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Saturday, 16 November 2013

A day I will never forget

This week has been crazy to say the least, but mainly Saturday evening Sunday morning were one of the craziest ever.

It all started on Saturday night, my mom had cooked us some lamb and vegetables, I had got home from work and we sat and ate them, the meal was great, mom hadn't felt to well most of the day and had decided she would go to bed. I was working from 12pm till 10 pm the next morning, but i was staying up to talk with my beautiful Jenn and watch some TV.

I got to bed at about 3am, and soon after feel to sleep. I can't remember the dream I was having but it was soon interrupted by a buzzing from my phone, I opened my eyes and thought surly that can't be my alarm, I looked at my phone to see it was my mother calling. I answer in my sleepy voice and my mother is asking me to come to her room because she is having chest pains. Straight away Alarm bells ring, I go in to my mothers room to find her laid in bed and not looking so good.

We called 111 which is a medical advice line, and they decided to send out a ambulance to asses the situation first hand. they looked at her chest, monitored her heart rate and blood pressure, everything seems fine, but they insisted she went to hospital just in case they had missed something.

We got to hospital at about 5am, and waited in a area where my mother was assessed buy medics. they decided she would need a xray and her blood taken . but she had been strapped to a monitor again, they said that all her stats were great so now were puzzled as to what had caused the pain in her chest.

so it came time for her blood tests after hours of waiting, the time was now 11oclock we had been at hospital for 6 hours, My mom had slept a lot of it, lucky I had my trusty galaxy s3 to pass the time.

so at eleven my niece Natalie showed up and so me Natalie and my mother waited for the blood results to see what had actually happened. it was about 12pm by this point, now here is where the tale takes a very unexpected turn.

My sister who had not been feeling so good over the last few days had, now taken a turn for the worst also, she had been recently told she had diabetes. she had also come down with a stomach bug. With the combination of the two elements, my sisters blood sugar levels had gone through the roof.  My bother in law had called for a ambulance, and they were trying to get my sister better in the ambulance before they set of for the hospital. they had tried to measure her blood sugar levels. A normal persons blood sugar levels is between 6 to 10, the monitor they use can measure up to 50.. my sisters blood sugar levels were off the chart. they couldn't measure her levels because they were to high 

Mean while at the hospital , Mom was still waiting for her results, the nurse had said it wouldn't be to long, but now we had learnt of my sister, and that she was on her way to the accident and emergency ward. which was just a minute walk away from where we was.

So I was now thinking to run round to accident and emergency, My mom decided to call the ward from where we were in the hospital to ask if my sister had been admitted. Mom looked and gave me the nod to say she was at the hospital, I got up and ran to the accident and emergency. I soon found the part where my sister was, I doctor allowed me through the doors. and nothing could have prepared me for what I was about to see.

I walk to the  where my sister was, and turned in through the door, My sister was laid on a bed, and it wasn't the usual "hey bro how are you ?" that my sister always greeted me with.  She was just laid on the bed, very pale in colour and not really responding to my "Hey sis".  her body looked like a shell, but I could still see my sister in her eyes. she started to breath in a way that said she recognised me. but no words came out. she was very weak, and was having a struggle just to move her head. I held my sisters hand and told her it was gonna be ok.

I asked the doctor if she was gonna be ok, they said they would have to move her to intensive care. so I didn't want to leave my sister , but my mother needed me also. so I had to run back to my mother while the nurse and doctor tried to bring my sisters blood sugar down.  and my brother in law and my niece Naomie would soon be there to help with my sister.

So back to mother I went, with news of my sister, My mother as soon as she heard what I had to tell got straight in to a wheel chair and asked me to take her there, he blood results were due any moment, but Mom didn't care about that. I took my mother through to where my sister was. My mother had been a nurse for most of her working career, nearly 40 years. so she knew what to look at. I rolled my mother to the room and up to the side of my sisters bed. My mother was so calm, she took my sisters hand and gave her a kiss on the head and told her not to worry it was going to be ok. My brother in law  Shane and Naomie had now got to the hospital.

we only stayed with my sister a few minutes before we had to go back to find out what had been causing my mothers chest pain which had now gone. We got back to my mothers ward and out came the nurse with the results. The nurse sat down beside my mother and looked at the notes she had with her.  My mother said " ok whats wrong with me" the nurse looked at my mother and said ......"Nothing at all, you have pulled a muscle in your upper chest, most likely from daily activity's"
she then said that my mothers results showed no unusual activity and her blood pressure was spot on , her heart was as good as ever , she was free to go home.

We decided to go see my sister one more time before we headed for home. we went back to my sisters ward and the entire family was there. and I said "Well this is one family outing Ill never forget, but next time lets pick a better place than the hospital please". 

me and mom left the hospital, and got back to the house, I set straight off for work with only 5 hours sleep in two days. I did a 7 hour shift and I slept for 11 hours that night.

My Sister is now on the road to recovery and back at her home. She isn't 100 percent better yet , but she is getting a little better every day.

Thank you for reading

Friday, 1 November 2013

Happy birthday My beautiful Jenn

Today is my beautiful Jenn's birthday.

More than anything I wish I could be there with here today
but I will be there with her from the 24th of November.

I cant wait to be back with her again , if there is a perfect time and  perfect place for me, it's been with my beautiful Jenn.

we always have so much fun and every day we spend together is the best days ever.

I love my beautiful Jenn more than anything .

my beautiful Jenn

I love you forever