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Friday, 2 September 2011

Can't beat the classics

I'm sat at the house and I am watching the original Police Academy movie on TV.
I love some of the older movies, the are classics in every way , but some times they try to remake some of them and no matter how good the special effects are and no matter how much money is spent on the remake it will just never beat the original.

a prime example of this is the carry on movies. not every body will know these movies but they are one of the jewels in the crown of comedy movies, they were made in the late sixties and through to the mid eighties. and the line up of stars in the movie was a A list of actresses and actors including , Sid James, Hattie Jacques , Kenneth Williams, and Barbra Windsor. They are all long gone now, but when these people got together in the carry on movies they could make any audience laugh out loud and me and my mother spend many a happy hour watching these movies and I would very highly recommend them to anybody who loves a good comedy.

in the nineties long after the original crew of the carry one movies were dead and gone, they tried to do a remake of one of the movies, Carry on Columbus, it flopped completely I watched it my self and I gave maybe the odd smirk or smile but that was it. and the simple fact of the matter is that the magic that was there when the original crew was alive had gone when they did and just cant be re created.

Some times Classics are better left alone.


Jillien said...

i agree. the originals are always best.

Jennifer said...

Remakes rarely are even good on their own.