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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Snow brings out the child

It was just a few days ago now when it started to snow here in England.
I have noticed a change in people it seems that even the old have a child in them that comes out when it snows.

There were men looking out the window of the store and I heard one old man say "I 'm excited now" and I must admit I felt a rush of excitement. I think that snow truly brings the feeling of Christmas with it.

I see kids throwing snowballs and I want to join in and have a snowball war with them. I see men on snow boards and women making snow men, I love the feel of the snow under my feet. I take caution as I walk across ice and I keep a eye out for those incoming snow balls.

do you notice the inner child come out in the snow ?


Jennifer said...

I can't wait to go to England in the winter with you some day. That will be so fun.

The High Family said...


I have been a silent follower of your blog AND Jenn's blog for a while now. I've followed your love story and enjoy reading about your many adventures. I just noticed that Jenn has set her blog to private. Could you please ask her if I could be added? My email address is High821@gmail.com

I completely understand if she doesn't want to add me (I mean I am a complete stranger following your blogs)...but I promise I am a harmless mommy who enjoys reading your blogs. :)

Thanks a bunch and keep posting!