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Thursday, 31 December 2009

A happy new year

I thought I would take this opportunity to wish all my readers and friend's a very happy new year. I love the joy that the new year brings. it brings people from across the nation together. it gives me a great feeling. I love to see all the fire works and listen to the people singing . I love to watch the clock count down to zero.

I will be watching big Ben as it counts down and strikes twelve and I will wish the world a happy new year.

also I want to thank you all for reading all my blog posts over the year.

So from me I wish you all a very happy new year!!!!

Monday, 28 December 2009

A winter wonder land

Over the past week here in England it has done nothing but snow snow snow and oh wait..... SNOW!

Even though I have been slipping and sliding and even fallen over, I must admit that I think that snow makes for beautiful pictures so I took the opportunity to take some and put them on here so I hope you enjoy my pictures.

I like this one with the river

I don't know who these people are, I hope they didn't mind me taking their picture.

I wonder if this guy actually got any fish.

I was even brave enough to take a picture of this guy right before he started walking towards me, thenI walked away quick and calm.

I think that this one is my favorite

and you will never guess who I saw... I saw the real father christmas, want proof?
ok here it is...

ok ok maybe it's not the real father christmas.. alright it's me lol

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Snow brings out the child

It was just a few days ago now when it started to snow here in England.
I have noticed a change in people it seems that even the old have a child in them that comes out when it snows.

There were men looking out the window of the store and I heard one old man say "I 'm excited now" and I must admit I felt a rush of excitement. I think that snow truly brings the feeling of Christmas with it.

I see kids throwing snowballs and I want to join in and have a snowball war with them. I see men on snow boards and women making snow men, I love the feel of the snow under my feet. I take caution as I walk across ice and I keep a eye out for those incoming snow balls.

do you notice the inner child come out in the snow ?

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Wishing the world a merry christmas

I thought that with it only been a few days away now I would send out a Christmas wish to every body who reads my posts.

Christmas to me is a very special time of year, it is a time to rejoice and to be happy and to be with the ones that you love and hold dear to your heart.

Christmas is for every body who wishes to celebrate it,
Even though I can not be with my beautiful Jenn this Christmas , it is her that my heart is with.
I cant wait till I can spend Christmas with my Jenn and if I could ask for any gift in the world and get it then that would be my Christmas wish.

Christmas is for been with the ones you love.

Merry Christmas to every body and a happy new year

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Strange work stories

I found these stories on my home and thought they were so strange that I would post them.

They are the strangest but true work stories from 2009 and I believe that some were even in the news, so sit back and enjoy as you read these rather odd tales

1. 'Oops! Employee flips, damages borrowed Ferrari'

A 23-year-old woman driving her boss's borrowed Ferrari in California lost control of the car and flipped it, causing an estimated $125,000 in damage. The woman was unharmed, but her boss was said to be "irate." (MSNBC.com)

2. '34 hospitalized after co-worker sprays perfume'

When almost 150 people at a Texas bank call center became ill, reporting dizziness and shortness of breath, officials suspected carbon monoxide or some other toxic fume was the culprit. But when two people complained about dizziness after a co-worker sprayed perfume and then others began to feel sick, it was discovered that the perfume was to blame. Thirty-four people were taken to hospitals, 12 by ambulance, and 110 people were treated on the scene. No one knows what type of perfume was sprayed. (MSNBC.com)

3. 'Man hurt himself to "avoid work" '

Steven Reid, a 23-year-old hotel cleaner in Scotland, just wanted a day off of work. Rather than asking for one, Reid claimed he had been assaulted. To convince his boss, he took a razor from his pocket and repeatedly dragged it down his face. He also picked up a boulder and repeatedly hit himself on the head and body. He went to the police station to report "the assault." When asked about the incident, Reid said, "Looking back, I should have just phoned work and asked them for the day off." (BBC News)

4. 'Worker fired for all-caps e-mails'

Vicki Walker, of Auckland, New Zealand, was fired for sending e-mail messages in all-capital letters. The employer said that Walker's co-workers complained about her "shouty" and confrontational e-mails. Walker was awarded $11,500 on the premise that the company had no official e-mail style guide; therefore, her messages did not amount to grounds for dismissal. (UPI.com)

5. 'Bodybuilding firefighters accused of faking disability'

Two Boston firefighters were charged with fraud after they were caught bodybuilding -- despite having filed for disability. Albert Arroyo, 46, and James Famolare, 65, both sought accidental disability pensions after allegedly suffering injuries while on the job. Arroyo claimed he fell while walking in a fire station, saying it left him permanently disabled from the performance of his duties. Famolare claimed that he suffered a career-ending injury while moving a box of files. Arroyo was caught bodybuilding while on disability and prosecutors say he "failed to disclose his repeated visits to gyms where he trained for a May 2008 bodybuilding competition." (TheBostonChannel.com)

6. 'Washington Post features editor punches colleague over 'charticle''

Chaos ensued at The Washington Post when Henry Allen, 68, features editor, reportedly punched one of his writers in the head. According to The Washingtonian, a style editor at the Post assigned a semi-political story to writers Monica Hesse and Manuel Roig-Franzia, asking them to compile a list of disclosures made by congressmen who are being investigated for ethics violations. They came up with a 'charticle' with a dozen examples. Allen was outraged, apparently at their creativity, and let them know his feelings. In the midst of Allen's barrage, Roig-Franzia apparently said, "Oh, Henry, don't be such a [expletive]." That's when Allen lunged at Roig-Franzia and started throwing punches. Allen was reportedly banned from the newsroom, just before his Nov. 28 retirement. (Daily Finance)

7. 'Teller fired for foiling robbery'

Jim Nicholson was fired from his job as a bank teller at a Key Bank branch in Seattle after chasing down a bank-robbery suspect rather than giving into his demands. A potential robber approached Nicholson, gave him a bag and told him to fill the bag with money. Nicholson asked the robber to see his weapon and was told, "It's a verbal ransom." Nicholson threw the bag on the floor, jumped over the counter and took off after the would-be robber, who ran out of the bank and down the street outside with Nicholson in pursuit. With the help of another civilian, Nicholson caught the suspect and held him until police arrived to take him into custody. His heroics didn't last long, as he was fired for breaking bank protocol that employees are to comply with a robber's request to prevent others from getting hurt. (MSNBC.com)

8. 'Postal worker helps himself to $86,000 worth of Gamefly games'

Reginald Johnson, 34, of Germantown, Pa., admitted to stealing 2,200 Gamefly games, valued at $86,000, while working as a mail-processing clerk between April and September 2008. Gamefly is a video-game rental service that sends games to subscribers through the mail for $15.95 or $22.95 a month. Johnson allegedly traded the games to a GameStop for store credit. When federal workers tried to arrest him, Johnson led them on a car chase before crashing the car and getting caught. (Philly.com)

9. 'Worker sued over $29,000 tip'

Sara Gaspar, a former Notre Dame employee, is being sued by the school for spending a tip that was supposedly given to her by mistake. Gaspar was given a $29,387 tip after being paid for catering work in April. Notre Dame now says that it was a typing mistake and is demanding Gaspar repay the money. The problem is, it has already been spent, which resulted in the lawsuit. (WiredPRNews.com)

10. 'Hotel-casino worker exposed to secondhand smoke sues employer for $5 million'

Kanie Kastroll, a casino dealer at the Wynn Las Vegas, is suing the hotel for not protecting its employees against secondhand smoke from customers. Kastroll claims she developed asthma and other health problems because of secondhand smoke. She also says that the casino doesn't allow employees to request a smoke-free table and that management allows gamblers to blow smoke directly in the dealers' faces, forbids dealers from protesting, requires them to tell patrons that smoking is allowed and encourages smoking by offering free cigarettes to gamblers. Kastroll says that employees who don't follow these rules are disciplined. (AllHeadlineNews.com)

Thursday, 10 December 2009

A world designed to get us in debt

I must firstly confess that I am also in debt, but I am now working my way out of my debt and should be all clear in the not to distant future.

But it seems that there is a whole world temptations out there designed to draw us in chew us up and then spit us out again. I will openly admit that my debts are my own fault and I am now paying the price for that.

but what about when it isn't the persons fault. what about those people who trust the bank or company that they invest their money in and then the bank or company. changes the deal all of a sudden. or they will charge you astronomical prices should you fall just a little behind in your payment to them.

you owe them a penny and they charge you a pound. I have seen this happen just the other day and it happened to me. I have a overdraft that i have not touched for at least two years now but I have been paying it off a little every month. I was charged interest which roughly means that for every 25 pounds I owed I was charged 3 pounds at the end of the month. it was simple and easy.

It seems that the bank changed the rules, not just for me but for all their customers. the new rules are anyone with a overdraft would now be charged a pound a day every day until the overdraft was settled. and if this makes you go over your overdraft limit even by one pence then you are charged 5 pounds a day every day until you bring your account up to date, so now instead of owing just 20 pounds a month I would now be paying £150 pounds a month just for been a few pounds over my overdraft.

it stinks but I have now sorted it out, but what about those people who can't afford it. they could literally end up owing 1000's for just a few pence of debt.

I do truly believe that it is a world designed to get people in debt one way or the other

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Has christmas become corrupt?

As the title says

Has Christmas become corrupt? This is the feeling I have had for a good few years now.
Not so much on the spiritual side but on the money side.

when I was about 20 years younger it seemed so different, it was all about family and been with the people you love, even though that value is still in the spirit of Christmas it seems that it has all become about how much money that the company's can make out of people.

to me Christmas should be about family and the people you love. without those things Christmas would mean nothing anyway.

I was talking to a customer in my store and he agreed also and we said about how it seems that people are almost expected to buy things for people now, he had two children and when I told him about how my mother told me that she used to get a apple and orange and a shiny penny for Christmas he laughed and said "if I got my kids that they would throw a tantrum".

Even the stores try to make as much money as they can from people. they advertise all the things they sell over and 0ver again and I am sure that they even wait till kids are at home after school to play the advertisements on the TV knowing that if the kids see these adverts they will beg mom and dad to get them the toy and mom and dad will try so hard to get them the toy so they don't disappoint their loved ones.

So I ask, has the spirit of Christmas being corrupted by the greed of big company's and their expectations of your expectations?

I know I am just rambling on now but I just wanted to get the point across I hope it makes sense to all who read it.

Friday, 4 December 2009

I love My Jenn

I love my Jennifer so much
and while I am away from her I miss her touch.

I miss the way we talk all day
and I miss the way we laugh

I miss the way she would cook for me
I miss taking her photograph.

I will be there again soon with my Jenn
and together we will be.

Happy every day and in bliss and worry free

I love you my Beautiful Jennifer.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

On life support

My computer is now On life support I know it sounds drastic but I am worried.
It all started while I was in the states visiting My beautiful Jenn, I went in to the motel and I noticed a strange sound coming from the room while I was in the bathroom.

I looked out and my computer was turning on and then turning off again all by it's self.
I took the computer to the college library where they said that because the fan was not working properly, my computer was over heating almost instantly.

I had to get a fan tray and place it under my laptop and even that hasn't done the trick all together.
I have to keep turning my laptop on and then letting the fan tray cool it to the point where y laptop will stay on without over heating. so you could literally say that my laptop is on life support.

I am going to see about getting a new fan for it as soon as I can until then I will keep it on life support.