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Tuesday, 5 May 2020

May the 4th be with you

I'm aware that it is actually may the 5th that I'm writing this but I must confess I am a huge star wars fan and yesterday was the official star was day. over the past two weeks I have been watching the star wars movies in chronological order from the very first to the very last and I have to say I feel I have a better understanding of it even though I have watched each movie many times.   It has been something I have been doing to pass the time while the virus is attacking,  but we do seem to have a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel .

They say that the death rate in England has continued to fall and infections are on the way down, but we are still not out of the woods yet . This coming Sunday it is said that Boris Johnson is to give a speech that will cover how England will begin its exit out of lockdown, but the path is a long and slow one. But now England has announced it has the highest deaths in Europe and that we started testing way to late.

My honest feeling is that when something like this happens and god I hope it will never happen again to anywhere or anybody, what is the right thing to do?, I always thought that you see what other people do and asses what works best and use that.

I do  know that something like this must be jumped on ASAP, if not it can spread very quickly. I think that when it's all over rather than pointing the finger of blame we should learn together how to stop it ever happening again.

please look after each other

Todays recovered stands at  1,235,491

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Borris bounces back

England seems to now be turning the tide on the horrible virus that has now taken over the world, and possibly changes some ways for all time. However, they say not that England has passed the peak, that we are over the worst of it but it is no time to let up just yet.

They have explained  that the best way to imagine it is like  there is a scale from zero to 3.  now if the scale is at 3 that means that one person is infecting 3 people and that means it is accelerating and if the scale is at 2 then it is still not great, and  at one that means it is level but if the scale drops below one that means that one person might infect one in 3 people which means that it is at a manageable level. but if restrictions are lifted to early the scale could easily go back up to 3.  they said at the moment England is at 0.6 on the scale, so we are on the downward spiral and they have said that Thursday of next week they might be able to discuss easing some restrictions and talk about a exit strategy.

I should imagine its like walking on ice in a way,  it must be navigated and trod very carefully or under we will go.  I want nothing more than for them to say, we lift all restrictions and I can go to be with my beautiful Jenn.  but I also know it will take a little more time .

there has been several vaccine tests from different countries and so far none have done so good but they say they wont have full results until June.

it does seem that we are winning this fight, but we haven't beaten it yet we must stay strong and stand together if we are to beat it  and we will very soon .   the end of this horrible virus is now in sight and while we must wait longer we will watch this virus choke on its self and die .

please look after each other .

todays total recovered stands at 1,033,051

thank you for reading

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Economy before health?

They Say that it is now on the back end of the Virus, and the statistics show that they could be right, I am very much hoping so because I want to get back to my beautiful Jenn , but we have lost so many already  and that is the sad part. I really do think that the virus will die off very soon and be gone as quickly as it appeared.." I hope" , but now some places are talking about opening some places back up and easing restrictions , but is it to soon, while yes we are now on the come down in England it seems the virus is still out there, still killing people and for us to start easing up at this moment in my opinion is a big mistake, but I do hope I'm wrong. 

I think that the thing that worries me most about it is that some governments are saying, its to help their economy....REALLY?? you are gonna put money before health, I know it takes money to keep places going, but what's money gonna do if you got no body to pay it to? 

Wohan is pretty much on its way back to normal , but they are still not 100% there yet but patience is key with this thing, because it wont care if you have money or not, if you are unfortunate enough to get it, then it doesn't care how rich you are. 

I read once how in 1918, Philadelphia  prematurely ended its quarantine from the Spanish flu to throw a parade to boost moral for the war effort. some 200,000 people lined the streets on that late September day. Within 72 hours every bed in Philadelphia's 31 hospitals was filled  and the city ended up with 4,500 people dying from the flu or its complications within a matter of days.  

there is a lesson to be learned .. if we don't learn from the lessons of the past  we are condemned to repeat it. 

I do hope and pray that it will all be over very soon and we can all go back to our normal lives, that loved ones will be re united everywhere will be open again, but lets just treat carefully . our lives are far more important than any amount of money. 

please look after each other.

todays recovered stands at 825,037

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

At the peak.

So apparently, this week England has hit the "peak" of the virus and is now levelling out, but the death rate per day is some where just over 800 per day, that is a awful lot of people to be lost in fact way to many and it makes me think that when this is all over some SERIOUS questions are going to be asked.

Without doubt the superstars of this entire crisis are the Medical staff not just in England but world wide , these guys and girls risk their lives every day , are under equipped and way underpaid for what  they do . I have a question, how is it that a sports personality such as Football players or race drivers, who ever but sports players get paid sometimes millions a year  for what they do which lets face it is a privilege while the medical staff of this world who are on the front line would often have to work their entire working life would not earn half of that when they have retired? often they have to rely on their pension money which is still not enough to cover their monthly bills.

I'm not saying playing sports is easy at that level, but the key word there is "PLAYING"  well how about the key word for medical staff..."SAVING"..saving lives.. saving the world , they work often days on end at the moment without rest, or without the right equipment and sacrifice so much , they are the true heroes and I thank them every day for what they do world wide .

so now that we are at the peak, that to me suggests that we are now going to slowly see this virus weaken and die off, it may take a couple more months but we are winning,  but now is no time to let up on it.

Please look after each other and thank you for reading this

todays recovered stands at  687,034

Thursday, 16 April 2020

3 more weeks???

So over the last few days since my last blog, things have got a bit more crazy,  while England is locking down more , trump is trying to get the lockdown lifted.

So England has seen its highest death rate in a day somewhere over 800 in one day, that is terrible and I feel sorry for whom ever has lost someone to this awful virus.

Amidst all this chaos though are glimmers of hope  and beacons of light that show what and who humans truly can be . I refer to the legendary Captain Tom Moore,   the 99 year old veteran who was in ww2 and defended our country is again fighting for our country  but this time not with a gun but with his legs and heart, walking 100 laps of his garden to raise money for the NHS. a true symbol of English courage and determination embodied in this great man.

Some are now saying that England has reached its peak in the virus and that it will hold steady for a week or so before it starts to decline , I truly hope that it will get better very soon, way to many have already died because of this .

please keep  your selves safe and look after each other

todays recovered stands at 546,272

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Day 16,17,18 time to dig deep

Over the last few Days England has been taking a beating from the Covid 19 we have lost somewhere near 900 people in one day.  Boris Johnson is now out of intensive care after been there for about 3 days, I really don't agree with some of his ways as a prime minister but as a person I truly hope he will make a full recovery and be home with his family soon.

they say that we will soon reach the peak here in England so now its time to dig in and hold our ground. Mom often talks about how we coped in WW2, well how grandad talked about it and how we we were on rations and there were power cuts  and how when England has its back in a corner we have a reputation of fighting our way out of it.

I love American football and I love the 49ers , I have followed them for a long time since about 1986. and one of my hero's from that team the great Jerry rice said we can beat this thing, but we haven't beaten it yet , right now its the 4th quarter and we have to dig deep we have to choke it out.

I say the same and I believe that we can beat this ugly virus, Wohan has beaten it and now its over Europe , Spain and Italy have seen a fall in deaths over the last couple of days. Its almost like a wave going across the land, you can see the wave intensifying and subsiding and right now the peak of the wave is about to hit England and the way to beat is to hold on tight and take a deep breath and ride the wave. when something reaches a peak it means it can only go down from there and this virus is the same. once we get past the peak it will weaken , it will choke, it will die because everything that has a beginning has a end and this virus will end. we have lost so many and the way to  say that they did not die for nothing is to not let this virus win.

Please keep safe and look after each other

todays recovery stands at 411,601

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

days 13 14 and 15, Wohan lead the way.

So England is now almost 3 weeks in to its  lockdown, all in all people are doing there part now as they relies the seriousness of the situation at hand and perhaps a few have realised that while they may think they are immortal, and if they are lucky they will only suffer mild symptoms if any, they can so easily pass it on to some one who is not as fortunate. as I have always said, please look after each other.

Our prime minister Boris Johnson has been taken in to hospital 2 days ago and is spending his third day in intensive care, his situation is " improving " I can't really say I like him as a prime minister, but I never wish the man ill will and I wish him a speedy recovery, but also this shows that the virus does not discriminate between rich or poor, each one of us is just as likely as the next to get it , that reminds me of some movie I saw where a general was stood and saying to his men, no place is safe, one place is just as good as the next .

Wohan, the place where it all began has now all but beaten the virus,  or should I say they rode it out, the virus has taken so many there but now they have had no cases for about a week and are now lifting restrictions on travel, I saw pictures of people looking so happy to be outside again, seeing old friends and traveling home to their loved ones. I am so longing for the day I get to go and be with my Beautiful Jenn again, and seeing those people made me know that it wont be long, that this virus can be beaten and that it will come to a end, I prey that no one els has to suffer.

England is now nearing its peak , so far we have lost 7000 people to this terrible virus, but I truly hope we don't lose any more, Wohan has shown us the way, let us use them as a example and get this thing over with, I know we can do it. England has a way of fighting its way out of a corner and I know we, and the world will make it. please look after your selves , but mostly look after each other.

todays Recovered stands at  319,192

Sunday, 5 April 2020

days 11 and 12 staying safe

two weeks in to this lockdown stuff and I can see it is starting to take a toll on some people, its really not easy adapting to such a change, at one point you could go out talk to anybody and shake hands  with anybody  you didn't have to stay 2 meters away,  you would give people their respected distance but not by 2 meters.  the streets were full and shops open, takeaway and fast food places open.

Now at this minute it is the total opposite of all of the above. nothing is open apart from essential places such as supermarkets that serve food. from my house it seems like its not real, that I will go outside and it will all be normal  but that illusion is soon shattered when I cycle to work.

At work we are now taking measures to ensure the safety of the customers and the staff, I really try to be not to harsh with them and I almost try to have fun with the customers on it while making sure that I keep the safety first.

I don't want to deny any customers accesses to what they need but if they pose a risk then I have to make sure that I put life before anything .

at work I have a list of questions I must ask each customer that enters the store, I try to make it as quick as possible for them.  Just the other day I asked a customer if they or any of their household had experienced even a mild symptom of covid 19 and they said yes I asked again to confirm and they said yes, now at this point I said, I'm very sorry but I can not allow you in the store .

The customer became very upset and stormed out of the store saying things as they left.  I felt bad for them , but I must put safety above all  especially in the store where venerable people come to shop.
the customer  then returned to explain that they had been 3 weeks since they had any symptoms but they were still very angry  but I did not allow them in .

its sad to see that its come to that for anybody.

On the positive side word is about that Wohan is returning to normal , slowly but its happening  and Italy has reached its peak and is now on the downward side of the virus, Spain is the same.  The tide is turning on this virus and its time will soon be over.  England where I live is reaching the peak and like over countries we have lost so many, to many to this horrid virus . I truly hope that we will learn from this virus so that anything like it will never happen again. I do have thoughts on it such as maybe if the world didn't concentrate so much on weapons and wars, that all that money could go to defeating the real enemy of humanity which is viruses like this one. I once heard someone say that if we used all the money we had spent on wars for research and other things that we would  be colonising mars by now.

We will beat this virus, we are already starting to fight back. just hang in there and look after each other

todays recoveries stand at 256,668

Friday, 3 April 2020

Right at the door days 9 and 10

So the corona virus has now been confirmed in my block which has only 6 residents. So its here, right on my doorstep, the man who had it was a truly great man and was diagnosed with cancer around a year ago , I spoke with him often and he really was a wonderful guy, old but funny, and wise. unfortunately he passed away just yesterday, Due mainly to Cancer, but he tested positive for Corona virus just the day before he died.  I'm sure so many of you out there have already faced this scenario I now face and that you have all taken precautions as you see fit to tackle this horrid Virus, but as always please keep as safe as you can and above all please look after each other , I truly believe that if we all do our part that we will  be over this far faster.

I live with my mother, she is 73 years young but has had pneumonia in the past and it has left her with C.O.P.D  basically scar tissue on the lungs. while it is low lying it could cause problems if she was to get corona virus, but she does not let this get to her . She was a nurse for 34 years and dealt with many outbreaks and she says the same as a lot of people who I know that are nurses and doctors , so many places were to slow to act on this , it should have been contained way faster.

I tell my customers to make sure and stay safe and well every time I serve them, not just because of the virus, but I always  tell them this anyway.  they are saying that it should come to a peak within the next to weeks here.. but what does that mean, does it mean it will slow after that day or will it remain at a peak for a  week,  I often think that a virus is mostly like a forest fire, it cant burn a burnt tree, and they seem to think this one is the same as in once you have had it, you are immune. I hope this is true.

Ultimately we will beat this virus and we should learn from it, the media still seem to be only highlighting the deaths and people who have it, while this is terrible and I truly feel for anybody who is suffering from it and especially those who have lost loved ones to it , I do think the media should also make a big focus on how many people have actually recovered from this virus , why are the media not so willing to talk about that?.

todays recovered stands at 220, 025 and that's confirmed cases, they say many people who have recovered have not even been tested , and apparently 80% of those who do get it only suffer mild symptoms and having talked to a friend who had a friend says  that the person who had it actually thought they just had a cough. I hope that this will be the case for everyone.

Stay safe and take care of each other and thank you for reading

Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Day 8, the world is a different place.

Just 6 weeks ago for me  the world was a different place, as was for most people, it was the January sales still and life was buzzing around everywhere, I was thinking how in just 6 weeks I would have been in America with my beautiful Jenn. I was so exited and was getting dollars and getting my train tickets. Now, its like some earth apocalypse has happened, its like when a guy wakes up after been in a coma to find he is the only one alive, Well not that drastic but you get the idea. I had just had week of work not because I was ill or anything , but holidays renew in April and if you have any left over you lose them. my shop has become nothing short of airport security, I'm having to ask people if what they are planning to buy is essential and if not to turn them away, I can understand restrictions and that its to keep people safe but it still isn't great. cycling to work there used to be a car overtake me every couple of seconds,  now I could cycle in the middle of the road and not get beeped at or overtaken for almost the entire ride.  its becoming a bit like a ghost town, but I know when we defeat this horrid virus and we will, that the buzz of life will be back and the world will be back to normal, well at least as humans know it .

todays recovered stands at 176,545.

please stay safe and look after eachother