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Monday, 24 August 2009

are we to pressured to buy?

I have noticed lately the amount of pressure that is placed on the customer to buy products.

Weather it be a chocolate bar or the latest games console it seems that there is a certain amount of pressure to buy these things that is placed on the customer by the store that they are in.
Even at home. there are none stop advertisements to buy products.

perhaps it's just me but I have noticed the increase in toy advertisements now that Christmas is only
123 days away or to make it sound more closer
3 months and 6 days away.

and it will only get worse as it gets closer.
and I even noticed that the advertisements fall around the same time as the kids are coming home from school.

Maybe that's why Christmas doesn't feel so much like Christmas anymore, because it's all about money.
all about how much the company can make. I remember years ago when all I wanted is my family. that hasn't really changed I still hold that value very close to my heart.
but the thing I would love more than anything is to be with My beautiful Jenn for Christmas,
that for me would be the best gift I could ever ask for

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Don't worry, we'll have so many Christmases together.