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Monday, 31 December 2012

A happy New year

To think that a whole 365 days have gone already, where as all that time gone?

It always gets me just how fast time can fly. every thing has gone so fast this year, and even Christmas day was over before I knew it. Time just keeps on going, but I have had so many fun times this year.

There have also been a few down hill moments. but I think every year has those. 
but it is the ups and downs of a year that makes us who we are. I always hope that at the end of a year I will have made a positive impact, not just on my own life but on the lives of the people who are important to me. 

I always make the  new years resolution to be a better man than I was the year before.  to try harder than I did the year before, and to have a better year than I did the year before. 

I also wish that every body I know will have a better year than the previous year. and that they will be safe and well. 

I also hope for the people who are not as fortunate as me , that they will be safe and have a better year than last year

and to any body who may read this, I hope you have a great new year .

Thank you for reading and have a great 2013. 


Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas a visit with Jenn

Wow has it really been so long since I last put something on here??. Well I had better write something and I cant think of anything better to write about than the adventure me and Jenn have had in November.

I really wanted to go see Jenn before Christmas and my Job dictates that I can not have the time of in December so I decided to head and see her for the last week in November.

I usually write about me getting ready to go see Jenn , but with it been so soon after the last time I had gone to see her I didn't really have to much time to do much of anything. I had last been in September.

While I was a rush and last minute kind of thing everything went well. I usually have at least 4 months to plan and save and get ready for such a journey so to do it in little over a month  was quite a accomplishment .

I could only manage to get 8 days of time so I had to make each day count. 
But every day , in fact every day second is so very precious. and I hat the fact of how no matter what , time slips by without stopping .

So I got to America  and Jenn came picked me up. we were so very happy to see each other. 
the first place we went to visit was Dahlonega to see the lights. I love to see the lights there and I have never seen a place to match when it comes to Christmas lights .

I do actually think that Dahlonega is one of my favorite places on this Earth , I feel calm there and without a problem in the world. 

We also tried many new places , one called Genghis , after Genghis Khan. it was pretty much a Chinese restaurant, but with one difference, in any other restaurant I have been to , they pass you a menu and you pick what you want . in this place, they gave us a bowl and we went and picked the food that we wanted while it was still uncooked and we passed it to the chief and they cooked it then brought it to the table.

we also visited a popcorn store, I never knew there could be so many different flavors of popcorn. I think it was 150 choices. 

with it been so close to Christmas , me and Jenn decorated a Christmas tree 


the major trip of this visit was to Stone mountain. 
 Me and Jenn had been before on one of my previous visits. 
but never in November, it was all set up for Christmas . there were lights every where and all kinds of festivities there, I experienced my first 4d movie.  saw a parade with father Christmas and even went on a train that took us around the mountain . we took a ride on the sky lift that took us to the top of the mountain. From the top I could see the city of Atlanta, it looked very beautiful under the sunset.

we had green tickets which meant we could go on any ride


we walked back down to the bottom of Stone mountain. and had some food.
 the next day it was the day I had to come back to England. but before I left me and Jenn did some last minute shopping for Christmas. but as always is the problem time soon ran out. and I had to go to the airport. I always hate that part of the trip to see My beautiful Jenn. 

Jenn drove me back to the Airport. I watched her  drive away.
I miss her so very much every day and love her so very much.

I do have a interesting story to finish of this post.

So I get in to the airport , I get my ticket for gate E36. 
so I get through security and I check my ticket to find that my flight starts boarding at 620pm and leaves and 715pm. 
I am in a rush because by the time I get to the E gates its 625, I see the Delta plane and it seems that it hasn't even started loading the passengers yet, so I decide to make a quick call to Jenn to let her know my flight is delayed . I sit and wait , I look at the time and it is now 730pm. I look at my ticket, and it says leaves at 715pm, I look at the gate on the ticket it says gate E36. I look where I am....I am at the wrong gate, I am at gate E32. I run as fast as I can to gate E36. there is no one there and even worse there is no plane at the gate. 

I walk back to the gate I was at, I look at the board, maybe what I should have done in the first place. it said Manchester England.

What I think had happened is that my original flight had pulled up to gate E36, however it had broken down and they had replaced the flight but had parked it at Gate E36. Talk about been in the wrong place at the right time ha ha . guess luck was on my side.

Well than you for reading my post , and me and Jennifer wish you all a very happy Christmas and the very best for the coming year.

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My time With Jenn

So I have been back in England about a week now and I feel I still have a little Jet lag.
I have decided to write about our time together now, while it is still fresh in my mind.
So I got to the airport in Atlanta at about 2:30 pm in the afternoon.
The flight was pretty smooth, I have learn't over my many times of flying to America though that turbulence is a sure thing on a flight that last that long.

When I got to Atlanta, I landed for the first time in the new international terminal, from the inside it looks exactly the same as the good old Atlanta north south terminals. 
I really thought I was in those and that I would walk outside and Jenn would be there waiting, but when I got outside I saw that this was not where I would normally land.

I had to catch a shuttle bus that took me to the main part of the airport. 
I think it was about 2 miles before we pulled up at the main building.

I got out of the airport and up to the top level of the car park where Jenn was waiting for me.
 We got in the car and went through the check point and got to Suwanee about a hour and a half later.

one of the first things that always hits me when I get to America is the heat, well compared to England it is really warm. and when I am coming from England where it is colder I dress for the English weather but when I get to America its so much warmer.

So any way , one of the first things me and Jenn did was go to the fair.
it was my first American fair that I had been to and I have to say it was a lot of fun.
when we got to the fair we decided that it would be best to have some food before going near any of the rides. so we had something, I cant remember the name but it was some kind of pastry.
It had icing on it and it looked like a very long worm all wrapped around its self, it looked really good but I just don't know how els to describe it .

So after that and a soda , we took a walk around. we went on the big wheel, well the smaller of the two big wheels , and just for good measure we went on the bigger one too. now at this point I felt fine. but then we went on a spinning ride that went round backwards first and then went the right way round , and its then when I started to feel a little sick. So I just tried to shake it off. then we went on another spinning ride and it got worse. I just managed to hold it down. 

We also saw some of the exhibitions they had on show.
The first one we saw was a lady who was just 29 inches tall. I walked in with Jennifer expecting to see some kind of gimic , but she was real, she was sat on a sofa and she was so small, and so what did I , a great mind  say to her?? I said   " your small" . and she just looked at me and said, " Yep"
we leave that one and Jennifer is laughing at what I said. it made me laugh too.
I also had a argument with a lady who had a snakes body. and we saw a real live mermaid made out of real plastic WOW. We really had fun at the fair.

later in the week me and my Jenn went to a apple farm, another first for me. apparently its a really big thing and I never knew that there was so many things could be done with apples. 
There was apple pie's apple puddings , apple cakes. dried apples, apple juice , apple sponge, and apples. lots of apples of every kind you could think of, at that was just at one of the many places we went to that day.

more than anything I think it's amazing just how much time can really fly when your having fun.  
but I always in a way see time as the enemy when I see Jenn. simply because its always slipping away

 we  visited a place that grew  punkins, every size and every kind.
and they even had wheelbarrows to shop around with.

Now Jenn isn't the biggest person 5ft tall. but these punkins were huge. I don't know how heavy they were but I think I might have had to put some effort in to lift one
 these were the smallest punkins, I had no Idea that they could be so small
I guess that punkin shopping was just to much for some people.

Me and my Jenn also went and visited a old cemetery in Suwanee. the graves there were from the American civil war. it was very interesting to  and we even found a grave from the   American Revolutionary War. I hope he didn't mind me been there. 

 there were quite a few graves there. and after we went and for a pizza and a walk round the historical city center. we saw the court house and apparently, they would have hanged people from the trees that surrounded the court house.

Jenn took me to a restaurant  that did the best biscuits I think I may have ever had while in the USA
 The biscuit  was a lot bigger that the ones you get from MacDonalds or Chick-fil-A
I had bacon and egg and it was so tasty . Thank you my Jenn for taking me there.

 When I was in the USA, I would run every day, to try and keep the pounds off. I tried to run a little more every day, until I went for the big challenge, I ended up running 7 miles in one run, I was really tired but I made it, I had never run the route I ran before , but I had been given directions so I had a rough idea where I was going. I always try to keep my self motivated when I run, but some times the motivation comes from things that are around us.

near the end of our time we decided to go to a ranch with lots of animals that we cold feed and pet.
first thing I noticed was the squirrels, I love squirrels but they were not part of the ranch they were just running around.

 there were lots of animals , Chickens and roosters that never shut up, but were still cute and fun to watch
Fluffy bunny rabbits. they were very cute but seemed to be sleepy when we saw them.
now these were very greedy and were jumping over each other to get to the food and I bet they would have eaten every piece of food we had if we would have let them.
 There were quite a few deer, they were very shy and took some tempting to come to the fence to eat the food.
the Donkeys were a lot of fun and I think Jenn liked them the best. 
 there was one  enclosure that we was allowed to go in that has some baby bunny rabbits in there. when we went in  we had to wait around for a while till the rabbits ventured near us . it was worth it, they were very small and funny at the same time.

I think my favorite was the bears. this one in the picture was so funny, he was sat at the other end of the enclosure, I threw a peanut for him, he got up and  munched it right up, I managed to throw them so they would trail right up to our end of the fence. when he got to the last one he was right next to us. we was looking down at him from a stand. He sat down and looked at us as if to say "So you gonna feed me or what ?". I threw a peanut and rather than him let it land on the ground he just caught it in his mouth. so it was a game of throw and catch, but with peanuts, and a bear.

 So on our last day,  it was quite sad, I always hate having to leave Jenn.

Morgan our dear friend took some pictures of us

Thank you so much Morgan for taking the pictures of us, you really take the best pictures.

 We got to the Airport and I checked in for the flight back to England, we gave each other a big hug and a kiss. and I waved Jenn off in her car.

When Jenn has gone I always take a few minutes to take a walk around outside the airport, it some how just makes me feel close to her for those few last minutes

Now my plane was due to board at 620 pm, it was now 5:50. I took a deep breath swallowed my sadness and stepped in to the airport. I had to run to get to the security gate. and then through security.  I got to the gate at about 29 minutes past, but the passengers were only just lining up to get on the plane. I took the few minutes I had to find a phone and call Jenn. the last thing I do before I board the outgoing flight is to call her, its tradition.

So after the call to Jenn , I board the flight and we pull away from the gate.
we are rolling towards the runway, and the safety video is playing.
Suddenly very thing goes black, the plane completely shuts down, even the emergency exit lights are not on and the plane slows to a stop.

the stewardesses look around and I can see a few passengers looking a little worried. I must admit I was a little unnerved by it. about 5 minutes later the lights start to come back on, and the engines roar back in to life. and the captain announces on the speakers that one of the generators had failed, but  they had done their check and everything was "A okay" . we rolled up to the runway and up and away we went .

while I was in the sky I always look down over America, who knows maybe some where I would be able to see Jenn's car driving back home. I managed to get some amazing in flight pictures and some great sunset ones so here they are

I hope you have enjoyed mine and Jenn's adventures this time round.
I would like to thank the Blakes for been so kind to me, they are a true example of how good and kind and loving people can be and I love them all, and I hope to see them again soon.

and a big thank you form me and Jenn to any body who reads our adventures. and we hope to bring you more of our adventures soon.

I love you and miss you lots my Jennifer.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Made it safe

Ok so I only just noticed  that I had only put the title for my post on here, I actually did have a story to go with it. 

Sorry for that folks so . I left to go and be with Jenn on the Saturday, I left the house at about 7 pm England time, I got to the train station with some time to spare, so I decided to wait outside for ten minutes and watch the sun set. it's amazing what kind of strange people that you can come across around a train station.

One guy just came up to me and said hello asked me how I was then told me how he had no money and wondered if I would give him some. I would have said yes if not for the strong smell of alcohol on his breath.

so I catch the train  which took me direct to the airport. I waited for my flight which would be leaving the next morning. I got on board the flight and took my seat. I was so tired I had been awake all night
Now I remember the plane taking off and going up above the clouds. I remember placing my head against the wall, next thing I know I open my eyes and its 4 hours in to the flight. 

I think I managed to actually sleep , for me that is a very big thing. I could never sleep while in motion. so we come to land in Atlanta. and usually we would land and I would come out at the south terminal. but now they have a new international part. so I then had to catch a shuttle bus across the airport. 

I got to the south terminal where Jenn came and picked me up. I was so happy to see her again after so long. it was magical.

i will get some pictures on here asap . 

thanks for reading.

Friday, 7 September 2012

One more shift

So tomorrow will be the last shift at work before I go to see my beautiful Jenn. 
I can hardly believe just how fast the time has gone, the last time we saw each other was in March so this visit has been a long time waiting.

We are both very excited about this trip. I have been so busy preparing for it and I think that is what has made this last month fly. 
I have got my travel insurance all sorted out, I read through it and I swear some of it is crazy, like the part that I am sure said I am covered to go climbing but If I have a accident over 4000 then I am not covered. so what happens I fall up wards like falling up stairs? 

I took a nice long bike ride to the train station and got my train tickets, I don't go to the city center to often and I am sure if you read back over my previous blogs some where I talk about how much it changes every time I go there and this time was no different. it had changed again. 

I managed to find my way through the city and to the train station  and get my tickets. I had to work that day so I couldn't really hang around for to long . I have been counting down the days and tomorrow will be the last day at work. I know that it will seem like a very long shift, the last one before the holiday always is.  The main trick is to try not to look at the clock.

once I am done I will get back to the house and start to pack my bags , Ill print off my tickets and travel insurance. I will probably be up till early morning. and I think I will do a midnight shop just to get  a last few things.  Ill wake up some time Saturday afternoon and get ready and set off saturday night to get to the USA . 

I always have the dreaded dream when it gets close to me going. I had a dream just the other night that I got to the airport and I had forgotten my passport. I know I wouldn't forget that , but then in the dream I go back for my passport but then miss the train that would get me back on time. maybe it's just my subconsciousness way of making sure I don't forget anything.

I am so exited to see my beautiful Jenn again. I think about and miss her every day. and I love her more than anything. 

I will be posting on here every day when I am with my beautiful Jenn, about lots of things, what restaraunts we go to and what other stuff we do. 
I know I havent been very active on here lately and I hope that who ever may read this will keep on reading about mine and Jenn's adventures .

Thank you for reading

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Catch up

Wow it has been so long since I wrote my last post that I thought I has better write something.

The last thing I wrote about on here was my bike crash, I am fully recovered from that now but it has left a scar on my elbow.  I also have a better bike now, it's bigger than the last one and a lot stronger and also lighter in weight witch is strange. I always thought the heavier the stronger but in the world of bikes that is not always true. 

I have also been gong crazy trying to get settled in to the new place. 
I have been working flat out and then getting back at night and doing a little bit each day.
unpacking all my stuff is a lot tougher than packing it all.I am finally bringing order to chaos now though and things are starting to look livable. 

Great news!!
I have now booked a ticket to go see my Jenn in September.
I booked it this morning at about 1:30 am. so  I am so very excited about that and so is Jenn. 
We have been planning this one for some time. and I know we will have great fun as we always do.
We cherish our time together. I will keep anybody who reads mine and Jennifer's story updated and lots more pictures. I always take pictures of things me and Jenn do in the last half of my trip. or of objects rather than people. so I will make a effort to take more of me and Jenn doing things rather than just the things we are doing. I will post them on here for anybody who reads this to see.

So everything is pretty much the norm at the moment. I will try and write on here more often. 
Thanks for reading and I hope you are all ok

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Today I was riding my bike down hill, I was going quite fast , just ahead the pavement took a curve to my right, I had been round this corner many times and I thought that this time would be just a normal in and out of a corner .

I was traveling at about 20 mph according to my bikes speed indicator so I took the corner wide.
I came in to the corner nice and easy, but I came out of it too soon and my bike came of the edge of the pavement and on to the edge of the road, but I am still leaning in to the corner.

The bike hits the edge of the pavement curb and that's when it all went wrong, I feel the handle bars jolt and come loose from my grip and I feel my self come away from the bike. I see the bike slam to the ground beside me as I fly through the air, and for a moment both me and the bike are still moving at the same speed, the bike stops and I hit the ground. I can't remember feeling any pain form the impact, I slid along the floor for what feels like a mile but is only about 5 yards before I come to a complete stop.

I just kinda lay there for a second, and whats the first thing that pops in to my mind, not Wow I'm alive or Dam, nooooo the first thing to come in to my mind is the music from Jackass the TV show. I get up and brush my self down checking for any cuts or bruises.

My left elbow took the most of the damage, there was quite a bit of blood, I rubbed it away and there were two holes in my elbow surrounded by grazes , it was already beginning to swell but it didn't hurt at all.

I walked to my bike that had stopped and seemed to be laid on the ground as if placed there.
I picked up the bike and can you believe it the bike didn't have a single dent or scratch on it anywhere. I checked it twice, but nothing.

So I , got back on my bike and rode to work.
what a day.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My nerdy side revealed

Every body has a slightly nerdy side no matter who they are or what they do, I bet even the president of America has his nerdy side .

Well here is mine, I am a absolute nerd when it comes to Zombie stuff.
I love zombie movies, zombie toys, zombie games, in fact anything that has a zombie in it I will probably love.

I have just been watching the walking dead TV series and I have to say its zombie fan heaven.
it is set in Atlanta for the first few shows, when I watched it I said to my mother, "Me and my Jenn traveled down that street".

The first ever Zombie movie I remember watching was the George Romero classic, Night of the living dead, I was instantly addicted. I went in search of more of Romero's zombie movies and I came across the Dawn of the dead, a movie where Zombies pretty much out number man kind and roam around the earth looking for living flesh to feed on and brains to chew.

I heard that some one once asked George where he had got the idea for is movie from and he had replied with the question " do you ever look at people shopping when you go to a mall?"
He said that was where he had got the idea from.

All through my life I have loved almost everything to do with zombies, even the thriller dance with Michael Jackson. Not that I would try and do the dance, I can't dance to save my life.

but I guess I am in the right job to feed my nerdy passion. I get to see all the latest zombie movies and play the latest zombie games.

Even though I know there will never be a real zombie, or at least I can't think of a way that one would ever be able to live...die... hmm what ever they do, it is something that I find fun to think about. and like I said right at the beginning of this post, every body has a nerdy side.

So what is yours?

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

My visit with Jenn

Sorry it has taken so Long to write this one, for any body who may read it.

I have been back in England for a week now but have only just got the opportunity to write my post about mine and Jennifer's time together.

I got to the states on the 5th of March, the flight was a little longer than usual taking about nine and a half hours. When I got to Atlanta the first thing I did was get a real American burger. In England they always have the boxes that say " American burgers" but they just don't taste the same. so when I had a few minutes to kill till Jenn got to the airport I saw a Wendy's and I took the opportunity to get my burger. I love the way that Wendy's have the square burgers, I think I heard some one once say that they have square burgers because they don't cut corners.

Jenn and our good friend Morgan came to the airport and picked me up, Morgan is such a wonderful person and is mine and Jennifer's official picture taker, and one of our best friends. She really takes the very best pictures.

Me and Jenn really had a great time together. and tried a few new things, as well as some of the old thing that we love to do. We always make a point of visiting the Kani house, I really do love the food there and the service is top notch, there is nothing really like it that I can think of in England, and I have never tasted egg fried rice sooo gooooood ever. they have perfected egg fried rice there.

We also went and saw a few movies, We got to see the Vow, and we saw the Lurax and also Wanderlust. We love to watch movies together, and when ever we go to see a movie I always get a white cherry Icy, I could drink icy's all day .

one of the new things we did is we both went to a shop where we made our very own teddy bear. I had never done anything like that before, we picked out a teddy and I even put a small heart in side the teddy when it was stuffed. I put my foot on a peddle that filled the teddy with fluffy stuffing and then it was sealed, we named it Zimba. and we even got a birth certificate showing Zimba's date of birth and height and weight.

Me and Jenn also took walks together, we did about two miles a night along jogging paths, I really love the simple things in life and I can't think of anything much better than to walk with the one you love.

We also visited the outlet Mall in Dawsoneville. They have so many stores there and mostly designer places like Reebok and Nike, while I was there I also learnt that Reebok has lost the contract for the NFL and Nike has got it so Ill be looking there for a 49ers jersey soon. They also have lots of places that sell makeup and bags, in fact I think they have everything you could ever need.

I have also started to really like Chic-fil-A especially the chicken nuggets, and just how do they make that chik-fil-A sauce I love it . Me and Jenn visit there often.

Another new place we tried was Varsity, I had never been to it before so on the day I had to go back to England Jenn and I went there, they had trays that you put on the side of your car, in fact we didn't even need to get out of the car at any point they bring the meal to your car.

I really had a wonderful time visiting my beautiful Jenn and I can't wait to see her again in July. we always cherish every second we have together, I love my Jenn more than anything every day.
I love you Jennifer

Thank you for reading my post.

Friday, 2 March 2012

All moved in and getting ready to go,

I have been so very busy over the last month and a half, I have moved house and I have been working lots of hours. It's amazing how a life can fit in to a few small boxes.
I still haven't got all my boxes unpacked yet though, I'm having to get back from work and unpack a little every night, but slowly I am making progress.

And now for the great news, on Sunday I will be setting off to be with my Beautiful Jenn. I am so excited. I have gotten everything ready and am just counting the hours.

I actually rode all the way on my bike to get the train tickets it was a ten mile round journey but I really enjoyed it. I had not really rode my bike over a distance like that before, just to work and back, so that was a lot of fun.

I as always will be putting the pictures on here for all to see and I am sorry I haven't written anything on here lately for those who may read it but now I am getting sorted out from the move.

Thank you for reading and I will be posting on here very soon.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Out of the old house and in to the new one

Well I am now sat on the same old sofa but in a new place.
Me and my mother have moved just a short distance away from the old place.
my mother has osteoarthritis and so stairs were becoming a challenge for her.
In the old house there were lots of stairs and she was in some pain having to clime and descend them every day.

The new place has no stairs anywhere so it is so much easier for her to get around.

just a week ago I was in the old place and getting ready to move, on the day of moving it was very strange seeing the house slowly empty as the removal men took the stuff. eventually the house was completely empty.

There was a echo that only comes with a empty house. with no carpets and no furniture I guess there is nothing to absorb the sounds, just the hollow of the house.

all that was left in the old house was me and a towel and soap and shampoo, I had work so I took my last shower there and got dressed put the towel in my bag and took one last walk around the place turning off all the lights and making sure any electric plugs were turned off.

Does it sound strange that when I left I turned and looked in to the house and said "thank you"?

I left the house and locked the door and left for work. I rode my bike to work and when I had finished work cycled to the new place. It felt so very strange riding a different way and when I got to the new place it just felt odd, the place was very cold.

Aparently a house needs to be warmed through for a good few hours before it can hold heat. so the first night was very cold and I had no bed, just a old American army camp bed that my mothers ex husband had won while he was in the army. and it has canvas as the main part which is impossible to keep warm on and for most of last week I had to make do with that until the new bed came today so I am looking forward to my first comfortable and warm nights sleep in a week.

Next time I move it will be to go live with my beautiful Jenn, that day is coming soon and i will keep you all posted on how that goes.

I am so looking forward to march when I see my Jenn again, just 34 days to go.

Thanks for reading

Friday, 20 January 2012

Crazy January

We are only 20 days in to the year and already it feels like so much has happened.
Firstly and most important, my flight has been booked to go see my beautiful Jenn in March. I love My jenn more than anything and I am always so happy when I book my flight. even though it is still a little over a month away I am so excited.

There will be plenty to keep me occupied for the month though, me and my mother are moving house to a location more suitable for my mothers needs, she has Osteo arthritis and can some times find it a challenge to get up and down stairs, so we are moving to a single floor accommodation where it will be easier for her to get about.

I do feel better about her been there but I guess I kinda didn't want to move really. I just got in to the mind set that the next time I moved it would be moving to be with jenn.
Plus most of my family live where we are now so I tried to put it off for as long as possible.
I Soon came to realize thought that I was been selfish and that my mother needed a place without stairs so we will be moving this coming Thursday and it is only 5 minutes away from where we are now.

More than anything I cant wait till the day I move in with Jenn. I know it will happen one day soon and we are both working towards that point. I will keep you posted on that one.

As for my progress with my biking and jogging I am doing very well. I have noticed that it is far tougher to ride up hill on a bike that it is to jog. the first time I attempted to ride up the hill I jog up I didn't even get quarter of the way up, the bike was to heavy to ride on. but after just a few weeks of mixing jogging with riding the bike I managed to build up my legs and today for the first time I got all way to the top of the hill which is about a quarter of a mile long and is very steep. When I got to the top of the hill I said to my self " I beat you".

so there is a quick update on how things are going at the moment , I will keep you posted on how the move goes.

thanks for reading.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bike vs Jogging

Last week I decided I would but my self a mountain bike.
I have been Jogging for a few years now and Wanted to add to the mix of keeping fit so a bike seemed like the logical choice.

So I bought my bike, I had to wait a day for the store to put it together and when I got it I took my first ride on my new bike, the first time I had owned a bike for around 15 years give or take a few months.

so now I cant decide which one is doing me the most good, I know that jogging is not so good in terms of the impact it can have on the joints but it uses more of the body. and biking uses more of the legs but not so much upper body .

on the down hill I can just sit on my bike but on the up hill its more of a challenge. With jogging its a challenge both ways.

there seems to be pros and cons either way.
What I have decided to do is Jog every other day and bike on the other days so for example I'll Jog on Monday and on Tuesday I'll ride my bike and then jog Wednesday and so on.

I'm hoping this way will be the best way and give me a all round workout on a weekly basis.

Thanks for reading