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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Thank you Tommy Cooper

One of my heroes in life was a the great Tommy cooper, he was possibly one of the funniest men of his time and every time I watch him he has me laughing.

every joke he told was great and he would dress up in silly suits and of course his trade mark hat.
he was also great at magic and I heard he was also a member of the magic circle, where only the elite few magicians make it, but good old Tommy would always mess it up on purpose just to make the audience laugh.

He was actually a very clever man, my mom says that he looks just like my grand dad did.
To make people laugh and to bring joy to other people was his life.

here are some of his quotes

"I used to be indecisive, but now I'm not quite sure."

" last night I dreamt I ate a ten pound marshmallow. When I woke up the pillow was gone."

He really was a funny man and just a few days ago even though he is dead he taught me a lesson that I will never forget or should I say he re confirmed something that I already knew but I guess I was taking for granted.

Tommy Cooper died on stage doing what he loved bringing joy to others. I watched the show on you tube, he was his usual self, laughing and joking and with out warning he fell on to his knees and on to his back with the crowd still laughing thinking it was one of his pranks.

He had died right there on stage of a massive heart attack.
He died on April 15th 1984 at age 63.

but what I learn t from seeing the video is to have a new respect for life every day, to live as if each day is your last and to love all that is in your life. To bring as much joy to others as possible and to love every second of life we have.

Thank you Tommy Cooper

1 comment:

Morgan said...

What a wonderful lesson to have learned. It sounds like he was a wonderful person. Now I want to learn more about him.