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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Has christmas become corrupt?

As the title says

Has Christmas become corrupt? This is the feeling I have had for a good few years now.
Not so much on the spiritual side but on the money side.

when I was about 20 years younger it seemed so different, it was all about family and been with the people you love, even though that value is still in the spirit of Christmas it seems that it has all become about how much money that the company's can make out of people.

to me Christmas should be about family and the people you love. without those things Christmas would mean nothing anyway.

I was talking to a customer in my store and he agreed also and we said about how it seems that people are almost expected to buy things for people now, he had two children and when I told him about how my mother told me that she used to get a apple and orange and a shiny penny for Christmas he laughed and said "if I got my kids that they would throw a tantrum".

Even the stores try to make as much money as they can from people. they advertise all the things they sell over and 0ver again and I am sure that they even wait till kids are at home after school to play the advertisements on the TV knowing that if the kids see these adverts they will beg mom and dad to get them the toy and mom and dad will try so hard to get them the toy so they don't disappoint their loved ones.

So I ask, has the spirit of Christmas being corrupted by the greed of big company's and their expectations of your expectations?

I know I am just rambling on now but I just wanted to get the point across I hope it makes sense to all who read it.


Jennifer said...

I agree, Wayne. Christmas has become all about getting the biggest and most expensive presents rather than giving something meaningful like a handmade scarf or some homemade cookies.

Jillien said...

It truly has. I just recently blogged a rant over this very topic. But i think that we are wising up to this trend. I pray there is a turn in the future. there should be change.

-stephanie- said...

I agree with you Wayne. And what happened to Christ's birthday?? People keep pushing Him further and further out of the picture. It's HIS birth day celebration, but we are not allowed to mention it anymore. Arrgh. And I'm with your beautiful Jen, I'll take a handmade scarf and homemade cookies anytime.