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Friday, 5 July 2013

Cats do care

I saw one of the most amazing and heart warming things I have ever seen from a cat today.

we are very carful with the cats, especially since Melissa who we miss like crazy.
so when we found a few flea eggs on Sugar, we decided it was time to give her a bath.
she struggled a little , Mom held Sugar while I used the shower head to wash her down.

the next Day it was little polly's Turn. We got ready, I held the Shower head and mom held polly, soon as the water hit polly she went in to a panic,  she was meowing and struggling. I felt so bad, but she needed a wash to get some eggs of her too.

Sugar comes running in to the bathroom after hearing polly meow.
Sugar pulls her self up on the edge of the bath, and Meows at polly, then Sugar reaches her paw to pollys paw , just like she was holding her hand , and meows again, Just like she was saying to polly "try not to worry everything will be ok ".

I had never seen anything like that before from a cat.  It goes to prove that even the smallest of creatures can teach us something. and are capible of love and caring just the same as we are.