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Monday, 28 February 2011

We had such a great time

I am now back in England and I miss Jenn so very much already.
I got back early this morning and it was so cold here in England.

Me and Jenn really had such a very wonderful time. We did every thing we loved to do. We went to the Kani house and we had Waffle house. We loved every second we were together, I wish that I didn't have to come back to England I wish that I could stay there with my Jenn.

One day soon we will be able to be together forever and never be apart again.
I took some pictures for you all to see.

Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I can't play basket ball.

First I just want to let you all know that I am having the time of my life with my beautiful Jenn. She makes me feel so alive and every day is a adventure with her. She is so beautiful and I am the luckiest man alive to have her.

Today while Jenn was in class I decided I would try my hand at basketball. I had never really played it before apart from on a games console so I figured that now was the time to try it out. I took Jenn to class and headed for the store to get a basketball. I managed to pick one up for just a dollar and it was a official size and weight one. The reason it was a dollar is that it was deflated and had no box so I got the basket ball and a pump for just 5 dollars what a deal.

I took the ball to a near by basket ball court and pumped it up. now I can dribble with some skill thats not a problem, I can run with the ball I can jump with it, I can throw it but I can not for the life of me score a hoop, I did a small game where I took 20 shots and I managed to score 6 out of those 20 shots, the rest hit the hoop and bounced away and I had to chase it or I missed all together, in short I suck at basket ball

While I was playing two small children were at the other side of the court using the other hoop. after a short while they got called back by their mother and they walked away, a few minutes later I notice the kids and their mother all laid on the road near the edge, I go over and ask if everything was ok. The mother told me how they had just lost their ball down a small drain and they couldn't get it out. I tried to reach it but couldn't get the ball either.

I looked up at the kids, they looked a little sad, I said to them, "I have a Idea, why don't I just let you have this ball, I have to go to England in a few days and I am no good at basket ball anyway so I think you would find more use out of it". They took the ball and said thank you. I think that can be my good deed for the day.

I am glad that I could make them happy again.

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Friday was a good day, it started as usual, Jenn went to class and I took a walk around and soaked up the sights for a while. When Jenn got out of class we went to Pizza hut, I love pizza hut and the size of the pizza's are massive, I could never eat the full thing to my self. Me and Jenn struggle to eat one between us, after the pizza we Watched Diary of a wimpy kid.
We also went to McDonalds and we just couldn't resist getting the kids meals just for the toys ha ha

While I was walking around Dawsonville I walked through a old cemetery, Well part of it was old and the other part was new. As I walked around it I got to thinking about just how precious life is and how short it can be, I saw some graves and some of the people only lived to be in their 40's.
That age is just 8 years away for me, I'm hoping to live a long time yet I will be happy to make it in to my 80's or even 90's and anything past that is a bonus.

Life is so precious and I think that at times every one can take it for granted, but the lessons of late make me relies that you must live and love every day. Sophie the cat died so suddenly, and I have friends who have lost people so unexpectedly. I'm sure that those people had no idea that the day they died would be their last. I guess the lesson is to live every day to the fullest and to love the people who you have in your life. You never know when it will be your or there last day.
Any way back to me and Jenn. So Jenn doesn't have class at the weekend so we are going to have a lot of fun. We plan to go see a movie and to go to lots of restaurants and take lots of pictures to put on here.

And oooohh yeah I got to tell you all a good story.
I got a free drink Curtsy of Dairy Queen.

while Jenn goes to here class I have some time to kill so I often go to a fast food and sit for a while and have a coke or a hot dog. I was at a Dairy Queen and I had to use the bathroom, So I go and while I am in there I notice some paper at my feet. It wasn't toilet paper or a hand towel, this had hand writing on it and when i picked it up to look at it, it was a check for a lot of money and it was a payment for rent . My first thought was that there is a police station just down the road, I could take it there and hand it in and maybe they could find the person some how.
On second thought the person could still be in the restaurant if I move fast I could catch them.

I rushed out of the bathroom and looked around, there must have been eight people in there. I decided the best thing to do was hand it to the staff behind the counter, when I did the lady Said thank you and that she was very great full. I think it was her's . I left the Dairy queen and had a walk around. I soon headed back there because they have wifi and I wanted to check my Emails and look on face book for a while. I looked how much money I had and I had just enough for a small coke. I walked in to the Dairy queen and I asked for a small coke with no ice. I noticed that the staff just behind were talking. The lady who served me said that there was no charge, I guess the check must have belonged to the staff behind the counter. I said thank you and sat and enjoyed my free coke.

Thanks Dairy Queen.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Catch up

I didn't really get chance to write yesterday, I was a busy bee.
I have a 5 minute window now so I am taking the opportunity to write on here and let you all know that things are going perfect.

Over the last two days while Jenn has been in her class I have taken to my Jogging around Dawsonville. It has lots of long roads perfect for racking up the miles with a good jog. I don't go to far away from Jenn's school but today I did a four mile Jog round the area. I got back and had a little time to spare before Jenn was finished . I sat outside Dairy Queen and had a coke to cool down. As I am sat on the bench I feel a strong gust of wind on my back and crossing my body, it makes me look back and when I did I saw what looked like a mini tornado made up of leaves and small peaces of old carrier bags , heading straight for me. I sit and let the thing pass over me. it wasn't very dense and there wasn't a incredible amount of leaves but when it was straight over me I looked up and saw the tunnel of leaves and it looked so cool. it was like a swirl of leaves surrounding me . I wish I had taken a picture but the event only lasted a few seconds before it passed and went over the parking lot and disappeared in to the nearby Forrest.

me and Jenn are going to the waffle house now but I have some pictures here to show you all.

these are the gifts I got Jenn for valentines day. She loved them.

I also got her this little teddy cat from England and we have named him Keith.

Here is my Beautiful Jenn.

And here is me. Thank you so much for reading and have a great day.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

My Birthday with Jenn

Today was my birthday. I am now the ripe age of 32 and I can't believe just how fast the years have flown by. It seems like just 5 minutes ago I was 25 and thinking that at 25 it is the turning point, that 25 the youth starts to disappear and old age creeps in, but now at 32 if I was to hear some on say that 25 is old I would tell them to stop been silly.

I had a jog today while Jenn was in class, the first Jog I have had while I have been here and the first jog for a while is always the toughest. Jenn picked me up just after her class and we were going to go strait to the movies but I think it was a better idea to get a shower first.

We went to 5 guys and had burger and fries and after we went to see Gnomio and Juliet, a sweet animated movie about rival gnomes in their gardens, blue vs red and two of the rivals fall in love. It was a very funny movie. Jenn bought me some new socks, Socks are a vital part of any mans clothing and we always need more. She also bought me three new tops and even made me a picture box which I love.

I really had such a great birthday thanks to Jennifer.

I love you Jenn

Monday, 14 February 2011

Wayne V.S Valentines day

Hello all, This is my first full day here in America for this visit and it is Valentines day.
Now the reason I put VS valentines day is because I see it as a challenge to go out there and make it the best day for Jennifer that is possible.

So here is what I got for her.

First I got her me, I flew over especially to get here for valentines day.
I also got her some roses, 12 roses to be exact. I'm not sure why they sell them in set amounts but oh well. and I also got here a little teddy bear holding three roses and a small love heart balloon that said "I love you" on it.

I actually didn't have the flowers till today but I used Jenn going to class to give me time to get her the roses. I took a trip to the the store and got her the roses, I couldn't believe just how warm it is here, apparently just the week before I got here there was snow so deep in Atlanta that it was completely covering cars and they had to close most of Dahlonega so I was lucky there. I couldn't really get the roses before today because the only chance I had before then was in England and I don't think they would have survived the journey.

We also went to our favorite restaurant the Kani house. We both love that place and we never leave feeling hungry. After the Kani house we went to the movies and saw the movie no strings attached. it was a very funny movie.
I am so very happy to be with my Jenn. I love her so much

Made it safe, only just.

Well every body I am now it Atlanta with my Beautiful Jenn,
it has been a very long journey and one that hasn't gone quite as smoothly as I am used to.

As you all know about the second train going missing and having to catch a coach to the station, well that just seemed to set of a string of things that went wrong. but lucky for me this time it wasn't a pink plane.

So after waiting at the airport for a few hours, I finally get through to the gates where they said my plane would be leaving from, but before I boarded the plane i had to have a big breakfast.
It costs 9 pounds for this little treat, while it is very tasty, I could get enough food to last me three or four days with that amount of money, I don't know how airports or airlines can clam they have no money.

So eventually it says that it's time to board my plane but no where near the gate they told me originally, ohh noo this one is at the other side of the terminal...well two gates away but that's a long walk when your tired.

I board the plane and we get set for take off, we taxi to the end of the run way and get set for go.
The engines roar in to action and the plane thrusts forward but only a few seconds after this the plane seems to be slowing down quite rapidly. Suddenly it turns back off the runway and comes to a stop.

the pilot announces over the speaker that due to a electrical fault they had to aboart the take off and now had to do some checks on the aircraft. when he said this I felt my confidence in the aircraft take a dive. I half expected to drop out of the sky.. that's if we would ever even get in to the sky.

I started to try and think what could be wrong, a Electrical error, what could that mean. I started to think that any minute now a stewardess would come running down the isle with a light bulb. the plane started back up again and we turned back on to the runway.

This time the plane made it in to the sky and all the way to Atlanta.

thankfully without dropping out of the sky. so this is where mine and Jenn's fun begins and I will be writing about it every day so stay tuned and thanks for reading

Sunday, 13 February 2011

At the Airport

I have been at the airport about three hours now and am a little board, so I figured I would open up trusty old laptop and write a post to pass the time.

I have taken the later train than what I usually would and it was a two part journey, I had to change over in Manchester Piccadilly but when I got there the boards said there were no trains heading for Manchester airport. This got me a little worried, When I had looked at the website for train times it said that there was a connecting train ten minutes after I had got there.

I heard over the speakers that they had set up a coach to take all the travelers to the airport. I got on the coach and got to the airport safe and sound.
I can't wait to get to the gate's at least they have some restaurants there.

I will write my next post from the USA. so until then Have fun.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Today is the day

That's right everybody who read's this, I am setting off to be with my Beautiful Jenn today. I have done all my packing and I am now sat relaxing and waiting for the taxi to take me to the train station.

I finished my last day at work yesterday and started my packing at around 1am this morning.
I got up at around 2pm this afternoon and I took some time to relax and then I took a nice hot bath, the first bath since last time I went to see Jenn, I have two showers every day one when I wake up and one when I get back from work. I took a long hot bath and it was sooo nice and relaxing, I then washed off in the shower and washed and I finished packing.

It's funny how that last day at work can seem to go on forever and ever. I think it's because of the excitement.

So I'll get to the airport at around 1am and then from there it's off to see my beautiful Jenn. I will be keeping you all up to date on all the adventures we have.

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Update on the Turkey fillets.

Ok for those of you who read my previous post on the fillets I have some news.
Mom decided that today we would have a Chicken meal and was in the kitchen.

the way the house is layed out here is that the kitchen is right next to the stairs, and on the stairs we have a smoke alarm that always goes of when mom cooks a large meal, today it must have gone off three or four times, not because mom had burned the food but it just seems to go off when ever she cooks, Sorry mom if you ever read this I'm not saying your a bad cook.

So back on to the subject, I'm in the room and I am watching some TV when Mom shouts me and from the sound in her voice I get the feeling she has burnt something, so I jump up off the sofa and run in to the kitchen. Guess what she is holding in her hands, you got it the turkey Fillets that had diapered last night.

Mom suddenly remembered what she had done, She put them inside the oven instead of on the side to keep them away from the cat's and had completely forgotten about them. So all this time they were in the oven safe and sound and there was my mother saying I had moved them to wind her up. She even accused Sugar of trying to eat them, Sugar is a big cat but she could no way eat that much turkey in one sitting.

Well at least they have shown up now, mom next time you loose turkey fillets...Check the oven ha ha

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Missing Turkey fillets

I just had to tell you all about the oddest thing that happened today. well just a few minutes ago and I wanted to type it while it was fresh in my mind.

My mother always has lots of chicken and turkey in the freezer. she always gets stuff out of the freezer a good few hours before she cooks them so they can defrost. I go through the kitchen quite often and I always notice food on the side so I know what food we are going to have.

But about a hour ago my mom shouts me "Wayne!!, where in the hell has the Turkey fillets gone".
I shouted "What Turkey Things?"
Mom: "No not turkey wings, Turkey fillets."
Me:" Oh, I didn't know we even had any."
Mom:" Well we did and their gone." Me: " Well I didn't eat them."
Mom: "Well turkey fillets don't just get up and walk away."
Me:" Yeah, I know that."

mom got me to look all through the entire freezer for the things, not wings fillets.
I didn't find them. Then she said I had done it to wind her up. which I didn't.
So now it's the case of the missing chicken fillets.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Train tickets

Yesterday was my day off from work and I decided it would be the ideal time to go get my train tickets. I looked through the window and it was clear and sunny so I just slipped on my body warmer or as I call it my Armour, its only a thin thing with no sleeves but it has deep pockets and does keep me warm.

I knew that last time I booked mt train tickets they cost me 24 pounds but this time was gonna be different because there had been a VAT increase at the new year from 17% to 20% and I had 29 pounds so i knew it couldn't be much more but it also meant that the bus and tram fair had gone up and last time I had got on a bus the fair was around 2 pound 40 pence to the city center so it would cost me to much to get there and back on a bus because I was thinking it would have to be at least 2.80 after the VAT increase so I decided I would walk to town it was only around 6 miles I think.

So I set off with my passport and my money to the train station. I had to drop some movies off anyway so I walked to my store which I always walk to anyway and began the walk the rest of the way. It suddenly occurred to me just how cold it was my arms were freezing and I couldn't feel my face.

I finally got to the edge of the city center. Every time I go there do they change something but to be honest I don't go there to often. this time they had changed the way I had to walk to the train station, It ended up that I had to walk around the outside of the city center to get to the train station. and when I got there and was in the line for the tickets I suddenly thought...Hmmm what do I need, I couldn't remember what it was.

I had no I idea I tried to think but my mind was blank. Maybe I had brain freeze, it was cold enough out there. It was my turn , I approached the counter and I cant remember the exact words but it went something like. " Hello, I would like..I need a ticket for a train, I'm flying, No wait the plain is flying. Oh I need to get to the airport" Eventually we got it figured out and I got the ticket. Anytime ticket for 25.5o so I had enough money for a sandwich and a short ride on the tram back to the store that I work at. I got a few movies. the Town, Wall street, grown ups.

Just 12 days till I see Jenn now.