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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Strange but true.

Well hello every body and I have decided after so long that i have finally found a story worth writing about.

This may be one of the oddest story's I have ever told and it is completely true. but even now when I tell people of this story they look at me in disbelief and shock.

Well here goes.

 before I go to work I always get a sandwich to eat. I have a different one every day , sometimes its a bacon sausage and tomato, other times its a roast pork sandwich.

This day, I decided to have a hot roast pork sandwich with apple sauce and crackling, it was so yummi.

While I was eating the sandwich a peace of crackling stabbed me in the inside of my gum , it hurt alot, but I just kept on chewing and finished my sandwich. the day went past as normal.

a few days later I notice a small ridged object on the inside of  my gum, right where I had cut it with the crackling from the sandwich, I could feel it with my tongue  and when I rubbed my finger against it, the object was very sharp, the first thing I thought was that the object was a piece of the crackling from the sandwich that had become lodged in my gum, so I tried to pull on it, what ever it was it was not budging .

I finally got to a mirror and looked as best I could. When I looked it was a small white line in my gum, and around the area was red and inflamed. 

what ever it was , it was actually stabbing in to my tongue. and was not so much painful but irritating.
after a few days had gone by, I was at work and I was eating a winegum. suddenly I feel a sharp pain right where this thing is, I feel with my tongue and I feel the object come loose and fall on to my tongue, I spit it in to my hand, 

It is a bone, yeah you read it right it was a bone from my inner gum, if you feel with your tongue on the inside of your mouth near the back  there is a small little ridge near the back , just below the teeth, 
the crackle from the sandwich had cut my gum and exposed the bone and it fell out a few days later, 


thanks for reading