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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My time with Jenn march/april 2014

I have been to visit my Beautiful Jenn again for the first time this year, and we had so much fun and we both lerned alot on this trip . I haven't wrote on here for a while because I have been so busy , but I have the afternoon of so I thought I would write down mine and Jenn's adventure.

I got to America on the Sunday, and stayed for two weeks.

When I get there I am usually quite tired from the journey, every time I go over I try to sleep on the plane, but the excitement and the not to comfy chairs keep me awake.
I always pick the window seat on the plane, and I spend a good portion of the flight looking out of the window and seeing the land from high up , I always look at the land and watch it go by, and I love how I start to make out the odd road , then the odd building, maybe a boat or two on the rivers, then I start to see freeways. I always see how long it will  take me to spot the first car or truck, because when I can see one of those, I know that we are slowly descending and it wont be to long till the plane lands. 

One thing that always gets me is the first few minutes when I can actually feel the difference in temperature when I get of the plane.  this time the weather was quite comfortable , not to hot and definitely not to cold.

I always rush through as fast as I can, for two reasons , mainly because I want to be with my Jenn as soon as possible, and second because if I take my time, all the people from my flight get in front and i have to wait behind them all to get through customs.

Me and My beautiful Jenn did so much on this journey, I don't even know where to begin

We had almost like theme days , one of the two main ones was a Gone with the Wind day,

 we visited a town where Margaret Mitchell  the lady who wrote the book had lived and saw many places that inspired her story and also learnt about the people in the book and the movie,

 we visited a museum dedicated to the movie. I must admit, I am not the biggest gone with the wind fan, but it was very interesting to learn about the woman behind the book and movie and how she had actually done background research in to her story, even to the point of sitting with soldiers and talking to them and hearing their stories,  she really put a lot of time and thought in to her work.  and later that night, we sat and watched the movie,

 I had never seen it all way through before , and while it was a little long I did enjoy it and even more so because I had spent the day learning all about it.

another theme day we had was, fried green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe

We took a trip to where the movie was filmed, and I must say this " I had Fried green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe" ahah I cant believe I can actually say that,

we walked around the area, and saw the famous dam from the movie and visited the shops that where there, I bought some honey and Jenn did too, we even went and visited the grave that had the honey on it at the end of the movie,

and sure enough there was a pot of honey there

A really interesting part of the trip was when me and Jenn went to a small town called Jonesborough, there was a train line stretching through the small town and this line was a very important line in history, it stretched right through to Savannah and in the Civil war ran supply for the south , The north would attack it and at one point in the town of Jonesborough there was a famous Two day Battle for the track.

We also learnt about Shell Annie
 One night the  artillery Of the north was positioned on a hill overlooking a small town.
 they fired a shell which went straight in to the window of a Lady's house who was asleep, the shell hit her head board and woke the woman who was sleeping, the head board shattered and the shell rolled across the room in the the fire place. The lady who was pregnant was so scared it sent her in to early labour.

She asked her husband I think it was to go and find help and to ask for the North to stop the firing on the house. Her husband ran outside to find a scout of the North on his horse, The husband asked that the scout ask his commander to change the position of the cannons on the hill.

The scout rode off without a word. Ten minutes later the lady with her husband were in the bedroom, and a knock came to the door. the husband answered the door and to his surprise it was a Doctor and two solders from the northern army, the scout had rode back up the the cannons and told of the lady in labour, the commander had ordered the cannons to hold fire and aim away from the house and had sent the doctor to assist with the birth, and the soldiers to guard the house . as a thank you to the North and the doctor, the lady ask that the doctor name the child, and he named her Shell Annie, after the unexploded shell that had sent the mother in to labour.

Straight away when I head this story I thought to my self that it goes to show that even amongst great chaos, we always have the opportunity to show that we are human and have compassion, I'm not sure it that would happen in a war of today. but I can live in hope

 Me and Jenn often go to restaurants and try new foods, but every time we go Jenn will always say " they do the Philly here" meaning the Philly cheese stake sandwich , she knows I love it and it always makes us laugh now when she says it.

One thing me and Jenn do love to do is look around the old graveyards, we saw many civil war graves, and ones that dated back to the 18th century. it was very interesting
We visited Dahlonega again this trip , this time though we went in search of a old
Indian princess
Trahylta's Grave   

Each day cars whiz by a nondescript pile of stone north of Dahlonega, occasionally slowing to read the historic marker. The rocks are the grave of a Cherokee who loved the forest and called the mountains of North Georgia home. Trahlyta, according to legend, lived on a mountain near her grave. She was told to walk along a path, drink from the spring and wish never to grow old by the "Mountain Medicine Man" or the Witch of Cedar Mountain, depending on which legend you believe. "You will become more beautiful with each sip" the voice told her. She followed the path and drank from the spring. Word of her beauty quickly spread. Desoto the explorer reportedly sent soldiers to investigate her "Fountain of Youth" as witnessed by a Spanish conquistador helmet which was found not far from the spring.

The Cherokee warrior Wahsega, whom she rejected as a suitor, kidnapped her and took her west to his home. She begged and pleaded for her release, but Wahsega would not permit it. With each day her strength waned, her happiness gone, longing for her mountain forest. Crying tears of pure gold as she lay dying, Trahlyta asked to be buried in the mountain paradise from which she had come. "Strangers, as they pass by, may drop a stone on my grave and they too shall be young and happy, as I once was." she said, "What they wish for shall be theirs!."

The Legend grew, and soon all passersby, would pick up a nearby stone and add it to her grave for good luck. Today her grave is in Stonepile Gap, the spring still exists, and the mountain she lived on, Cedar Mountain, is just a stone's throw away.

Twice the Department of Highways has attempted to move the grave during road construction. Both times at least one person died in an accident while moving the pile. The stone grave remains today in the same place it has always been.

Me and Jenn both placed rocks on the grave.

We went back to baby land again where they have all the cabbage patch dolls

We also saw many of the latest movies together, we do love our movies.

 we also visited stone mountain again,

 I think every time I go there, I like it more,
 we played mini golf and went on the sky ride, and had our dinner at the camp fire cafe. There is a duck ride there and we both love to go on that, its a truck that can go in the water and it is a very relaxing experience and I would recommend it if you ever go to stone mountain park

we stopped at the varsity which has to be the worlds biggest drive through and the food is great, we stopped on the way to Atlanta.

for the first time Me and Jenn visited the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta.

I had never been to a  Aquarium before so I didn't know what to expect.
it was like a different world,

 and there was fish I didn't even know existed.

I touched the back of a sting ray, I saw sharks and whales and the best part by far was seeing the Dolphins,
 and they even had their own little show, It was magical
and in one part of the aquarium we walked through a glass top tunnel,  it was under the pool that had all the fish in it and when I looked up I could see all the fish , it was amazing.

on the last night, we went do medieval times , I really do like it there, its action and a meal at the same time, what could be better.

Once again time was upon us and I had to go back to England, I always hate that part.
I think it is possibly the hardest thing I ever have to do.

But I have already booked my ticket for July and I cant wait to be there.

Thank you so much for reading mine and Jenn's story

I love you Jenn