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Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween and horror movies

So yet another Halloween is here and at the moment I am sat watching some thing on TV about horror movies, and it was this that made me see just how much movies have really changed over the years and not always for the better.

When I was young...well younger , it seemed that movies were truly horrifying. the kind of terror that even hours after I had seen them I would lay in my bed and still have the images play in my mind and would give me the chills.

back in the 80's horror movies were soooo good, well most of them and they were made to scare both visually and mentally and some of the actors were and still are some of the very best in the world. and so were the movies, if I had to name a top five horror movies I think they would be

5 pet cemetery
4 Poltergeist
3 exorcist
2 night of the living dead
1 Salem's lot

Nothing scares me like the original Salems lot , I always remember a scene with a vampire scraping its long nails at a window trying to get in to a house to bite the neck of the victim, the vampire had glowing eyes and long nails and pale skin and no soul. truly terrifying. they could not go out is sunlight as they would burn to a cinder.

Now if you look at vampires they are stylish and sleek and they all look like super models and when they go in to sunlight instead of instantly burning to a crisp they glisten and sparkle. not scary at all ( Twilight ) they have become fashion icons, I am sorry to say but in my opinion vampires have taken a turn for the worst .

'but in general it seems that horror movies just don't really scare anymore , maybe the odd one will give a bit of a scare but nothing like the good old ones, if you can I would suggest that if you read this you make a attempt to watch my top 5 movies. I bet they will scare you.

I hope you all have a scary Halloween but a safe one.

thanks for reading


-stephanie- said...

The Exorcist still scares me! And I won't even watch it anymore.

Other movies that also scared me were Halloween, and Carrie.

Jennifer said...

I don't really like horror movies.