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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Me and Jenn April 2013

I have been with my beautiful Jenn since April 21st this time round and have only just been able to get to my computer for long enough to write about it.
 I love to fly, but one major problem I have is I can never sleep, I close my eyes and can just never seem to drift off, I have tried every time. I even bought my self a big pillow this time.

It still didn't work.

But how can I sleep when I would miss some of the views.

I love every second I am here with my Jenn. 
We have already done so much this time round .
and I have lots of pictures of all the great time we have spent together and all the foods we have tried. me and Jenn love to try new foods, and are always looking for our next great adventure.

We also love some of the same things we always do. 
We always go and visit Dahlonega. we both love that place and I always say I would love to retire there.
If you have never been there and love those quiet little old towns I would highly recommend it, it has not changed much over the years that me and Jenn have been going there and according to history it hasn't changed much since it was first built.
while Jenn has been at work I have been taking my run, I always try to push my self a little further each time, I have set my best mile time of 7 minutes and 21 seconds here. mainly up hill so I am quite happy with that, I have always tried to go for distance but lately have wanted to work a little on my speed. I believe I can go faster but dont want to push it to much at a time. I am running on average 5 miles a day. If I try for speed on my first mile I am more tired on the last few miles. so I got to try and work the speed up slowly.


Me and my Jenn also love to go see movies together. we saw the movie called   42   the other day, its a great movie. we also saw the Croods and Big wedding.  

We visited the Mall of Georgia, that place is so big, I could easy spend a day in there and not be board.

We are already trying to work for July for my next visit when we are hoping to take part in the peach tree run in Atlanta. Jenn has done the run before, and she says its about 7 miles long. When I am in England I run about 3 miles a day, my longest run is about 10 miles. I am very confident that I can do the run and all been well me and Jenn will cross the line together in July.

While I have been here this time round I have been a little adventurous when it comes to food, I am usually quite play it safe and stick to the foods I know I like when I eat, but I am branching out and trying foods I would normally never look at .

I have tried buffalo wings , and I have tried a soup, I cant remember the name of it but Jenn said it's a Georgia thing, and if you eat this soup on new years day it will bring you fortune for the year ahead.


Each time I visit, me and Jenn try to plan a day where we both do something special.
This time we decided to go visit the world of Coca cola Atlanta.
We had talked about going there so many times but had actually never been . and with it been my last day we thought it was the ideal opportunity.

Every thing you could think of to do with Coca cola was there, including a volt with the recipe  for the drink. a room where it was a full 360 view TV and lots of information about how the drink was made.  I had no Idea it was a doctor who invented it as a medicine.

and there was a taste room that had all the flavors from around the world, and I tried every one of them, some were soo good, some not so good but I tried them all. I felt so bloated after and even had a little bit of a sugar rush. we looked around the official Coca cola store and bought each other gifts.


After the world of Coca Cola we found a cafe where I had a  Philly cheese stake sandwich.
   it was so good, I had one before , I wonder which way would be the proper way to have one, I have had the steak in chunks before and as a mince, so I may have to look in to that.

and for  the last hour before I had to go , me and Jenn walked around the Olympic park near the world of Coca Cola . there was a fair on in the park, with lots of different stores there and fun things to do.

Me and Jenn bought some cool stuff and tested our zombie killing skills on a shooting range.
before we knew it, time was up and I had to go, I always hate that point, its the one time i dread in all the time I am there.

time always goes so very fast, its like watching a hour glass , you know that last grain of sand will soon drop through the hole and all you can do is watch it fall. but the good thing is that you can turn it over and start it again.

 I love My beautiful Jenn more than anything every day 

I will be back with my beautiful Jenn soon and we will be having lots more fun and adventures .

Thank you so much to those of you who read this.