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Friday, 12 September 2008

I'm gonna be a great-uncle!

Well today started out as most days do: I got up with Jenn and got in the shower and got ready for work.

I shout down to mom "Mom, do I have a clean top down there??" She shouts "yeah," and then says "and come down because I have to talk to you about something."

So down the stairs I trot, and Mom is sat in the chair and I say "what's wrong?" She says "well, you're gonna be a great-uncle."

I had to ask her to say it again, I was like "what did you say?" and she said "yep, your niece is pregnant." The first thing I say is "how?" I think i was in shock or denial. It just wasn't sinking in.

So I went on my way to work and it kept going through my mind, but not quite registering-- kinda like a shop assistant at the store who has to keep running the item over the laser scanner until it rings through.

So a few hours later, I'm at work and I'm texting Jenn and the topic is about feeling old. Then suddenly it registers-- I'm gonna be a great-uncle. Not just an uncle, but a GREAT-UNCLE!!

The title sounds sooooo old!! I instantly imagine an old man sat in a wheelchair with false teeth-- THAT, in my mind, is what a great-uncle is! But I'm not that old yet!

But the news defenitly was a shock to the system even, if it did take 4 hours to sink in.

But I make a good uncle so hopefully I will be a great great-uncle (good great-uncle? You know what i mean!).

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