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Sunday, 22 November 2009

am I starting to get old?

I am now 30 years old and today it occurred to me that in just a few months now I will be 31, if the years fly by as fast as they have done this past ten years before I know it I will be 40 before I know it. Just what age is considered getting old?

or is 30's the prime of a man's life. are these the years when I am going to reach my peak in my physical status. Will i be the fastest and strongest I am going to be.
I still feel young and I still feel just as strong as in my teens.

I do feel stronger but in different ways I feel emotionally stronger. I feel more endurant . but in the back of my mind I wonder when all that will start to diminish and age will take hold of me. I am sure that it wont happen for many years yet but I guess it is always good to keep a eye on these things.

For the time been I am young ish and I have my health that I am so grateful for every day.
So I guess until I get old I will just keep been young.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

I woke up confused

I am now back in england and I miss being with my jenn I miss walking with her and looking to my side and seeing her smiling at me as I hold her hand. I traveled for so many hours without sleep and I got back to my mothers house and my thoughts are that I don't want to be here , i Want to be with my jenn again I want to feel her in my arms and i want to hear her sweet voice. As I set off back to England I was really sad and i make a promise that I will not rest untill I am with my jenn again. I don't sleep on the plane not just because I can't but because if I do then it feels like the last day that I spent with my jenn is over and I just don't want that time to end. Coming back to England and been without my jenn is the hardest thing I ever have to do.I know that I will be going back and been with my jenn soon but I just miss her so bad . I fell asleep about half A hour ago and I just woke up all confused. I thought I was back in america and I even called out Jenn's name before I relised I was back in England . I miss my jenn so bad

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Monday, 16 November 2009

I will miss my jenn

Today I have to leave for England . I am writing this from my iPod because my laptop is broken. I will be back with my jenn soon but I know that I will miss her so bad every second. I love you more than anything my beautiful jenn forever and ever mwah.

Monday, 9 November 2009

My first baptism

Well today was my first ever baptism That I have given. I baptised my Beautiful Jenn.
It was truly a amazing experience.

We had a couple of Elders, Elder Jenkins and Elder Olson come with us to the church . we went in Jennifer's car and talked most of the way about the size of the buildings that we passed along the way. We Finlay got to the church and parked and I remember thinking that I didn't feel nervous at all, but it was early yet.

We all headed in to the church and went in to the sacrament meeting where Mr Blake, Morgan's dad was sat. We sat next to him and soon after Morgan and her sister arrived and we all sat together. we had the sacrament and then headed in to our separate classes.

soon it was the last lesson before the baptism and the nerves were setting in. I started thinking to my self, What if I fall in the pool and Jenn falls with me. I was now imagining silly scenario's like one strand of Jenn's hair not going under the water and I would have to do the entire process again.

Before I knew it the time was here. we gathered in a room and sat facing a wall with double doors,I could hear the sound of running water behind the doors, and I now felt very nervous.
Elder lee lead me in to a side room where I was able to see the pool where I was to baptise Jenn in just a few minutes.

I was given a white jump suit to wear . so I got dressed and walked back out in to the room where every body was waiting. I felt like every pair of eyes were following me, then Jenn came in to the room wearing white. Morgan never left Jennifer's side she really was a great help for her I think. we all sat down and the baptism ceremony began

Mr Blake said the open prayer and then mine and Jennifer's good friend Morgan gave a talk and she really did a wonderful Job, THANK YOU MORGAN!!. and then it was time.
I walked in to the side room and looked at the pool and I really was so nervous at this point. I looked across to the other side of the small room and Jennifer had entered the room through the other side door.

I looked towards the double doors the joined the baptism pool to the viewing room and I saw Brother Collins head peering through and looking at me. I said to Jenn "do you want to get in first or should I ". Brother Collins gave me a nod to tell me to go in first. I walked down the steps in to the pool and felt the water surround my ankles and then with each step go up my body until I was on the floor of the pool and the water was just below my waist.

Jennifer walked down the stairs at her side and entered the pool. her dress was resting on the surface of the water and Jenn was pushing her dress under the water and as soon as she pushed down one part of her dress another part would pop up to the surface. she eventually got the situation under control and Mr Blake and Brother Collins opened the double doors and I could now see the room full of people looking back at me .

Mr Blake and Stuart , Morgan's brother were the witnesses and they stood at either side of the double doors. I was now ready and the strange thing is that as soon as I had entered the water my nerves had disappeared, well at least most of the feeling . the Children in the room had all gathered around the side of the pool and where sat on the floor watching. I looked at Mr Blake and he gave the nod to continue.

With Jennifer stood in the center of the pool with me I gave her my left arm and I held my right arm up and Said her full name and the baptism blessing. I said it in a loud clear manner so every body could here it. I said Amen and placed my right hand on Jennifer's back and I laid her back in the water.

I made sure she was completely under the water before I pulled her back out again. I raised her up from the water , I felt so relieved. I had done my very first baptism , I was over joyed that it had gone so well.

I walked back up the stairs and turned around to Jenn and gave her the thumbs up and said in a raised whisper YAY WE DID IT!!! I got in to the changing room and I couldn't stop smiling. I had just done something so incredible I had just baptised the woman I love.

I went back in to the viewing room and sat down with Jennifer. We had some food and took some pictures and then left for Jenn's collage.

What a wonderful day..


Sunday, 8 November 2009

A special day

Today is such a very special day.

Today is the day that I baptize Jenn in to the Latter day saints. I am kind of nervous but I am sure that every thing will go smooth.

over the last few days me and Jenn have been having so much fun, I have bought her a beautiful ring that she loves. We have had dinner at the Blake's house which was soooo nice. I think that this is my heaven it really is perfect.

We went to the movies and we saw couples retreat which was very funny and we had popcorn and we had five guys , not at the same time but the two meals in the same day don't mix very well. Later that night we watched sex and the city and we both felt sick from the popcorn and five guys.

We wen to the Blake's again and we had brunch and it was delicious. and then we took Morgan and her room mate to five guys and I had my very first American hot dog yummi!!!

and so now we are up to speed.

I will write a blog later on to let you all know how the baptism went.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

such a amazing few days

I have had a really wonderful last few days with Jennifer, we have been doing so many amazing things.

just yesterday me and Jennifer went on a horse and carriage ride together I think that it was the happiest day of my life so far it really was perfect. the sun was shining and it was warm. we took a ride in the carriage that was pulled by a horse named Dilbert and the horse master was called Lester. and ruby the ranch dog came along for a run.

I just sat back with Jenn resting her head on my shoulder and I just couldn't help but think just how happy I was.

Today I went to the park with the two Elders in the area and we had a game of football. I was still hurting from the game I had played with them just two days before but it was all good fun.

and me and Jenn watched the movie couples retreat which was quite funny.
I am really so happy and having the time of my life here with my beautiful Jenn.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

day with My beautiful Jenn

Today we had to be up early because Jenn had college. so while she was at college I went for a jog and got back just in time for Jenn to finish class and we both went for a walk around the square and I let Jenn pick her birthday gift out.

She found a ring with a topaz stone . it really was beautiful. and I had a waffle for the first time ever at the waffle house, it was so very nice. I couldn't eat anything els after that and I still feel full to the brim now. it has been another great day with my Jenn.

every day with her is a blessing

Monday, 2 November 2009

days one and two with Jenn

I'm here!!

I am now in the USA with My Jenn and I am so very happy.
firstly let me begin by saying I had the flight from hell, I have never sat right at the back of a plane before but I did this time and the turbulence was so bad at one point the plane shook so bad it threw me in to the guy sat next to me and he head butted the window.

I got to Atlanta in one peace and got through customs and I picked up my new bright red bag.
and there was my Beautiful Jenn. I threw my arms around her I was so happy. I have missed her so bad, and now that I am with her everything is perfect.

We got a ride from Jenn's friend Claire and then me and Jenn went to the piazza restaurant, I had spaghetti and Jenn had pizza. after we went and booked in to the motel.
after getting my clothing packed away we went and met Jenn's room mates. we talked for a while and also watched a movie. by the end of the movie I could feel my self drifting away in to dream world.I made it back to the motel and I cant really remember anything els .

I woke up the next morning and My jaw hurt so bad my shoulders were hurting in fact most of my body was hurting. I had jet lag. and today was Jenn's birthday . We went to church and for the first time I met mine and Jenn's good friend Morgan and she is a great person. she took lots of pictures of me and Jenn.

after we all went to Church and met even more people. I will be baptising Jenn next week and the church I went to today is the same church where I will be baptising her. I am really excited about that. after church we went back to Morgans house and had a wonderful meal with Morgans parents . they are such a great family and I am blessed to know them.

so that pretty much brings us up to speed and at the moment i am sat watching some American for me life doesn't get any better. I am with the woman that I love and I am the happiest man alive