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Thursday, 20 October 2016

My opinion on England exiting the EU

I'm not old enough to remember when England wasn't in the EU = European Union.
but my mother talks about how she feels England was better off. She says about how we didn't have to abide by the rules of the rest of the world and how we fought through two world wars on our own and so on.

There is also a lot of talk about how  illegal immigration is a big problem for the UK and that our country is not our own anymore, that most of the jobs are taken by foreign workers and how the country is in debt because we have to  pay 350 million pounds a month just to stay in the EU.

I heard apparently we are one of the biggest contributes in to the EU and people say that all we get is told what we can and cant have by other countries even down to regulations on how straight a banana should be.. if that is true or not I have no idea , but it does seem a crazy idea.

I was one of the 48% who wanted to stay in the EU, well I say one of the 48% but I did not vote. 
Maybe if I did it could have made a 0.01% difference, there were many others like me who felt the same but did not give their vote and I'm sure that many others wanted to leave and did not vote too 

I feel that so many actually voted without fully understanding just what they were getting the country in to.. or should I say out of. Most of the people who voted out were of the older generations and while I respect the older generations and am sure that they are all mostly wise and full of knowledge in how it once was before the EU, I'm not so sure they relies just what it means now we will come out.

It has been about four months now since the vote and I have to say that it seems that everything is going wrong already.  the pound has all but completely crashed, as you all know I often as possible go to be with my Beautiful Jenn, when i very first started going to be with her, the pound against the dollar was around 1.55 it has often hovered around there  it did take a bit of a tumble a few years ago but held steady around 1.49.  just before the vote on the EU it took a bit of a jump up to around 1.52 , I went to bed hoping we would stay in the EU and i looked just before I fell to sleep and it was in favor of staying but when I woke up the next day the vote had gone 52% for leaving the EU.

The pound took a hit immediately falling to about 1.29 against the dollar that was not good but even worse a number of company's announced that they would have to leave the UK for their best interests. it felt like we had just made a huge mistake but i said to my self while It is a rocky beginning surly it must get better in the long run so I paid close attention to what was happening. 
Then the Prime minister stepped down because he couldn't agree that leaving the EU was best for the  UK. 

I'm not really in to politics and I think that most of them only have their own ideals in mind, I don't vote because they all  seem to be different cases of bad and why should I pick from the best of a bad situation when it comes to what is best for all the people. My vote should not be expected by them but it should be earned by them, and they all give promises like " we will bring the troops home.. we will make the hospitals better, we will focus on crime and justice.. and so on and so on, but if you look at the end of the term of their services just how many of these promises they actually keep??..None of them.

I don't think that David Cameron did much better and while im sure they enter with noble intentions they soon relies that what they promised was just a ideal that cant be accomplished just by them selves, which brings me back to my original point, what can a country accomplish on its own in these days ,very little if nothing at all most of the time, it takes a union of countries working together side by side to change the world for the better, people joining together and saying in one voice we want a better world for everybody.

I admit that even in the EU it wasn't all perfect, but it was people working together in union , we all share this planet we live on and if we could all just learn to work together it could be the place we all dream of.

just two weeks ago , the new prime minister announced that we will go forward with the exit,  the pound dropped even further and at present stands at 1.19 against the dollar, and almost equal to the euro, and now even more company's are talking of leaving England in favor of staying in the EU, even Scotland are talking about leaving the UK and becoming independent of the island to stay in the EU.

How can this be good for anybody? surly someone must be able to see that its going very wrong somewhere,, or is it just me been morbid. I am a very optimistic person and I always believe that the best will come out of any situation..Usually.

Maybe  years from now things may get better and pick up, and I truly hope they do for everyone, but what happens in the meantime, prices are predicted to go up now while the pound will get weaker, companies are pulling out of the UK, its not good so far.

Rant over . 

Thank you for reading