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Monday, 10 September 2012

Made it safe

Ok so I only just noticed  that I had only put the title for my post on here, I actually did have a story to go with it. 

Sorry for that folks so . I left to go and be with Jenn on the Saturday, I left the house at about 7 pm England time, I got to the train station with some time to spare, so I decided to wait outside for ten minutes and watch the sun set. it's amazing what kind of strange people that you can come across around a train station.

One guy just came up to me and said hello asked me how I was then told me how he had no money and wondered if I would give him some. I would have said yes if not for the strong smell of alcohol on his breath.

so I catch the train  which took me direct to the airport. I waited for my flight which would be leaving the next morning. I got on board the flight and took my seat. I was so tired I had been awake all night
Now I remember the plane taking off and going up above the clouds. I remember placing my head against the wall, next thing I know I open my eyes and its 4 hours in to the flight. 

I think I managed to actually sleep , for me that is a very big thing. I could never sleep while in motion. so we come to land in Atlanta. and usually we would land and I would come out at the south terminal. but now they have a new international part. so I then had to catch a shuttle bus across the airport. 

I got to the south terminal where Jenn came and picked me up. I was so happy to see her again after so long. it was magical.

i will get some pictures on here asap . 

thanks for reading.

Friday, 7 September 2012

One more shift

So tomorrow will be the last shift at work before I go to see my beautiful Jenn. 
I can hardly believe just how fast the time has gone, the last time we saw each other was in March so this visit has been a long time waiting.

We are both very excited about this trip. I have been so busy preparing for it and I think that is what has made this last month fly. 
I have got my travel insurance all sorted out, I read through it and I swear some of it is crazy, like the part that I am sure said I am covered to go climbing but If I have a accident over 4000 then I am not covered. so what happens I fall up wards like falling up stairs? 

I took a nice long bike ride to the train station and got my train tickets, I don't go to the city center to often and I am sure if you read back over my previous blogs some where I talk about how much it changes every time I go there and this time was no different. it had changed again. 

I managed to find my way through the city and to the train station  and get my tickets. I had to work that day so I couldn't really hang around for to long . I have been counting down the days and tomorrow will be the last day at work. I know that it will seem like a very long shift, the last one before the holiday always is.  The main trick is to try not to look at the clock.

once I am done I will get back to the house and start to pack my bags , Ill print off my tickets and travel insurance. I will probably be up till early morning. and I think I will do a midnight shop just to get  a last few things.  Ill wake up some time Saturday afternoon and get ready and set off saturday night to get to the USA . 

I always have the dreaded dream when it gets close to me going. I had a dream just the other night that I got to the airport and I had forgotten my passport. I know I wouldn't forget that , but then in the dream I go back for my passport but then miss the train that would get me back on time. maybe it's just my subconsciousness way of making sure I don't forget anything.

I am so exited to see my beautiful Jenn again. I think about and miss her every day. and I love her more than anything. 

I will be posting on here every day when I am with my beautiful Jenn, about lots of things, what restaraunts we go to and what other stuff we do. 
I know I havent been very active on here lately and I hope that who ever may read this will keep on reading about mine and Jenn's adventures .

Thank you for reading