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Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Almost a year gone

Isn't it insainly amaizing just how fast this year has gone. I feel like I have blinked and the year went by it was all so different when I was a young boy, well younger boy I'm not old yet.

When I was young, it seemed to take forever to get from christmas eve to christmas day. I would try and get to sleep just as fast as I could but it never worked. I would try and put my head under the pillow I even tried the hot milk idea but still nothing. I couldn't seem to drift off and after a while I would get fed up of trying and just fall asleep lol.

I would always get woken up on christmas day by my mother. and she would shout at the top of her voice "Wayne get up farther christmas has been". and I would look at the clock only to find out that if I had stayed up just ten more minutes it would have been christmas, well a seven aclock in the morning christmas.

Anyway now that I'm older it all seems to go by in a flash. last christmas seems just ten minutes ago and I'm sure that it will only be ten minutes before I am putting up the tree agian.

I guess I just can't belive how fast it's all gone by and it's already almost another year gone

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Urgent Prayer Request

Please click the above image to find out more.

Little Stellan has become quite sick, and he needs all our prayers for a swift recovery. He's been diagnosed with RSV and is really struggling to breathe. He, as well as his whole family, is desperately in need of our prayers. Please pray for this miracle baby.

Monday, 29 December 2008

Not me! Monday

Hi every one who reads my blog

I can't belive it's already Monday again

where on earth does the time go?

Not me Monday was first introduced to me by

my beautiful Jenn and I have tried it for a few weeks

now with great results so here is this weeks not me! monday

I did not wait up half the night to see if santa would come to the house

Im past all that santa and the raindeer stuff.

There is no way ever that I managed to eat my way through a entire

box of Heroes chocolates that would just be greedy right.

There is no way I droped a can of Pepsi all over the sofa I was sat on

and got my tousers soaked, then left them next to the washing machine

for my mom to take care of that would just be lazy of me.

And I did not tell a kid at work that I was the real Batman

and the guy in the poster was a imposter how childish would that be.

It wasn't me that went to the work party and had 8 mince pies

when the boss had made two per person I would be so ashamed of my self

especialy if the boss waited till after I had eaten that many to tell me

that there was only two per person.

So there is my not me monday confession I hope you all liked it.

Sunday, 28 December 2008

Wayne's funny video slot

I have decided that once a week on a sunday I will put a funny video on my blog. so here it is I hope you find it as funny as I do have fun.

I hope you liked the video.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Hello every one who reads my blogger page.

I wanted to take the chance to Wish you all a very happy Christmas.
I hope that all of you are doing well and enjoying your holiday.

Christmas is a very special time of the year,
it's a time when we remember what is dear to us.
it's a time for giving, not just the giving of gifts
but giving the best of your self.

It's about been with the one's you love
your family, friends, and loved one's
and if you can't be with them then sending them your love.

Christmas is a time of celebration
and of peace.

I wish to you all a great christmas.
May all your wishes and dreams come true



Monday, 22 December 2008

Not me! Monday

Welcome to another not me monday
After the succsess of my last not me Monday
I thought I would give it a try this week aswell.
My beautiful Jenn first introduced me to not me monday.
and this week my friend Morgan is going to give it a try
so please check out there blogs
Ok so without further a doo
here is my not me Monday.

Ok so this week I have been so good again.
It was not me that left the sofa in a mess and told my mom that it must have been the cats that messed it up in the night.

and It wasn't me that again drunk all the milk and then said I used it for some cornflakes.

and I would never tell mom that she is going grey she nearly.... I mean she would hit me with her walking stick if I ever told her that.

And I didn't even go anywhere near the cream cheeze again and take a huge dollop out of it using my finger it's my moms and I would never take her creamy yummi philladelphia cheese.

It wasn't me that said I would read a book by today and havn't even started on the first page yet.

And I just know for a fact that I wouldn't encourage the cats to eat walkers crisp and then watch them all stare at my mother as she looks at them in horror hiding her packet of crisps behind her back

See I told you I have been good this week.

thankyou so much for reading my not me monday.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Little kid gangsters

Today I was at work and two kids came in to the store. One of them was about 6 or 7 years old and the other one was about 12 years old. Straight away I knew they were gonna be trouble but what amazed me the most is that the smallest one was the most trouble.

He had one hand in his pants and he was walking with a limp. Why do they walk with a limp I just don't get that does it make them look like a hard man or somthing? So anyway he walked up to the counter and I said to him " Hi do you need any help?" he just kinda looked at me.

Then his friend said that his dad owned blockbuster which straight away I knew was a lie because the guy who owns block buster lives somwhere in the states. About ten minutes go by and the gangster wonna be's are still in the store and so I say to them " are you guys buying anything? Then they say they are so I give them some more time to look around.

After another ten minutes of them just hanging around the counter I notice them messing with all the candy. They are laughing and it's now certain that they are just in the store to mess around. So I politely ask them to leave the store.

Well anyone would think I had insulted them They started saying "My dad Will come in and beat you up and he will get you fired". So I say to him "well bring your dad in then and I will tell him how rude you have been". Then the little one starts saying things like I'll beat you silly.

So that is when I say "ok out now " and they keep saying really rude things wich I wont mention on this blog. So after about ten minutes of being hurled abuse at by two little kids who think they are gangsters. They finally left the store and didn't come back.

It made me wonder what the world is coming to. It just seems that some kids think they can get away with anything. Please don't get me wrong I love kids I have three beautiful nieces who I adore I get along with most people in the world and I believe you should always respect people and treat them as you would like to be treated.

Friday, 19 December 2008

Photo Friday: trip to see my Jenn.

This is my very first Photo Friday so please forgive me if its not to good but I will try. I was introduced to this idea By my beautiful Jenn who did a great photo Friday so I can only hope this will be as good so hear goes.

My trip to see My Jenn.

This is me, Hi me!

This is Jenn.

This picture is inside Manchester airport at about 3 oclock in the morning
Theres no one there apart from me at that time.

This one is aboard the plane at about 6:15am getting ready for take off.
Not much room to move around once your sat down.

Once in the air the sight of the sun rising was simply breath taking.

This one is my favorite in flight photo that I took.
isn't it a awsome sight?

About 9 hours later I manage to catch a glimps of the coast through the clouds.
Not long now and I'll be with my Jenn.

I get to the Atlanta airport and I take a picture of the plane that took me across the atlantic ocean and to My Jenn.

Finally after 35 hours and 5000 miles later me and My beautiful Jenn relax under the shade of the trees at her college.

And thats my first photo friday hope you enjoy

Original Photo friday was created by Deliciousbaby

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today is thankful Thursday a idea first done by my Beautiful Jenn and now I take part in it too every Thursday I come up with a list of things I am thankful for so here it is.

I am thankful for the week just gone it has been a very good week.

I am thankful that I was abel to be the first to sell a blue ray player in my store.
it grabbed the district managers atention and he has said he's gonna give me a botte of wine.

I'm thankful for mj Jenn who I love more than anything she is my angel.
She always makes me feel special and makes me the happiest man alive.

I'm thankful for My health
I am now able to run the entire way from work to the house about 2.5 miles.

I am thankful for the technology of the world.
The computer that I am writing this blog on and that keeps me in touch with my beautiful Jenn.

I am so thankful for all these things and so much more that make up every day life.


A few picstures of me

Now these are very rare I am what you could call camera shy. But my beautiful Jenn convinced me that I should post a few of my pictures on here so try not to laugh I know that most I look terrible but oh well. so here are a few pictures of me.

Firstly this is my personal favorite and I love it because it has Jenn in it as well
So when I say my beautiful Jenn this is who I am talking about.

Ok this one is when I was on a train on my way to the airport to see Jenn.

Here is another one with me and Jenn.

I always thought I looked old in this one maybe I should have smiled.

I look like I have no colour in this one talk about bad complextion.

This is one of my Jenn's favorites so I put it one for her I love you jenn.

I love the sunset in ths one it's not one of those false screens either.

The same sunset as before but this time with me and my Jenn two beautiful things in the same photo.

And finally here's one of me that My Jenn took and I do like this one of me.

So there it is a few pictures of me so now you all know what I look like.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Do Aliens exsist?

Ok now this one is a question that has baffeld even the brainiest of them for the longest of times:
Do Aliens actually exsist?

And if they do what do they look like, where do they come from, and just what do they want?
If you turn on the tv, chances are on one of the 700 channels that we have now there will be a show about the little green men.

Now there are all kinds of ideas going around about these guys and not to mention the sightings that have been reported countless times of wierd shapes flying through the air and then there was the crap whoops! sorry crop circles wich I didn't really believe.

But I do think that they could exsist, I'm one of those people who thinks that it would be ignorant of me to think that in a universe as big as this that we are the only ones here. In fact that in itself is a good point-- we are here. So if we exist then surely others do. In fact I do have a theory of my own.

It is said that we evolved from apes right? And it took so many millions of years, so what if a few millon years down the road we evolved again. Of course technology advanced as well even to the point of time travel and years from now when our great great great great great whatever they are's go to some kind of school who is to say that as part of their history lessons they will actually go back through time to where we are now to study our present day, their history as part of their lesson.

So they could be us a few thousand or even million years from now. I'm not saying I am right but it's an interesting theory.

Does anyone out there have any other theories?

Monday, 15 December 2008

Not Me! Monday

Here it is-- my attempt at not me monday. My beautiful Jenn has done this before and as far as I can tell the aim of the game is to say what you have done but deny it kinda thing like a confession or none confession kinda thing... well read and I'm sure you will pick it up as you go so here it is my Not Me! Monday.

Ok so I have to say that the week just gone I have been sooooo good and innocent. I mean there is no way on earth it was me that dipped my finger in to my mothers Philadelphia cream cheese and ate it then denied the whole thing when my mother asked who had done it

And not to mention the fact that the pots where left till the morning when my mother woke up.I deny all charges on that one I would never have left dirty pots till the morning would I.

I would never throw a bag of popcorn across the store to the point where it broke open and I had to vacume it all I mean what kind of a person do you take me for.

There is no way on this green earth that I would ever take a glass of milk to my room when mothers last words were don't touch the milk that would just be the ultimate sin of sins.

It's one year today

Ladies and Gentlemen, It's a year today.

Yep, it's a year that me and my beautiful Jenn have been together and I am so happy.
I think it's so amazing that I got lucky enough to find such a beautiful and wonderful woman.

She is everything I ever could have hoped for and to me she is perfect in every way and I love her more than life. I love her more than anything, and to me she is everything. She makes me feel so alive and at peace. I feel like I can do anything when I am with her. She is my life and I would do anything for her.

So this one is for My beautiful Jenn.


Saturday, 13 December 2008

I had to post this one

Ok I was reading through a page of jokes and I came across a top ten list of different things and I saw these and I just had to post them. they really had me laughing so please read and enjoy.

Top 10 Things You Don't Want to Hear During Surgery

  1. Things you don't want to hear during surgery:
  2. Better save that. We'll need it for the autopsy.
  3. "Accept this sacrifice, O Great Lord of Darkness."
  4. Bo! Bo! Come back with that. Bad dog!
  5. Wait a minute, if this is his spleen, then what's that?
  6. Hand me that... uh... that uh... that thingy there.
  7. Oh no! Where's my Rolex.
  8. Oops! Hey, has anyone ever survived from 500 ml of this stuff before?
  9. There go the lights again?
  10. "Ya know, there's big money in kidneys? and this guy's got two of 'em."

Top Ten Things You Wouldn't Know Without Movies

  1. It is always possible to park directly outside any building you are visiting.
  2. A detective can only solve a case once he has been suspended from duty.
  3. If you decide to start dancing in the street, everyone you bump into will know all the steps.
  4. Most laptop computers are powerful enough to override the communication systems of any invading alien civilization.
  5. It does not matter if you are heavily outnumbered in a fight involving martial arts - your enemies will wait patiently to attack you one by one by dancing around in a threatening manner until you have knocked out their predecessors.
  6. No one involved in a car chase, hijacking, explosion, volcanic eruption or alien invasion will ever go into shock.
  7. When they are alone, all foreigners prefer to speak English to each other.
  8. You can always find a chainsaw when you need one.
  9. Any lock can be picked by a credit card or a paper clip in seconds, unless it's the door to a burning building with a child trapped inside.
  10. Television news bulletins usually contain a story that affects you personally at that precise moment you turn the television on.

Top 10 Things to do at the Mall

10. At the bottom of an escalator, scream "MY SHOELACES! AAAGH!"
9. At the stylist, ask to have the hair on your back permed.

8. Ask a saleswoman whether a particular shade of panties matches the color of your beard.

7. Sneak up on saleswomen at the perfume counter and spray them with your own bottle of Eau de Swanke.

6. Collect stacks of paint brochures and hand them out as religious tracts.

5. At the pet store, ask if they have bulk discounts on gerbils, and whether there's much meat on them.

4. Hand a stack of pants back to the changing room attendant and scornfully announce that none of them are "leak proof".

3. Ask appliance personnel if they have any TVs that play only in Spanish.

2. Try pants on backwards at the Gap. Ask the salesperson if they make your butt look big.

1. Show people your driver's license and demand to know "whether they've seen this man."

I found these so funny I hope all my readers do too

Late Thankful Thursday

To anyone who reads my Blogs then Im terribly sorry that my Thankful Thursday is actually a Thankful Friday This Idea began With my Beautiful Jenn Who asked me to do the samd so here it is my Thankful Thursday/Friday

The things I am thankful for this week are as follows.

I am thankful that I have my health.

I am thankful that I have a job that pays me to go see my Jenn.

I'm thankful for my family and friends.

I am thankful that my job is still safe with the pending credit crunch.

I am thankful we live in a world that is mostly full of decent people.

and I am most thankful that I have my Jenn who I love more than anything in the world.


Thursday, 11 December 2008

here is a game to play have fun

please leave a comment on your high score

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Optical illusion time

I did some optical illusion stuff a while back and it seemed that my Beautiful Jenn and my friend Morgan really enjoyed them so here are some more for them and anyone els who reads my blogs

Can you find the dog?

Can you find the dog?

The Skin-Crawling Spiral

The Skin-Crawling Spiral

Please wait a moment until the spiral has finished loading.
When it's spinning smoothly, stare at the center of the spiral
for about a minute. Then look at the back of your hand...
It will appear to be twitching and moving, as though
bugs were crawling under your skin!

How many faces can you find?

How many faces can you find?

Is it moving and shimmering?

Is it moving and shimmering?

Stare at the gray dot in the center...

Stare at the gray dot in the center...

If you stare at the following picture long enough,
you should see a giraffe...

How many legs does this elephant have?
How many legs does this elephant have?

Crazy optical illusions

Ok so there they are for this week I hope you liked

Magic eye can you see?

these are magic eye pictures I must admit I struggle to see the hidden imiges within the pictures maybee you can do better give it a try If you see them let me know post me a comment. Ill number them so you can say in your comment what you saw in picture no 1 2 3 4 or 5

no 1

no 2

no 3

no 4
candy magic eye

no 5

Well did you see any of them Let me know have fun.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

A year in history 1980

Yes I have come up with a idea for my blog and It will be called
I Will take a look back in history once a week
and display the top things of that week.
I will display the news headline of that week
The latest technoligy of that week
the top 5 music of that week
top 5 movies
If I find that people actually read this blog Idea then I will carry it on
but if not I'll come up with another idea
so for this one I'm gonna go back to to 1980
I hope you all enjoy my trip down memory lane so here goes



1. Mount St. Helens eruption destroying 150 square miles.

2. John lennon is shot and killed.

3. Most gold medals won by Athlete in Olympics
awarded to speed skater Eric Heiden.

4. Woman arrested for slaying of a Alabama student.

5. President Carter warns USSR over military intervention in Poland.


1. BBC Acorn electron

2. Mobile phones.

3. Stereo systems.

4. Computer games.

5. Video tapes.


1. Blondie - Call me.

2. Kool and the gang -Celebration.

3. Queen -Another one bites the dust.

4. AC/DC - You shook me all night long.

5. Joy Davison - Love will tear us apart.


1. Empire strikes back.

2. 9 to 5.

3. Stir crazy.

4. Airplane.

5. Any wich way you can.

So there it is a quick but quite intresting summary of the year 1980 hope you enjoy.

A funny video

Well I think its about time I put another funny video on my blog. I think that sometimes my sense of humor gets the better of me and I have to watch a funny video. I thought it would be a good idea to share the one I thought was best with all my readers. I also know that not everybody in the world shares the same sense of humor so if anybody does find any of the video offensive or upsetting then please accept my utmost apology and be assured I have taken time to try to make sure it won't offend or upset anybody so I hope all who watch enjoy.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Thankful thursday

This is thankful thursday. A idea that has been carried on by My beautiful Jenn for a few weeks now. Jenn has asked me to do my own list of things I'm thankful for so here is my very own thankful list for today.

I am thankful for technoligy that gives me the abilty to speak with my Jenn every day

I am also thankful that I have a job that hasn't been affected by the credit crunch

I will be thankful when the history channel takes a week off.

I am so thankful that I have my Jenn who I love more than anything forever.

I am thankful I have my health

I am thankful for all the seasons of the year I think autum is my favorite

and every day of my life I am thankful that I found my Jenn she is the light of my life and every thing that I ever need.

The Ducks are coming!!

Well this may be the most wierd blog I have ever done but I am now convinced that the world is being over taken by Ducks. I even have proof, at first I was kinda intimadated by the Pegions but beleve me when I say that they have nothing on the ducks. I even have the pictures to prove it I will tell my story using the pictures so you can see what I know.


My day started more or less the same as any other day get woken up by the alarm then get in the shower and get ready for work. After gtetting ready and saying goodbye to my mom I was on my way to work  with my sandwiches tightly wrapped in my plastic see through bag.

Quite happy and not a care in the world I decide to walk though the park, I mean why not its a nice day and I wanted to take some pictures for my Jenn so through the park I go. With my camera at the ready and the sun going down on the horizon I'm all set to get some amaizing shots to put on my blog for
 my jenn to see.

With the sun in prime position I start to take some pictures of a beautiful sunset for my Jenn and they turned out pretty well here they are.

Yes I must admit I was quite pleased with the way they had turned out. I'm just putting my camera away and it's right at that point I see a lonley little bird that looks out of breath and appears to be running for its little life.

 As you may notice the picture is alittlle blury thats because this little bird was running like he had just seen Burnard Matthews smiling at him. Then I looked up and saw The horror he was running from.

There they are a entire army of Ducks all after this one little bird for some reason. I feel so sorry for the little bird but but I decide to walk away and I notice that the ducks are no longer following the little bird that now seems to be looking at me laughing but infact I'm the new target. 

They are after me I dont know why but they are I took afew pictures or as many as I could while running for my life from the KILLER DUCKS!!!!

See Notice how they are all looking at me they are sizing me up for the kill.

This was the last shot I took before I turned and ran for my life. the ducks had made it on to the banking of the pond. as soon as I saw these two I ran for my life and didnt look back.

So there it is living proof that



Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I just don't get it

I thought It was about time I wrote a blog exspressing the things I don't understand in life.
Every day things that make no sense to me things that you could also class as stupid or things that are just plain dumb in short things that I don't understand so here goes.

1.) Why do they make cars that go at 100mph and over if the max speed limit is about 65mph?

2.) When there is a boxing match why do they say that they are in a boxing ring when its actually a square?.

3.) Why do profesional football players get paid thousands of pounds/dollars for having fun for a few hours while the man who goes and workes hard at a factory all day just to feed his family get paid about 25 dollars a day?.

4.) Why can a superstar singer admit to taking drugs and be let off completely without punishment while a regular Joe gets locked up for years for the same thing?.

5.) Why do I never notice I'm out of toilet paper till after I'm finished?.

6.) Why does James Bond always have the right tools for the job?.

7.) Why do they always sell Hotdogs in cans of 6 but always sell the Buns in packs of 8?.

8.)Why do they spend so much money on exploring the outerlimits of space when there are people starving on earth?.

9.) How can someone say they are the best in the world until they have beaten every sinlgle person in the world?.

10.) Why do they call them a pair of trousers if it is classed as one item?

So there are just a few of the things in life I just don't get. So If any of you who read my blogs can give any kind of answer to any of my questions then please leave the answers in your comments or just leave a comment thanks.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Myths and legends true or false ?

The legend of King Arthur

There must be alteast Three or four different versions of the legend of one of Englands greatest kings if he even existed at all the Great King Arthur.

Legend has it that the king ruled the country for many years roughly around the early 6th century and was rumored to have held off the Anglo-Saxon invasion attempts with his Knights of the round table for many years until his death.

Legend also has it that the King was a great fighter he and his Knights fought twelve battles in total and legend tells that in the battle of Mons Badonicus King Arthur single handedly killed 960 men. Both he and his Knights have been portrayed in countless films and books as Been some mighty warrior in Shining armour with a magical sword and a mighty magician Merlin as a advisor.

The true King Arthur was actualy a Roman soldier who had been sent to England to one of Romes outposts at a time when the Anglo-saxon armys in vast numbers were repeatedly attempting to over run England. Arthur and a group of roman soldiers stayed and held there ground against the vast army's of the Saxons so I'm not exactly sure how he got the title of king. Maybe it was bestowed on him by the locals of the time however legend says he was announced as king after defeting the Anglo-Saxons army.

Finally legend says that he was killed in the battle of Camlann so after many years he died has he had lived a great worrior king and the last f the kings to actually engage in single combat.

The main problem with this one seems to be that when he did die all the proof that he exisited died with him it seems that the kingdom of Camalot or even his Roman outpost just dissapeard without trace. the magical sword Excalibur sword of kings gone, no armour, no crown, nothing to say he was actually here. Even his great Knights not a single piece of eveidence to support their existance either.

But however there is thisThis is a monument somwhere in Wales England that actually mentions King Arthur so it would appear that for the first time in my investagations there is some evidence to back a legend aparrently this monument was written in 1275 but that is 6 centuries after king Arthur or atleast my source but however there are other historians who would say that king Arthur was actually around in the tenth cetury so even with the above evidence it sounds like they can't even agree on when he was around either that or he lived a long long time.

So my idea of this one is that yes King Arthur did exist at some point in history and was beyond doubt a great warrior but however I dont belive he was a Knight in shining armour Maybe more just a Roman soldier who was a great leader of men and as for Excalibour maybe it was just a brand of sword like the Samuri but the Excalibour version never took off so it was a one of a kind.

So as for the legend of King Arthur actually existing my answer is yes he did.
but as for the sword, Camalot, and all the magic I say that part of the legend is busted.

If you have any ideas or arguments on my myth and legends then please leave me a comment

Next weeks legend is Robin Rood