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Thursday, 30 October 2008

A spooooky blog

I thought It would be fun to do a fictional spooky blog seen as its almost halloween so sit back turn out all the lights and read my blog muuuaahhhh ha ha ha ha ha erm yeah here goes.

First do you know the name of the man who wrote the book called Ghost house the answer is =Hugo first ha ha ha.

A man who Lived all alone in his flat decided It would be a great idea to go out with some of his friends seen as it was halloween so he got on a old torn coat put some makeup on and dressed as a zombie and out he went they had all aranged to meet in a old abandon grave yard just behind a church that hadn't been used in years. so he got there at about eight o'clock and his friends were already there with beer and food and they had got a fire going so it was warm.

They all have a really good time and as the night goes one they all settle around the fire and begin to tell there scary storys. Eventually it cmes to his turn to tell his story so he coughs alittle to clear his throat and begins his spooky tale of how he knew the man who had lived in his flat before him and the reson he had got the flat so cheap was because the man before had gone crazy. aparently concerned friends had been calling the old man for days with no answer
and had gone to his flat to see if there friend was ok and after knocking on the door they had heard him screaming and running through the flat and so that had called the police and when the pulled him out of the flat he had cuts allover him from where he had smashed all the mirrors and was screaming that the devil was in his flat.

apparently he had read a old book that says I
f you were to look in to a mirror at the stroke of midnight on all hallows eve and say the lords prayer backwards that the devil hiself would apear in the mirror and the old man had tryed this and it sent him mad. the man who had just told the story sat and looked at all his friends and bursts out laughing aloud and says "hey you guys Im just made it up Im only joking. His firend all with a shear look of terror on there faces laugh in kind of a humar him laugh.

The man decides its time to go home and he sits
in his flat its only half past eleven at night and the guy is already board so he gets the idea to try out the devil in the mirror thing that the old man before him had tryed after all he was just a crazy old man. the guy gets the only mirror in the house places a andle at ech side of the mirror and turns down the lights the clock strikes twelve midnight the guy begins to say the lords prayer backwords and quickly finishes he opens his eyes and looks in the mirror and laughs there's nothing there just his reflection he goes to grab the candle and drops it he quickly bends down and grabs the burning candle and stands up .

He looks in the mirror and he is instantly paralised to the spot as he relises his reflection is smiling back at him but hes not smiling he rubs his eyes and looks again this time his relections eyes are glowing red and now has long fangs and grey skin the guy runs out of the bathroom and out of his lat and in to the street screaming Its the devil hes in my flat help! people come running out to see whats wrong the all start lookin
g at him and sayi ng "your crazy " the guy relises he was just like the old man before him he was going crazy.

He runs back in to the house and ppicks up a the mirror and throws it on the floor the mirror smashes abut now the guy can hear a evil laugh echo through his mind he runs in to the bedroom locks the bedroom door and lays on the bed and closes his eyes.

The next day a man reads in the paper how police had recoverd a body from a flat the paper was very breif about it but the colum read >>>> A man was recoverd from a flat in south hanslow today and police are investigating the sc
ene and are treating it as a very suspicious murder the body was very badly mutalated and apears to have had three sixes carved in to the chest of the man using a piece of broken mirror if there are any witnesses please come forward.

The end sleep well

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The cats of the family

I thought It was about time I wrote a blog about the five cats that I live with I have been chasing them around the house most of the day trying to get pictures of them all to put on this blog so I hope who ever reads this blog like's the pic's I run the equivelant of a marathon to get them so here goes.
This one is Sophie, the first cat we got out of the five and the diva out of them all we think she is the oldest by about a year and she spends most of her time pinning down the younger cats and cleaning them or sleeping. She has been known to have the ocasional spurt of energy every now and then and is probably the most inteligent of them all. she always responds when her name is shouted and seem's to have a mothering nature especially towards Polly.

This one is Sugar the second oldest and the first in command she is without a doubt the alpha cat amongst them. Sugar is very sweet natured towards any humans and has amaizing green eyes and she loves to sit on anyones knee even strangers and she sheds quite alot so if you are wearing black beware!. Sugars absalute favorite thing in the world is sleep I have known her to sleep all day long and she loves her biscuits she wont let any of the other cats near her food and once she is setteled good luck on moving her she can be quite a bully towards the other cats but all in all is very sweet.

Ok here is Daisy posibly the worlds most clumbsy cat she is the only cat I know that can fall over while she is sat down and as you can see by the picture she has to negotiate coming down stairs very carfuly stoping to think about where to place the next paw. she tries to be a lady about it by looking around first to make sure no one sees her been clumbsy but its just no good so sorry Daisy no rock climbing in your near future .

This one is Melissa one of two sisters and very mardy if she dosn't have her way and the most vocal of all the cats she will walk around the house at night meowing none stop and as loud as she can. youve no doubt heard of the cats chior well meet the loudest member she is very sweet in nature and loves her sister and is mine and Jenn's adopted daughter I have a radio controll helecopter that I use to wind her up with and she loves playing with it and when I turn it of and put it away well thats it all you hear is MMMMMMMEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! non stop. she loves to sit on my knee .

Ladys and gentlemen boys and girls meet polly the youngest of all five cats and without a doubt the world's biggest windup merchant her hobbies are winding up sugar, getting Daisy mad and making her fall over and looking after her sister Melissa. She is such a cheeky cat and somewhat of a extreem sports cat she loves running through the house with Sugar in hot pursuit and running up the walls over the couch through the hallway in to the kitchen steel afew of Sugars buscuits and away she goes. Sugar can't stand her and Polly always finds new and impresive wasy to piss Sugar off. Polly is such a clown and always makes me laugh.

So there you have it a small profile on all the cats I hope you enjoyed reading.

Goodnight from all the cats

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Funny funny.

Watch and enjoy...so funny!

Please feel free to leave a comment :)

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Expirence of flying.

I wanted to write this blog just to reflect on my experience of flying.

I have been on a plane
12 times in total now and have traveled something in the region of 36000 miles, and so far I haven't had even one flight without turbulence. The first time I ever boarded a plane it was with American Airlines and probably one of the scariest experiences of my life. The first time I felt turbulence I thought I was gonna die! I have to say though my best experience so far has to be with KLM Dutch Airways.
I have no idea what KLM stands for, and I don't speek a word of Dutch, so I guess it's lucky for me the staff understands English! The first time I found out what turbulence really was I was aboard a KLM jet. Just like the one in the picture, we were cruising through the sky and everything was going well, then I noticed the plane starting to rock ever so slightly. The next thing I know, I'm on a roller coaster with wings! I can feel the plane going up then down, left then right-- and then the seat belt signs come on and I think "this is it, I'm gonna die!" Then there's some old woman sat across from me saying the Lord's Prayer, and that makes me feel so much better-- as I look out the window to see the wing bending and flapping like a pigeon's wing. Then as fast as it started the turbulence stopped and everything seemed fine. For the rest of the flight it was an amazing flight and there were some truly spectacular views.

It's just like I said to my Jenn how I love and hate the airport-- I love it because it's the place that brings me to her, but at the same time I hate it because it's the place I have to go to get back to England. I do love to fly on a plane even if sometimes I think the wing will fall of or something silly like that .

It is this things that brings me to my Jenn, and I am so grateful to them! I can't wait to get on the next one that will bring me safe to my Jenn. I love her so much!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Poem for my Jenn.

Every day of my life is so very great all because of you,
you make me feel so happy and safe-- my love for you is so true.

The thought of you keeps me warm and always makes me smile,
and the love that I feel for you is something that can't be measured in miles.

I love you more than all the grains of sand in all the deserts of the world,
and my love for you is worth far more than any diamonds or pearls.

The drops of rain that fill the oceans still don't come anywhere close,
and even something as beautiful as a flower can't say it-- not even a rose.

The only thing that I can do to let you know how much I love you,
is to be with you forever and ever and totally belong to you.

Ill tell you I love you every single day,
and love you forever In every possible way.

I love you my Jenn.

Monday, 20 October 2008

Comand and Conquer.

This blog is about the game I got while I was in the US. It's a really good game, so I thought I would write about it after every mission I complete. So here goes...

Command and Conquer mission: day one.

Before the game begins, some guy dressed up like a General tells me I've just gotten back from vacation.. Then he goes on to say that it's back to business. Apparently a rebel force that call themselves the "Brotherhood of Nod" are trying to invade Europe and are a real problem. He wants me to deal with them, so my orders are to sneak in with a small task force and secure the beach for the main forces-- so I'm thinking "oh great, just chuck me in at the deep end, thanks a lot pal!"

The next thing I know, I'm on a beach with about six men and a mobile construction site. Destroyers are giving cover fire from the ocean, and there are men with big guns firing at me and my squad (of complete cowards who seem happy to run for the hills and leave me here to poop myself all alone). So I get the mobile costruction site to unload, and begin to build a power generator, and as my men look at each other like they have just pooed their pants, the enemy troops start coming in in waves. I give the order to hold our ground and protect the mobile construction site-- if I were to lose that, the mission would be over and id be up creek without a paddle! So my men dig in and hold on.

Next, I build an army barracks. Then I can see the option for more men, so i hit the button like a mad man! I'm waiting for it, and as the counter reaches zero I get so excited-- I think, "this is it, men are gonna come poring out of my barracks and I'm gonna overrun the beach in seconds." I hear a voice saying "training complete," and to my shock one man comes out-- that's it! man standing there as if to say "what do Oneyou want?" Great, I'm gonna take over the world with one man who has little more than a pea shooter for a gun!

Then I see I have funding-- lots of funding! So now I can get lots more men! *ha ha ha ha* They're gonna get it now!

I build a massive army, raid the beach, and still get home in time for cornflakes ;) I win my first mission!!!!

Monday, 13 October 2008

The day I met Jenn's parents.

Sunday, the 12th of October was the day I met my Jenn's parents for the first time.

Both of her parents work at the church that Jenn is a member of, and the church isn't to far from Jenn's house, but because we were in Dahlonega we had to get up pretty early.

I got up about 20 minutes before Jenn because I needed to have a shave. And we needed to set off early because we both thought it would be good that we go to Wal-mart to get me some new clothing that would be suitable for church.

So-- all shaved and with a new suit-- off we went to meet Jenn's parents. Now have you ever noticed that, when your nervous, things seem to take so long leading up to that point? Or how when you know something is going to make you nervous, everything seems to speed up to get you to that point? It's really strange how that works, don't you think? Well it usually takes Jenn about an hour to get to her house, but all the roads where clear of traffic, so it only took about 40 minutes.

The second I saw the church, the nerves really hit me. We got there twenty minutes early, so all we could do was sit in Jenn's car and let the nervous feeling take hold.

Finally it was time to head into church, so out of the car we get and walk slowly towards the entrance. Now inside the church, I feel myself wanting to look in all directions at once to see if I could see Jenn's parents, but there was no one around. So, with Jenn leading I follow her down the corridor, and I can hear voices coming from a room and the door is open but we walk straight past so I figure they're not in that room-- but me being nosy, I look anyway and I'm sure I see Jenn's dad-- and he looks back at me. But Jenn keeps going, so I follow her.

We eventually come upon a room with people in it getting changed into choir outfits, and I remember Jenn telling me that her mom leads the choir, so I knew for sure that Jenn's mother was one of the people in this room. We headed to the back of the room and to a lady that was arranging papers, and with the way Jenn headed towards her I knew this lady was Jenn's mother. Turning around she sees Jenn and says, "hi Jenn,"and gives her a hug.

Now comes my part-- Jenn says, "Mom, I'd like you to meet Wayne." Jenn's mom turns and looks at me kinda with the who's-this-man-with-my-daughter eyes. She says, "Hi I'm Lynette, how are you?" I respond with "I'm good thank you. My name is Wayne."

Jenn's mom turns back and looks at Jenn and says "so are you to together, or together-together?" And Jenn says were together-together, and so they talked for a few more minutes, and then me and Jenn headed in to the sanctuary.

I had to ask Jenn, so I say, "so, how do y0u think it went?" And Jenn says, "I'm not sure, but I feel sick". I still felt nervous because I think that I was kinda more worried about meeting her dad, but Jenn said to me that I had nothing to worry about. I couldn't help but look around the church just in case Jenn's dad was there, but he worked in the sound room and after a while I could see him in there pressing different buttons and before long the service was over and Jenn stands up and we are on our way to the room that I had seen Jenn's dad in.

This was it-- my nerves were at their peek-- so with Jenn leading the way, I get ready to meet her dad. Jenn stops at the door to the room where her dad is. The door is already open, and there is Jenn's dad. Jenn says, "hi Dad there's someone I want you to meet." I hold out my hand and say, "hi I'm Wayne how are you?" He shakes my hand and says" hi i'm David, it's nice to meet you, too."

Straight away my nerves disappear. They are both really nice people. Jenn talks with her dad for a few more minutes, and then me and Jenn head out to the car. It seems the plan is that we are all going to a Mexican resautrant.

Now the really strange-- and at the same time, funny-- thing is that me and Jenn had left her mom and dad at the church, and I'm pretty sure we had a good head start, so when we get to the restaurant who's there looking like they had been sat there at least 10 minutes? Jenn's mom and dad! I don't know how they did it, but they had somehow gotten ready, got in the car, overtaken us, and were seated before me and Jenn had got to the restaurant.

We all sit together and eat and talk for a while. Lots of questions are asked and answered, such as where I came from, how did me and Jenn meet, and I really think it went well and I seemed to get on well with them both.

After the restaurant, it was on to Jenn's parents' house, and when we got there guess what? Jenn's mom and dad had beat us again!

So in we went. The house was amazing-- the kitchen looked great, the living area was amazing, it could possibly be defined as perfect! We sat down for a while and talked some more and me and Jenn's dad went on the Nintendo Wii, and I really enjoyed the games we played. He even showed me different little tricks on the games and I thought it was really cool that he was taking the time to show me these things. Jenn and her mom sat down and looked at pictures while me and her dad played games.

It was a really perfect day and I do think it was one of the happiest days of my life. I felt accepted by them and that really made me happy. We even sat down and watched the football game together and talked about the action in the game and I loved it.

But eventually it was time to go, so I shook their hands and said good-bye to them. Me and Jenn got in the car and headed back to Dahlonega. So all in all, it was an amazing day for me, and I can't wait to see Jenn's parents again someday soon.

I really had a wonderful day with them!!

Pepsi Granade.

This isn't a very long post, but it relates to a funny incident that happened just the other day with me and Jenn...

I was laying on the bed, trying to controll my radio-controlled helicopter-- which, by the way, isn't too easy-- and Jenn is tidying. The next thing I know, Jenn is heading toward me with a Pepsi bottle that is about half-full, and I think she is coming over to hand it to me because the top isn't on the bottle. Suddenly Jenn stops still stood a good five feet away from me, and my face of joy turns to horror as I see her pull her arm back, then before I can say "stop" forward goes her arm, and the bottle takes flight.

I drop my controller for the helicopter, which starts to spiral out of control, and falls to the ground. Then in comes the bottle, and by now Jenn has turned her back and is making for the sink. The bottle hits the bed right next to me and out pores the Pepsi straight down my arm and side and on to the bed. I can hear the fizz of the Pepsi, and I dare not look. Jenn looks at me and realizes what had happened. All along she had thought the top was on the bottle. She giggles to herself as she helps me clean up.

I thought it was a really funny story and thought it would make a great blog post :)

Friday, 10 October 2008


Jenn and I had just been shopping in Wal-mart and were about to leave when we noticed a claw machine (you know one of those machines where you control a crane with the joystick and press the button to send the crane down to grab a toy?).

I said to Jenn "What do you say we give it a try?" Jenn agreed, so we put a couple of quarters in the machine and I take control of it. I move the crane, and ask Jenn which one she would like. I line up the crane grabber and press the button the crane goes down and looks like it has a firm grip on the toy in question. I'm just waiting for the grabber to close around the toy and pull it up and drop it in the hatch. The crane comes back up, and the grabber doesn't close straight away-- it only starts to close as the toy is out of its grasp!

We decided to try again. This time Jenn starts shouting "LEFT NO MORE LEFT DUH RIGHT, LOOK YOUR DOING IT WRONG!!!!!!" We eventually agree on a spot, and down goes the grabber. Still no luck, and after another eight quarters, out come the one dollar bills.

So with one last attempt, we line it up over a Stitch cartoon toy with a red top. I press the button and down goes the crane. This time it gets a great angle on the toy! I hit the button again and the grabber closes firmly around the toys head. Up and out comes the toy!!!! Down the hatch he drops, so Jenn goes diving in after him and pulls out the toy that just cost us seven dollars and she straight away says hes ugly (but she loves him).

With the toy we just won it spurs us on to try again. We try for all the different ones, but in the end the second toy was another Stitch with a yellow top and flight goggles on.

So Jenn keeps the first, and I keep the second. In the end it cost us twelve dollars, but we got two toys and had a lot of fun getting them!!!!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Nonstop rain.

I think today was the most I have ever seen it rain in the US, I mean the stuff never stopped. Do clouds ever run out of rain? But anyway... apart from all the rain, it was another perfect day with my Jenn.

As I said in my last blog, I discovered Wendy's fast food restaurant, which was really good by the way. It's kind of a cool story about how we came to eat there. First, Jenn had class, so we drove in her car to the college. Because of all the rain it seemed like everyone had thought to themselves, "I know, I'll take my car and stay dry." So thanks to that, there were no parking spots in the car park. The only place available was the thirty-minute parking. So I walked Jenn to her class and grabbed a bottle of Coca Cola and waited in the car. I turned the key in the ignition so the CD player came on and I was listening to the Abba musical. I must admit, I could feel my head starting to go with the music (maybe a leg started as well). I may have gotten carried away, and started to dance a little. Before I knew it, it was time to pick up Jenn from class, so out in to the rain again armed with Jenn's umbrella and to her class where after waiting for a few minutes there was my Jenn. Now the plan was we would head to our Italian restaurant in the square and then on to the glass blowers place and get some more grab bags to add to our collection. But it seems that plan would take a drastic turn. Now out of the rain and in Jenn's car Jenn puts the key in the ignition and turns and instead of the normal sound that the car makes, there is a sound that can only be described as someone putting a sheet of paper in a fan. Straight away I think I killed the car by listening to the CD player-- kinda death by stereo. So after several attempts to start the car, we make a call and get through to the campus police who come out to jump the car. They ask if we can stand outside the car so they know where we are. Standing out in the rain again waiting for some guy to jump the car battery and holding the umbrella I'm looking in all directions to see if I can see the man coming to help. Without a sign of him, I go wait in the car to stay dry and warm. Then Jenn says to me "just our look you get in the car and he will drive straight past" Then i notice a big white van just rolling past it was the man that was coming to fix the car! I jumped out and run after the van and eventually catch up and drag him back to the car where he quickly gets us up and running again. So now instead of going to our Italian restaurant, we head for the auto parts car repair place where they quickly discover the car battery is dead and charge eighty dollars for another one. Then I see Wendy's and ask Jenn what it's like, and she tells me about how nice it is so we decide to head there after the car was fixed.

After Wendy's we headed for the glass blowing place and while Jenn waits in the car, I run in and get five grab bags and pay (the shop keeper, who remembered me from the other day, says "aahhh back for more eh you got one yesterday and back for more that's the usual way it works"). I get back to the car and we can't wait to open our bags to see what's inside we were like kids at Christmas and we got five awesome little animals-- a swan, an elephant, a crab, a humming bird, and a duck. Here's a picture of them...

Old McDonlad had a wife and her name was... Wendy's?

Old McDonald had a restaurant, e-i-e-i-o... and and his wife Wendy apparently had one too.

Yes, boys and girls, today I discovered Wendy's-- a restaurant that is very similar to McDonald's in almost every way. The only difference is that Wendy's burgers are square, and they have thicker fries, and where McDonald's has milkshakes Wendy's has Frosties. But apart from that they are mirror images of each other. I said to my Jenn when we went in Wendy's that I am surprised that McDonald's isn't sewing for copy rights.

The staff in Wendy's do seem a lot more helpful and they smile-- I can't remember the last time I saw a McDonald's employee give a friendly smile. I know how tired they are (I worked for McDonald's about twelve years ago and yes it's the closest thing to Hell on earth), but I think if they smile more it would be a help to them and the mood of the company. They always smile on the advertisements (oh wait sorry there well-paid actors lol).

Anyway at Wendy's Jenn and I had a great meal. I must confess, the burger alone had me nearly full, and I barely got through the fries, so Wendy's is definatly a good value for your money. I would recommend it to anyone.

Go see Old McDonald's wife because (just like in real life) the woman always seems to be able to cook better than the man (no offense!).

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

football's and kittycat's

Well this one i suppose shows that no matter how old we get we all have a inner child that every once in a while comes out to play. On monday afternoon Jenn had her second class of the day so i took the opertuinity to go to walmart to see if they had any footballs there so i could maybee use it while i waited for Jenn to finish class. So i walked Jenn to her class and headed in the diretion of Malmart the walk would take me about half a hour and with Jenn's class been a hour and fifty min's that woulld be plenty of time for me to get there and back and still have time to try out my throwing arm. So I get about ten min's away from walmart and i get a text messige from my Jenn saying my class maybe cancelled hurry back so i figure i can still make it there and back just in time if it is cancelled so i send a text back saying ok baby ill be quick. So i quicken my pace and just get to the walmart door when my cell starts to ring i answer and its my Jenn her class was cancelled so i grab a drink and head back to college and when i get there Jenn is waiting for me with some fries that we share. I tell Jenn that i went in to a store there and i was sure that they had sex and the city the movie for sale there and it would be cool if we went and baught it and watched it later and maybe we could get me a football so Jenn agreed and we headed for the car. Well there i was back at walmart again a place id been at only a hour prior so in we went and we headed over to the toy section of the store to look for a ball for me and i guess here was proof if any that wemon are truly better shoppers than men Jenn some how found the ball streight away it would have taken me hours. I sometimes get the feeling that wemon have some kind of a built in radar when it comes to shoppng they seem able to know exactly where any product in the store is its amaizing and here i am trying to look intelligent and trying to make oyut as if i know exactly where to go and after three isles of no luck jenn finds it streight away. With ball in trolly we head to the dvd counter and purchas sex and the city the extended adition and then Jenn says "I think that because you have a toy i should have one too" so back down the isle we go and we pick out a lttle kitty play set for Jenn and in it there is a kittycat a dog and a pegion or is it a budgie im not sure but we hurry to the checkout and head for home. when we get to the motel the first thing we do isnt unpack the shopping or get somthing to eat ooohhhh nnooo we trear open the toy pack and begin to play with our toys and i guess you could say that both our inner children came out and played together and it was awsome and here is a picture of our toys.
Arnt they awsome???

Monday, 6 October 2008

My own golden georgia

Just the other day me and jenn decided we would walk around the square right after we had been to the museum. There are lots of shops around there and restraunts too including mine and Jenn's favorite italian restraunt thet we go to as much as possible and the bread there is amaizing but the dip they give you to dip in is good but gives me real bad indigestion and then I spend half the night going through gallons of milk to get rid of it then i spend the rest of the night running to the bathroom because my bladder is full from all the milk. Anyway back to the story so me and Jenn are looking in all the stores and we go in to a antique store with lots of old books and old ornimentals so i notice a golden object in the shape of the state of georgia that had its own little bag and for some reason i just cant take my eyes off it. Jenn notices me looking at this thing and she sees it also and then Jenn says to me "would you like it if i baught it for you " and i said "I really like it but it cost alot of money" . Jenn had made up her mind off she runs with georgia in her hand in the direction of the counter and i follow she pays for the item passes it to me and says "There we go now youll always have home with you it was really sweet of her to buy it for me and i love it and i love my Jenn

Its the most amaizing thing ever and i love it and i also took a picture of my Jenn im not the best photographer in the world but im really proud of this one so here it is

Sunday, 5 October 2008

stood on floors of gold

This blog is about mine and Jenn's trip to the Dahlonega museum .

I had wanted to go there for quite some time so we decided we would go take a look today. It was a really small building to say it was a museum but inside it was full of pictures and information about georgia and mainly seemed to be about the gold rush. There were lots of things that the miners would have used and I learnt alot there like how the army forced indians to move on so the people could dig for gold. There was even a movie all about the gold rush and how the mining for gold braught ppl from far and wide to get there claim to any gold that they coud find. It all started by some guy out hunting who fell on a rock and then looked to see what he had stumbled on and guess what it was a gold nugget just sitting there. The movie went on and showed the entire history of the area and then there was a lady who was explaining all about how the building we was in started as a court house where criminals were sentenced to death by hanging or some over nasty way. She went on to explain that there was small pieces of gold in the bricks used to build the place well that was it the first thing i wanted to do was find a hammer and chisel and start chiping away at the bricks i could have maid millions lol. Then as we was walking down some stairs and Jenn said to me "do you know why the stars are built this way"? meaning how steep they were so as a wild guess i said "erm well id guess that thy would throw the bad guy down the stairs in the hope to kill them saving the hang man a job". Jenn said "that was close" then she said they built them like that so they could throw them down the stairs to cause them alot of pain and i said "really"! and Jenn said "i dont know" lol. But anyways all in all it was a good experence and im wiser about dahlonega its a great little town with great people .

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Our new son AKA Rodney AKA Killer

We called our new fish Rodney because we went to see a movie just before we got him called Nights in Rodanthe so Rod---anthe =Rodney.

The film was a sweet film, but I'll right about that in my next blog.

Anyways, after the movie we ventured to Wal-mart and went to the pet section of the store. There was like an entire section dedicated to fish. It was like they had there own ocean right there in the store and the male Betta fish even had their own little bowls of water-- kinda like their own little bath tub.

Well we knew we wanted a Betta fish so we began looking at each one of them. There were lots of them and all in different colours. It's kinda funny but the first one we saw was the one we picked, but we still looked through all of them looking for the ideal one. But this one was kinda funny and had personality . At first it was asleep, and then Jenn knocked the bowl and he woke up kinda startled and looked straight at Jenn as if to say "who are you what do you want, can't you see I'm sleeping??" and then just kinda hovered there looking at us and watching our every movement.

We looked at the others quickly and decided to take the one Jenn had woken up. He was perfect and we love his colour-- kinda like a deep ocean blue. We headed back to put him in his new bowl and when we put im in he seemed so happy to have more than a couple of inches to swim in and so me and Jenn had hot dogs while he got used to his new (and much larger) bowl.

About ten minutes later, I go look at him and he's on the bottom just kinda sat there, and I get worried because hes not really moving. So I say to Jenn "is he ok? I'm gonna just touch him to make sure hes ok."

I slowly put my hand in the bowl and move deeper in and then I feel his fin and quick as a flash he turns and bites me. I couldn't believe it! He actually bit me! I mean, we save him from a boring life in a two inch bowl, give him a nice home, and I really big bowl, and when I go to make sure he's alive I get bit!

Well I guess that's gratitude for ya!! But I must admit I fell in love with him and he's a part of the family now.

Friday, 3 October 2008

Culture shock at the movies.

This blog covers the difference in culture I experienced while at the movies in America.

Firstly, I noticed the seats in the US are far more relaxing than in the UK. The UK ones send your ass numb after about 20 minutes, and you constantly have to change position to stay comfortable, and then you get people looking at you as if you have some major disease. The chairs in the US are so comfortable and welcoming. You sink right into them and can sit quite happily and watcth an entire three-hour movie without ever having to wriggle or change position.

The next thing I noticed was the staff who work there. In the UK they look at you as if you have something on your face and they want to hit it with a fly swatter. In the us they seem a lot more happy to help and are friendly and would do their best to get you what you ask for.

Without a doubt the biggest culture shock is at the end of the movie-- in England, when a movie reaches the end credits, the people just get up and leave as quickly as their little legs will carry them. So when I watched a movie in the US and the end credits came up, I got up to leave, and suddenly everybody starts to clap and applaud. So I thought, "are they clapping for me? am i famous over here?" Then just as I was about to take a bow, it dawned on me they were all looking at the screen. Not one set of eyes was on me. They were clapping and cheering for the movie they had just watched. So feeling like an idiot I quickly sat back down to blend in and started to clap, and believe me when I say I waited until everybody else had left before I even thought about making for the exit.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Damn! That's high!

My blog today is all about my trip to see Jenn, which started at 7 pm on Tuesday, the 30th of September, and ended at 12 midnight English time (7 pm US time), on the 1st of October.

By that time, I looked like a crack addict with blood shot eyes and pale skin--basically a zombie and not to mention as per usual there was turbulence on the first flight. I'm sure the pilot tried a barrel roll on landing and I thought I was gonna die. Then there was delay on the second flight by about two hours and by that point I was ready to collapse. But I eventually got on the plane and got to the US in one piece.

The airport, which took me forever to get through last time, took me what seemed like seconds to get through this time. And then it was just a case of waiting for my Jenn since I was about 2 hours earlier than she had been expecting me.

So I sat in the chair where me and Jenn first met, and it was kinda funny because last time I had no idea which entrance she would be coming through. So there I was with my head quickly and constantly turning in the direction of three different entrances wondering which one it would be. I thought, "there's no way she's outsmarting me this time ha ha ha!" Then there she was with the smile on her face-- she had done it again! Oh well, outsmarted again.

She looked as beautiful as ever! I stood up and held my Jenn in my arms. It was the best feeling in the world. I'd made it across the ocean and, 27 hours after the beginning of my journey, i was with my Jenn. It was perfect!

I love my Jenn.