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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

No computer

I had my computer for about two or three years now, and untill a few months ago everything was fine.

I noticed that it was starting to slow down a little so I did the routine stuff...virus scans, defraggin and compressing and deleting files that might slow it down.

but still it was running slow, one day just a few weeks ago after work I turn on my computer and up comes a message saying that the hard drive is about to fail. I try everything I know to fix it but it was a loosing battle , my computer started to freeze almost every few hours and I would have to wait sometimes up to twenty minutes for my computer to start up. 

Eventually I took drastic measures, I restored my computer to factory settings, I saved as much as I could to my flashdrive and hit the button and restored to factory settings. 

it seemed to do the trick ...or atleast I thought it did. 
for about a day it seemed fine. then it started all over again, the slow down and freezing. time was running out. I had no choice , I had to either get a new computer or try to get this one repaired. I really didnt want to be without because my computer is my main way of talking to my Beautiful Jenn.

 I decided I would have to send my dying computer in for repairs. and a few small upgrades..Bigger hard drive.

I sent my computer in, and the man said all that he would do and said would take a few days. 
I had not been without a computer in years, I felt like a part of me was gone.

I know that there is a lot more to life than a computer screen, I work 40+ hours every week so the actual time I spend on my computer is around three hours a day.  but still felt a bit odd getting home and not having it there to go on.

I have my Galaxy s3 wich is more or less a computer in its self , so atleast I could speak with my Jenn through that. Without my computer to go on I started to wonder what to do in the time I would usually go on it.  

in total I was without my computer for a week, but now I have it back and can talk to my Jenn again with ease, and can book my next flight to go see my Jenn on the 25th of august. YAY!!!

One thing I did notice,, or should I say thought about while I was without my computer is Just how dependend people are becoming on technology, and while it is a good thing and can bring people together it is also doing the opposite at the same time and is taking the human part out of social interaction.

My Job   was recently not so sure as we went in to administration for a breif period.  due to alot of elements but one key element is online markets. and its not just my company that has been effected, but so many jobs have been lost due to people not going in to a store on the high street anymore but instead purchasing goods online.  

This in a way worries me because years from now it could be even worse...people wont go out anymore, the streets will be empty and there will be no markets or stores, all you will see is truks or vans delivering goods to houses that people have orderd ONLINE.  and people will just talk to eachother on their computers. 

I know that is a very extream case and I doubt...no I hope it will never get as bad as that. 
My mom says that she will not shop online because she likes to go to a store and feel and smell the freshness of the food and items she is buying. She is 64 and part of the older generation, but the newer generation is very dependant on the tech of today and while it is a amazing thing it could be a double edge sword and society must be carful how it is used or it could do more damage than good.

Rant over
Just something for us all to think about I guess.

Thank you for reading 

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I'll admit I do love ordering off Amazon... but it would be strange to have no stores. I love you.