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Friday, 19 August 2011


I had a strange dream last night. and seen as I said I would write a post a week I figured I would write about this strange dream.

In my dream I was stood at the edge of a road leading on to a very large suspension bridge I was surrounded by tall buildings, maybe a city and the bridge went over a gap i couldn't see if the gap was the ocean or a canyon, but I think it was the ocean or maybe a lake.

there was lots of cars and traffic on the bridge but it wasn't really moving and I noticed more than anything a bus at the front of the on the bridge but I didn't take notice of the numbers but, the bus was grey and was a single deck bus.

I was looking toward the bridge and I noticed that the suspension cables were giving way and the bridge began to collapse. all the people on the bridge and all the cars and trucks and bikes dropped with the bridge in to the gap the the bridge was going across. I could hear the suspension cables snapping and stretching under the strain and the last thing to drop was the grey bus. a great plume of smoke came from out of the gap that the bridge had crossed. people were screaming in horror apart from one old lady. she was looking and she was laughing.

I woke up at this point.

Strange stuff

Monday, 15 August 2011

Catch up

It's been a while since I have wrote on here, it's not that I have forgotten but I have just been busy working a lot and I haven't really had to much to write about. but I figured I had better write something before I get a writers block and then I will be stuck .

I guess that things seem to have gone crazy in England at the moment with all the riots and stuff. Every body seems to be blaming every body for that, the government is blaming the youth and the youth is blaming the government. but no one is ready to say ok this is wrong so how do we tackle it and resolve the situation in the best interests for every body and as long as the blame is been passed from pillar to post it will continue to be this way. but rioting is a strong sign that things are very wrong somewhere.

Apart from all that, I have been doing my jogging most days and I am almost at my target weight of 13 stone, but one thing I have noticed about loosing weight, those last few pounds are the hardest to get rid of. but I keep my Jogging going and I know those last 3 pounds will soon shed off, but I also think that the next difficult point will be keeping that weight. so many people have said that it is just as hard as the diet it's self.

Work is going very well at the moment and I am saving so I can go and be with my Beautiful Jenn again soon, we both miss each other very much and we get to talk every day which I am very great full. I miss her so much every day and I love her more than any words I can say or type.

Well I needed to start typing on here and I feel slightly better for doing so. when I write at first what starts as a trickle of letters soon become words and the sentences follow. and before I know it I have written a full page of things.

Thanks for reading and from now on I will attempt to write one blog a week at least.