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Saturday, 23 April 2011

What a storm

Today 23rd of April was a day I will never forget, I have never witnessed a storm like I saw today.
I walk to work every day, I love to walk and feel the sun on my face and today as I walked to work. the weather was so nice and hot and people were in the park enjoying the weather.

As I got to work I did notice that the sky on the horizon was looking a little dull but I didn't give it a second thought, they said on the news that there was a smog alert so I just thought that it was something to do with that.

I'm at work for about half a hour and one of my work mates says that he can hear thunder, and as soon as he says that I can hear it, I go look out front and I can feel spots of rain. The rain begins to get faster and faster, and next thing I know there are small chunks of hail in the rain and the thunder is getting louder.

The rain and hail are now coming down so hard that it is bouncing of the road and pavement, and now I am noticing that the greats in the road are coming lose and water is shooting up through them, a river is now forming on the road and traffic is coming to a craw, things are pretty bad at this point and people are running for cover, anyone near my store I am calling in to get dry and have a place to stay till it all calms down.

The weather did not calm down, the rain soon was taken over by hail and in just a few minutes the ground was white over, the sound of the hail hitting the roofs of the nearby shops and my store was as loud as the thunder, and it kept going for at least 5 minutes, there was now a small river where the road once was and a few shops had been flooded out.

the sun was breaking through and melting all the hail and it was causing steam to rise from the ground, it looked real spooky. it was just like something out of day after tomorrow and I honestly thought for a moment that my shop was going to flood and we would have to go upstairs to escape the water. but thankfully the storm passed and just one hour after you would have never guessed anything had ever happened.

it really was so very strange and I hope it doesn't happen again

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you're safe. I love you, mwah.