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Sunday, 29 December 2013

A Year in review

What a year 2013 has been, I always take a look back over my year, but usually in my head, but I thought if I put it on here then years from now I can always look back and remember just how my year went.

While I can't remember every detail I can remember the things that are important and have had a impact, and there are quite a few events this year that have changed they way of life that I was used to

Well the main thing is always going to see My beautiful Jenn, and Anybody who reads my blogs will know that mine and Jennifer's adventures are usually my main topic. We always have so much fun and I write all about what we do on here so that I may look back and remember and I also like to share our story so that others may read if they wish. I got to see my beautiful Jenn on three visits this year, for two weeks at a time. and I am already planning my next visit.

Every so often in life something will come along that will put a bump in the road, and this was one of those years where that happened. For 13 years I had worked at blockbuster video, I was very good at my job and very happy there and was well known not just by the company but by the customers. I had spent years building a trust with customers and getting to know so many of them very well.

I was nominated three years running for the king of customer care by the city , which is a very big achievement just to be mentioned in such a event.

As many will know Blockbuster went in to administration twice in one year, and me and 800 other staff were all made redundant. It was very sad for all of us who had lost their jobs and I found my self wondering just what I was going to do. I had not been out of work for most of my working life so far.

It seems that I was been sought after though, and I was plucked from been unemployed and was back in work just 48 hours after I had been made redundant, while it was because of my skills that I was been hunted for my present job, I consider my self very VERY lucky to have found work so soon after been made redundant. I know just how hard it can be to find work in today's society and even harder to keep a job, there must be a angel watching over me.

So I am now a employee of Austin Reed. A company that deals in suits of the highest standard, been royally appointed to make suits twice. The job is completely different from blockbuster, so I am having to learn from scratch, I never knew there was so much to a suit before.

 I am learning that to sell a suit takes alot more skill than to sell a DVD, but however the basic principle remains the same..Customer care which I consider my self to be excellent at doing.
So its not all strange as it would seem at first.

Earlier this year, I nearly lost my sister, that was a big scare, but she is fully recovered now and is happy and having fun. she is learning to cope with her diabetes very well.

My family is all happy and doing very well also.

As for me and Jennifer, We are doing better than ever, and while we miss each other every day we are apart we are both happy and full of love. We are both looking to be together again very soon and also have been discussing me moving over to America to live there with her. it will take a while and lots of work for us, but it is something we both want and know that it will make us even happier. I will be writing posts on how it goes with this subject in the near future.

So that while been short is my year in review.

I know that I am so lucky in my life to have what I  have, there are people in the world who have far less than I have. I am always grateful every day for the things I have and the people who are in my life. 

I think the lesson I will take from this year is that, nothing should ever be taken for granted, you should try to enjoy what you have every day because you never know just what waits around the corner, but hopefully and with luck it is something amazing and full of joy that waits for us all.

I wish all who read this a very happy new year. I will keep you all posted on mine and Jennifer's adventures and other little story's that happen in my life. 

Thanks for reading.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

It has been a good year for us. Here's hoping 2014 is even better!!!!