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Saturday, 12 June 2010

That poor old man

Today at work I saw something that I had to act on
just out side my store there is a busy road, and the path on both sides is always full of people going about their business. but today I noticed a frail old man stood outside the door of the store and looking at the people passing him by and crossing the road, I could tell he needed help but no one was stopping to help him.

I turned to my work colleague and told him I would be back in a moment and I went out to the old man, I walked up to him and he looked up at me and I think he could tell I had come out to help him because he gave me a big smile, I said "would you like me to help you across the road?" he said oh yes please and he grabbed my arm and we walked across the road together.

as we was walking he told me that he was a soldier in the second world war, a mortar had landed near him and sent shrapnel in to his legs, and ever since then he had trouble walking. he was so cheerful and even though he had the problem with his legs he refused to let it get him down. we only talked for a few minutes because I had to get back to work and once I had helped him across the road I asked him if he would be ok from that point and he said yes and thanked me. I walked back across the road and looked back just to make sure he was ok.

I just felt better knowing that I had helped him. I don't know him, but I am glad I helped him


-stephanie- said...

Very nice of you Wayne. You did the right thing. Too bad you couldn't talk longer, because WWII vets have some great stories.

Jennifer said...

That was very sweet of you.