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Thursday, 1 October 2009

A true horror story

I can't believe I am telling this story, well should I say I can't believe it actually happened for me to be able to tell you about it. It is so discusting I want to throw up just writing about it.
This one goes right up there with the articles you would read in a magazine.

It happened just last week when I was walking to work. I had been busy all day and had was beginning to feel rather hungry, knowing that I wouldn't get much chance to have a snack at work I decided I would get something to eat before I got there.

There was a small mobile sandwich stall along the way that I had noticed but never actually tried before so I figured I would give it a try. I ordered a ham and cheese salad sandwich my favorite.
I paid the money grabbed the sandwich and continued on my walk to work.

I took a bite of the sandwich and it was bliss. I was walking fast to get to work on time and enjoying my sandwich. I took another bite and it felt like I had a piece of cheese hanging out of my mouth so I felt at my lips and pulled it of my mouth ready to put it back in my mouth.

I looked in my hand and to my horror it wasn't a piece of cheese at all. It was in fact half of a quite big spider. I couldn't believe my eyes that were now watering because I was about to throw up.
I looked inside the rest of the sandwich and the other half of the spider wasn't there.
Yes that's right I had just devoured half a spider with my sandwich. Trying to hold back the sick that was now in my throat I threw the rest of the sandwich in the closest bin and I never went to that sandwich stall again.



Alex the Girl said...

At least it was delicious?

-stephanie- said...

Oh ICK! But you did say your first bite was bliss. ;o)

Jillien said...

OH MY GOODNESS I WOULD HAVE DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer said...

The really IS horrible!!! I'm so sorry that happened. I agree with Jillien, I would have died right then and there.