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Saturday, 21 April 2012


Today I was riding my bike down hill, I was going quite fast , just ahead the pavement took a curve to my right, I had been round this corner many times and I thought that this time would be just a normal in and out of a corner .

I was traveling at about 20 mph according to my bikes speed indicator so I took the corner wide.
I came in to the corner nice and easy, but I came out of it too soon and my bike came of the edge of the pavement and on to the edge of the road, but I am still leaning in to the corner.

The bike hits the edge of the pavement curb and that's when it all went wrong, I feel the handle bars jolt and come loose from my grip and I feel my self come away from the bike. I see the bike slam to the ground beside me as I fly through the air, and for a moment both me and the bike are still moving at the same speed, the bike stops and I hit the ground. I can't remember feeling any pain form the impact, I slid along the floor for what feels like a mile but is only about 5 yards before I come to a complete stop.

I just kinda lay there for a second, and whats the first thing that pops in to my mind, not Wow I'm alive or Dam, nooooo the first thing to come in to my mind is the music from Jackass the TV show. I get up and brush my self down checking for any cuts or bruises.

My left elbow took the most of the damage, there was quite a bit of blood, I rubbed it away and there were two holes in my elbow surrounded by grazes , it was already beginning to swell but it didn't hurt at all.

I walked to my bike that had stopped and seemed to be laid on the ground as if placed there.
I picked up the bike and can you believe it the bike didn't have a single dent or scratch on it anywhere. I checked it twice, but nothing.

So I , got back on my bike and rode to work.
what a day.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My nerdy side revealed

Every body has a slightly nerdy side no matter who they are or what they do, I bet even the president of America has his nerdy side .

Well here is mine, I am a absolute nerd when it comes to Zombie stuff.
I love zombie movies, zombie toys, zombie games, in fact anything that has a zombie in it I will probably love.

I have just been watching the walking dead TV series and I have to say its zombie fan heaven.
it is set in Atlanta for the first few shows, when I watched it I said to my mother, "Me and my Jenn traveled down that street".

The first ever Zombie movie I remember watching was the George Romero classic, Night of the living dead, I was instantly addicted. I went in search of more of Romero's zombie movies and I came across the Dawn of the dead, a movie where Zombies pretty much out number man kind and roam around the earth looking for living flesh to feed on and brains to chew.

I heard that some one once asked George where he had got the idea for is movie from and he had replied with the question " do you ever look at people shopping when you go to a mall?"
He said that was where he had got the idea from.

All through my life I have loved almost everything to do with zombies, even the thriller dance with Michael Jackson. Not that I would try and do the dance, I can't dance to save my life.

but I guess I am in the right job to feed my nerdy passion. I get to see all the latest zombie movies and play the latest zombie games.

Even though I know there will never be a real zombie, or at least I can't think of a way that one would ever be able to live...die... hmm what ever they do, it is something that I find fun to think about. and like I said right at the beginning of this post, every body has a nerdy side.

So what is yours?