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Monday, 8 August 2016

My time with Jenn July 2016

Me and my Beautiful Jenn got to spend time together in July and it was perfect 
I'm always so grateful for every second of our time together

This time we visited South Carolina. a town called Charleston, but Ill tell you about that part in order of the story.

As usual we met at the airport in Atlanta, and that is always amazing to me, to see her after so long is

magical and fills me with excitement,

I find my self rushing through the airport as fast as I can just to get to her.  When I see My beautiful Jenn for the first time in a long time, I come to life and i feel so happy

In July its very hot and takes me a while to adjust to the temperature, when I get of the plane, well mainly out of the airport, it feels like i have opened the oven door and been hit by the heat. within minutes I can feel the tops of my ears and the back of my neck burning. I am so glad for air conditioning, usually i go  outside to cool down in England. but in America I go inside .

the first place that me and Jenn went to was one of our usual places Dahlonega, it's the very first place we ever went to together and has such a sentimental value to us both,
 we love it there and it's actually not changed at all in the main square. we went to shenanigans the Irish restaurant there,
 we have the tradition of it been the first place we eat in Dahlonega, and we also love the mountains and its surrounded by them.
we went to the petting zoo near Dahlonega. its so cool there, it has lots of goats and some cows.


and pigs.. it has a walk tour that you can see some of the more rare and dangerous animals. such as wolfs. and even a camel tour which was great
we went to a town  called Helen, its based on a German town , and all the buildings are made as they would be in Germany. we spent the day there to go tubing along the river, there are two options , the short ride and the long ride but due to the heat the river was running low so they recommended  the shorter ride but even that one lasted about a hour

. its very nice relaxing while going along a river.

We spend some time looking around Helen, but with the heat we didn't wonder to far, but we did have some ice cream and sat and watched the world go by for a while.

 One thing me and Jenn love to do is watch movies, and we watched a good few while we were in Daholenga, Ghostbusters, Secret life of pets, and Finding Dori  and we loved them all.

On Thursday we went to Stone Mountain Park,

now this place has to be our favorite park to go to. it has so much to do and has so much natural beauty,
and we always stay at the hotel in the park there. We watch the laser show, we usually would sit on the grass but this time we got some chairs and sat in comfort to watch the laser show.
We go on all the rides there from the ducks

to the train.. and we always play the mini golf, we saw the Chicago boys

 and even saw a 4d movie.

On Monday we traveled to Charleston, it was 399 miles away according to the Sat Nav and took us around 5 hours to get there, and once we were there it was amazing,
 there was so much to do and we did as much as possible. I think we covered it all.

The first thing we did was go on a haunted tour of a old prison that was there.

 It was said that a woman serial killer was there,

 we heard stories of all the people that were there and how sometimes up too 13 people would be fit in one cell.

We also tried many restaurants , hymans was good and on each table they had names of the famous people who had sat there before.

We stayed at a inn called the indigo inn, it was so nice there and was set right in the center of Charleston.

 it had a beautiful court yard and served cheese and crackers every evening at 5pm promt,
they even did a turn down service which I had never seen before. it was so nice.

and it sat next to a old cobble street, apparently the cobble came from the English ships that would use them to weigh the ships down and then when they took on cargo they would get rid of the cobble and the city of Charleston used the cobble to make the roads. 

We went on many tours and for the first time since I was at school I went on a boat and we went out and down the river,
 the tour had lots of interesting facts, according to history, the very first shots of the civil war were fired there and the first battle lasted 36 hours. the fortress still sits there on the edge of the coast. For the first time I saw a Aircraft Carrier ,
 could never grab the concept of just how big those things were till I saw one in Charleston.

Me and my beautiful Jenn also went on quite a few ghost tours and one of them took us down in to a dungeon where I got possibly the best picture of what could be a specter or spiritual energy yet, there were lost of people in there with me and a few people saw me take the picture.. there were no bugs and its definitely not dust,
 but ill leave who ever sees the picture to make up their own mind.

It was so hot in Charleston, but me and Jenn would have a ice cream most nights to cool down, it was nice sitting and watching the world go by while eating ice cream.

Another place we visited was called the black fedora and it was so good, it was a murder mystery comedy and people who were sat at the tables got to take part if they liked,
i decided to join in with the fun and was handed a script. I was a crazy sales man who only had a few lines and the rest of the people who had scripts were different characters and we all read until we got to the end of the mystery.  its so good and if your ever in Charleston you must check it out.

There was a history tour of Charleston that We went on , it was a walking tour that covered a lot of ground also the lady who gave us the tour knew everything about the city,
 she was raised there and had lived all her life there,
 we learned all about Charleston and some of its oldest residence ,
 and some land marks and some of the more famous houses including where the constitution was signed and where John Kennedy stayed when he was in the Navy,

it was very interesting.

after the tour we decided to visit the Nathaniel house after hearing it was one of the main buildings in Charlestons history
 , it had some beautiful Architecture
 and was famous for its floating staircase, a circling staircase that didn't touch the walls

On our last night in Charleston we went on a Haunted tour on a boat, the boat wasn't haunted, but it sailed around the docks and the captain told stories that he had learned of from history and people he had spoken to who had witnessed it first hand , it was dark and out in the the middle of the river where there is no lights it can be very spooky, but if you look up. you can see the stars like you never can in a lit city or a street. the ride lasted about a hour and a half , and the  guy who told the stories had written three books..and I bought one of them and he even signed it for me.

We really had a wonderful time in Charleston and have said we shall go back there one day, both there and Savannah are our favorite coastal city's

We then spent the last few days of our time for this trip back at stone mountain, and this time we saw Mrs Mabel, a old lady who plays the organ at stone mountain every weekend.
She is one of only three people in the world who know how to play that particular type of organ and she was so sweet that fact that she had been doing this for years and still every weekend without fail came to entertain others was a great inspiration to me.

we went swimming in the pool for a while on our last day, and just had as much fun as possible, but time was soon caught up and I had to come back to England again, I hate when I have to leave, it really takes everything i have and I do feel sad and so does Jenn, but we are both now working on making our time together permanent, we have sent  emails to some attorneys and are awaiting word back on how we go about it and we shall begin the process .

and on another good note , I shall be back with my Beautiful Jenn in Nonmember , I am so excited

Thank you for reading our story.

I love you so much my beautiful Jenn



Jennifer said...

We really did have a perfect time. It was so much fun. I love you so much, mwah.

Jillien said...

What a fun trip! so happy to see that you and Jenn are doing well.