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Saturday, 10 September 2016

Does anybody know?

This post is a inquiry to anybody who reads it or who may know some one who can help.
It's not about me it is about my brother in law  and I shall explain what has happened as best I can from the beginning.

My brother in law has always had trouble with his feet, he used to be a scaffold worker and would be out most days in all kinds of conditions from early in the morning till often late at night. He was on his feet most of the day and when he would get back he would say his feet were sore, he had what looked like warts or calluses on the bottom of his feet and they would often cause him pain.

When he would get home at night he would wear down the ..what ever they were on his feet with a scraper thinking that they were warts. he said that he had them for a few years but they were getting to the point where they were causing him quite some pain to the point where it was starting to affect his walking. 

I would notice him hobbling and often limping around almost like he had a strained ankle , it was starting to get quite bad for him. Shane is a man who will not admit to been in pain unless it is really bad so when he said it was hurting I knew it must have been serious.  

Shane eventually decided to go see a doctor about his feet, and they decided that the best thing to do was to get them out of his feet, now  I am not sure what they did but I think they froze them and took them out of his feet . From Shane's description the root went deep in to his foot by maybe a inch and left a hole in the bottom of his foot.

Shane's hands were the next thing to start having the effect of this strange illness, and here is  where it becomes strange. Now if I or you were to cut our hand or bump it.. then the cut would scab over in a hour or so and eventually heal and our hand would look normal again in a few days. Shane if he got a cut or even so much as a pin prick on his hand would not heal like that, instead of the usual scab over and heal it would still scab over...but the scab would keep growing and growing and become flesh like. and it would take maybe a month to go away at first, but now its not going away at all but instead where he gets cut or even bumps his hand will just keep scabbing and scabbing and growing.

Back to Shane's Feet, remember how earlier I said about him having that thing removed from the bottom of his feet?...well when it healed it did the same on his foot as it does on his hand and turned in to some sort of a scab that would keep growing like on his hands. Something was definitely not right  what ever it was on the bottom of his foot had now doubled in size and was roughly the size of a 50 pence piece ( 1 Inch) wide on the bottom of his foot.

The time had come to try to find out what it was that was seeming to grow,  He was admitted to hospital this time by the doctor where many tests were performed without any real success but the suspicion was pointing towards some very rare kind of cancer. The Hospital decided the best way to deal with it was to again take it out of his foot, but this would leave a hole even deeper and wider than before and the only real option was to take a skin graft from his upper leg and place it over the hole on the bottom of his foot.

After the surgery they told him that within two weeks he should be fully healed and ready to go back to work, his feet were both wrapped in bandages and he was sent home. for the next week he was in severe pain  but hopeful that the operation had been a success.  After just one week what ever it was was coming back and growing inside his feet and on his hands.. and worse still it was now starting to grow where he had the skin graft on the upper part of his leg. 

It had come back and this time was even bigger it had not only consumed the hole where they had taken the last one out but had burst through the skin grafts and was on both his feet and both his hands, he can now barely walk and is in constant pain to the point of where my sister put a fan on because it was so warm and the breeze from the fan was hurting his feet and hands.

he has been examined but many doctors and had numerous tests that have all come back with no answers, and the doctors and nurses are all baffled by what it could be and none of them have ever seen it or even heard of anything like it before.

So now I am hoping for the power of social media= my blog page to find a possible answer to this problem, if anybody anywhere or anybody's friends may know of what it is or knows of someone who has had it or even heard of it .. then I ask please to leave me a message or a comment on here I would truly appreciate any advice.

Shane gave his permission to show his hands and feet on here so that people can see what it looks like, but if you are in any way squeamish or have a week stomach then maybe not a good idea to look.


Thank you for your time :)