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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

My new Emploment

Recently I was made redundant from Blockbuster, all stores are now gone and it is the end of a great company. I miss all my old work mates and I do miss the job.

However just 48 hours after been made redundant I was found  by Austin Reed.

Austin Reed is a company that sells suits and the difference between what I used to do and this job is as different as night and day.  and the first day I started I felt very lost, it was completely different from anything I had been used to, apart from customer service.

My new job is to sell suits and clothing to the public, and I must say so far it is alot tougher to sell than a DVD or game. and takes far longer talking to customers. But I actually see this as a challenge, and I love challenges. 

I am also having to get used to folding clothing, I am the first to admit that I am not one for folding my own clothing, if you were to see my bedroom it  has clothing that is not folded, but just put in piles next to my cupboard or chucked in my cupboard. but with my new job I am folding clothing very well and it is actually giving me motivation to start folding my own clothing.

Before I worked at my new job, I just saw a suit as a suit, the only difference between them all was the colour , but now I am learning all the differences and that some colours look identical until you get them in to the sunlight. and that there are many different materials. from herringbone to Birdseye and even different collars, from peak to notch.

its so much to take in but I am getting there, and with a great team to help me I am sure Ill be doing well there. 

on another note I now have 49 views on my video of me eating the ghost chili so thank you all so much if you watched it. I got more coming soon.

thank you so much for reading

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Something to cheer you all up

Just to let you know that I have just posted a very funny video of me and my neice Natalie  on my youtube channel. 

We decided we would try one of the ghost chilli peppers. so feel free to go check it out. 

Thank you so much, I hope you all enjoy, leave me a comment on there let me know if you liked it

thank you so much for reading