sit in the airport for a few minutes looking at the people who are checking in for their flights and wishing I was one of them, I often think that if I had the money I would get a ticket right there and then and jump on the next plane back to my Jenn. but I know that I can't. I catch the train and get back to the house in England, and its right there that is the hardest part, when I know that Jenn is the furthest away that is possible, but I use my sadness as my motivation, I use it to give me the strength to sit up think to my self, "Right I need to get back to my Jenn as soon as possible and this is what I need to do" and then I do it, every day.

and while I am doing my work every day, I kinda forget the course of time, days fly by and before I know it I am sat here writing this blog, that you are reading now.

so time really does fly when you are busy,
I know that these days that are left will fly by and I will soon be flying back to be with my beautiful Jenn again.