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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

how to make yorkshire puddings

I have quizzed my Mother on how to make these and she always says that she never uses measurements so I had to investigate this myself so I have found a good way to make them and I hope it works for you, please feel free to give it a try and I hope you enjoy.

Here goes

Step 1= perpetration

You will need

1 muffin cup tray/

Plain flower / Eggs/ salt /milk / water/ lard or baking oil

2 eggs
4 oz plain flower
half a tea spoon of salt
180ml of milk

Step 2 mixing the ingredients.

1 take eggs from fridge and leave to stand for 20 minutes before using. don't use cold eggs
whisk 2 eggs,

2 add flower to the eggs and keep whisking

3 add water to the mix until a medium constancy is achieved.

step 3

1.pre heat oven to 200 on electric or gas mark 7-8 .

2.put a small piece of lard or a drop of baking oil in to each baking tray cup. put tray in oven let lard heat in oven remove when lard has melted.

3. put mix in to cups of baking tray and place in oven.

4 once mix begins to rise, turn heat down to 160 on electric or 5 on gas and leave to cook until has risen and are golden brown.

I don't know exact measurements but I think that a bit of common sense should cover that.

I hope it helps and happy baking, if you do try this then please let me know how it turns out

if this is what they look like then you got em right,, good luck

Sunday, 20 June 2010


It has been a while since I have done this but yet again there are questions that I feel need answers so I felt like I should perhaps post them on here. they are just for fun really but they are things that I do wonder about so please feel free to leave answers
so here goes

1.= Should the police be given the power to impose a prison sentence on the spot?

2.= Why don't they send Rambo ?

3.=Is it money or the lack of money that is the root of all evil?

4.= Which is better, Family guy or the Simpsons?

5 .= Should there be a licence to say you can drink alcohol?

6. = Should they bring back national service?

7. = Should there be one world currency?

8. = what are the winning lotto numbers?

9. = What starts a recession?

10. = was it the chicken or the egg?

Thanks for reading

Saturday, 19 June 2010

just waiting

Today has been great day, I have now finally got every thing in place and set to go see my Jenn.
today I got my train ticket to the airport and my travel insurance all paid for and I am ready to go, All I have to do now is wait 22 more days.

I am so excited now, but even though I know that every thing is done I just don't feel like I can relax, I think once I am there I will be able to relax, but I actually think that is normal for most people, they are so busy preparing for the journey that they never actually relax till they are at their destination.

Monday, 14 June 2010

My family

I think that family are one of the most important things that anyone can ever have.
A family is what makes life wonderful, they are so special and are always there for each other.
They support each other when times are tough and are there for fun times too,
Family are forever.

Here is me and my familyWe are all say hi and hope you are having a great day.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

That poor old man

Today at work I saw something that I had to act on
just out side my store there is a busy road, and the path on both sides is always full of people going about their business. but today I noticed a frail old man stood outside the door of the store and looking at the people passing him by and crossing the road, I could tell he needed help but no one was stopping to help him.

I turned to my work colleague and told him I would be back in a moment and I went out to the old man, I walked up to him and he looked up at me and I think he could tell I had come out to help him because he gave me a big smile, I said "would you like me to help you across the road?" he said oh yes please and he grabbed my arm and we walked across the road together.

as we was walking he told me that he was a soldier in the second world war, a mortar had landed near him and sent shrapnel in to his legs, and ever since then he had trouble walking. he was so cheerful and even though he had the problem with his legs he refused to let it get him down. we only talked for a few minutes because I had to get back to work and once I had helped him across the road I asked him if he would be ok from that point and he said yes and thanked me. I walked back across the road and looked back just to make sure he was ok.

I just felt better knowing that I had helped him. I don't know him, but I am glad I helped him

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Good old Yorkshire food

Today my mother made me some more classic Yorkshire food.
She made me a meal called Toad in the hole, which is basically a large Yorkshire pudding with sausage in it. you can also have onion in the pastry but that is optional.

it is a very yummy meal and I would recommend it,
I think that I will put some more Yorkshire meals on here in the future. lots of people asked me about the Yorkshire puddings so I will have to put the recipe on here soon.