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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Movie review on movie remakes

I suppose this is not so much of a normal blog but slightly more of a bit of a rant really,
I love movies and I watch lots of them every week  and I should really become a movie reviewer with how many I see, but one thing that gets me every time with movies or should I say with some is that there seems to be a bit of a trend lately with remakes  or as they call them.. Reboots.

For example the Spider man Franchise or better yet the Batman franchise
Now I loved the christian bale versions of the Batman movies, he really raised the bar about as high as it can go, the movies were dark and Gothic as batman should be, I would in fact give the Dark knight rises 9/10 , very rare for me and even rarer that a movie will get 10/10
so in effect the Dark knight rises was close to perfect. and it was watched by lots of people who I am sure felt the same , i talked to so many movie lovers who felt the same way.
So what do they do,, they go and in effect completely reboot it again in the Batman vs superman movie which now shows Batman as more of a High tech James bond sort of person. 

And now on to Spiderman
Again something that has been rebooted 3 times now in the last 15 years?
While they have improved on spider man I the new marvel movie now is the 3 variation of the character who is the latest to appear in the Mashup of characters that they seem to just be throwing in to the mix . I say that within the next ten years it will be the DC vs MARVEL movie and it shall just be super hero  upon super hero and all of them shall have their own little spin off movies that will have no doubt cast the old versions aside and have been re written.

And that brings me to the real reason of this particular blog , now please don't misunderstand me on this, I am in no way sexist in any way I am all for equal rights and so on , But
a REBOOT of Ghost busters  and they are all women, I'm sorry but it should have been left alone, the original is still one of the best movies of its kind, if not the only one of its kind , it was a dark humor horror with great actors and actresses all round, so what do they go and do?? they turn it in to a comedy for kids , which I can understand wanting to appeal to a wider audience and i'm all for that, but however this is one they should have left well alone , if it isn't broken...don't fix it.

I have a feeling it shall be a big flop.

I would like to see some movies remade of course because with the high tech of today they could make it look truly amazing, but some should be just left alone 
for example..the carry on movies..you can never remake those simply because the magic that made them happen no longer exists. it had the perfect line of comedy gold and actors and actresses needed. they are classic and should be left alone

I am actually writing this as I watch Dads army the REMAKE,, and again its not a touch on the original. i remember the tv series and it was pure genius but again the magic it once had can not be resurrected. it again should have been left alone

well forgive me for the rant but its just what was on my mind.
thanks for reading :)

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Jennifer said...

I don't usually like remakes, either.