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Saturday, 10 October 2009

Growing up

It was just a few days ago now that I was at work and it was coming close to the end of the night. My niece Naomi came in to the store with her baby, we talked for a while about things in general.
eventually she had to go and just before she left she bought a drink, she came to the counter drink in hand and she got out her purse and handed me the money.

All of a sudden I started to think about how she had grown up, here was this young woman stood in front of me who once was a small child who I used to take to school and look after. I cleaned her knee when she fell over and I helped her with her inhaler when she had to take the medication to help her breath. I used to take her to the park with her sister and we would play for hours.

I just can't believe that she is all grown up now, she has a baby and her own money and a boyfriend. I guess I just have trouble accepting that she will grow up. I always see her as my little niece.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Well I still think she's a little girl, but I'm glad she's growing up for the sake of her baby.