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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Tough target

I have been aiming to loose a little weight over the last couple of months , when I started this project I weighed in at 14 stone/ 196 pounds. my target was 13 stone/184 pounds.

Thursday of this week I hit my target and I am now just giving it another week to make sure I stay at the weight, I don't want to find tomorrow that I wake up and have put a pound on and have to restart the process again.

I have had to change a few things while I have been on my diet mainly what I eat and how I eat it and also I love a bottle of coca cola but I had to give that up for a while and I found that more than anything it was the coke that was the main problem, I would drink 6 bottles a day, only the smaller ones but they had such a affect on my weight loss once I stopped drinking them.

I run almost every day about 2.5 miles and I only eat a cheese salad sandwich before work and then nothing till after, roughly about 9 hours , but I was drinking coca cola, I got down to the last two pounds of my weight that I needed to loose but I just could not move it, for about three weeks I couldn't move the last two pounds and I knew I needed to stop drinking the coca cola , I needed to get drastic , so I stopped the coca cola and changed to bottled water. I now drank 4 of the bottles of water a day. and within a week I was down to my last pound to loose, and on Thursday I weighed my self and I had hit 13 stone dead on. on crazy thing I noticed though is that for about three days before It said in the morning that I was 13 but at night I was 13 and 1. so I weighed more at night that in the morning. but now it is 13 all the time.

I will not stop just yet though, i will just keep it up for another week and then I will change my diet to maintain my weight and I think that it will be just as tough to keep it as it was to loose the weight or should I say to stay at my desired weight.

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Jennifer said...

I am very proud of you. Congratulations!