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Friday, 3 December 2010

Next ticket booked

I have booked my next ticket to go be with my Jenn, I will be flying out and will be with her on the 13th of February so we can be together for valentines day and my birthday. I think that been with her is the best birthday gift I could have.

I have just 71 days to wait and with Christmas coming up I am sure that the time will fly. Jenn is also very excited. We miss each other very much and I am sure that I have said this before but I always feel so far away until I book the ticket, when I click that button and get the email to confirm it feels like everything suddenly kicks in to motion.

When ever I book the flight I am very careful to make sure I get every detail right, I even check my passport to make sure that I spell my middle name right, I spend a minute going over every thing I have put in to the information boxes to make sure it's 100% right letter for letter.
and until I get the email I am in a panic thinking that I may have done some part of the form wrong but I never have yet and I hope I never will.

I have seen the tv shows where they have had their name spelling wrong by just one letter and they have had to pay out big time to change it again. I pray I never make that mistake.

I will keep any of you who read this updated on my getting ready to be with my Jenn again.
thanks for reading this


♥The Mrs. said...

That is great news that you get to visit with her. Can't wait to read about the trip.

Jennifer said...

I am so happy you've got the ticket booked now. I love you!

Morgan said...

I'm so excited to see you again, Wayne! It's only about a month now!!!