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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Money poorly spent.

Today was the activation of a machine that was supposed to simulate what happened 0.0001 seconds after the "big bang" that may have created our solar system.

The machine took 14 years to construct at a cost of around 4.3 billion pounds just to construct it-- not to mention the money its gonna swallow just to keep it running. It's not just a case of a 5-pound note to keep the electricity running. Surely a machine of that cost is gonna cost even more to keep it going.

However, there are homeless people on the streets and and buildings that are in bad need of repair and not nearly enough money going into the hospitals-- and yet the world's top scientists are throwing all that money into an experiment that they aren't even sure as to what the results will be.

I once heard someone say that if we took all the money the world spent on weapons and things like this we would be living on the moon by now-- who knows? Maybe they're right!

Just some food for thought!

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Jenn said...

very good points wayne